Wheat, Burlap, Fall and Magazines

Wheat, Burlap, Fall and Magazines


I’m extra falling it this year because a magazine is coming in just a few weeks to take pictures of the inside and outside of the house.

I can’t even believe I just typed that last sentence with a straight fingers.

I’m a little all over the place with it.

I vacillate between washing basketball uniforms and helping my son study for the PSAT with really big vocabulary words and forgetting all about the magazine…

…to staying up late at night trying to be extra fall-clever.


When I first got the e-mail that they were coming…

…I had big plans.

I asked my husband if we could re-do the deck on the back and replace all the shutters on the house and trim the trees and bring in truckloads of mulch and order these specialty pumpkins that are only found in one part of the country.

He reminded me about four children and college funds and braces and general food on the table.



The whole food on the table thing.

Of course.

That wins over shutters and magazines and mulch any day of the week.


So I thought smaller.

I decided to use what I already have and plan a few projects.

Projects I could finish in an afternoon.




Not abstruse.

Ooops.  There’s that PSAT vocabulary studying again.



So I thought and planned and found an apple basket in the attic and a faux fur throw in storage and tucked tiny twine pumpkins into a wood bowl.

Then, I added pumpkins to the side tables and a farmhouse sign over the dresser.

I found some old pillow covers and changed out the pillows on the bed.


Next, I made a whole mantel out of my fabric pumpkins I made last year.

They are scattered across the mantel with other chenille pumpkins and milk glass.

I was almost done with the room….

….when I came up with one last easy project to decorate the armoire.



It’s such an easy project that anyone can do.

I started with the easiest burlap bow on the planet.


You can not mess it up.  I promise. It only takes about a minute to make and you can find the instructions here.

The key is this super wide ribbon you can get at any craft store (I got mine at Hobby Lobby).


When I finished, I simply wired in a few wheat shafts to the back and hung two of the burlap, wheat bows on the front doors of the armoire.

I love the texture of the burlap against the painted gray and white pattern.

So much better than new shutters.

And the best part?

College here we come. 🙂


PS  This is actually my favorite decoration in the entire room.

He makes me smile every time. 🙂

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  1. Your house is so lovely and cozy. And the sweet little furry friend is the icing on the cake.

  2. Lovely ideas. Especially love the large burlap ribbon. You make me feel that I, too, could create some of these things on my own. Truly inspirational! Thank you.

  3. Nan, Odessa, De :

    Relax, put on the red lipstick and be yourself.

  4. I love it! Here’s to working with what you have (raising my coffee cup to you). Everything seems so fresh. Funny thing is…I just noticed your nightstand lamps. I’m in total lamp h-e-double hockey sticks trying to figure out what lamps I want on my nightstands. So, thanks friend, for some unexpected non-fall inspiration.

    Can’t wait to see the magazine spread. It’s going to be pulchritudinous.


  5. So excited for you! Tell us the magazine so we can get it!

  6. Awwwww! So cute!. Now, take a deep breath. You will do just fine! Your house is gorgeous, your kids are gorgeous, your trees are gorgeous, your hubby is gorgeous, YOU are gorgeous. Even your laundry room and your pantry are gorgeous! Have a great day! Sending huge moral support hugs.

  7. Hmmm, think think think. I bet the magazine starts with an M and ends in Journal but that’s just my guess. Congrats! Love your fall decor, so pretty as always.

  8. I can’t wait – so, so exciting, KariAnne and so well deserved!! All I could think of when I started reading was, how does one keep a house magazine ready with all of your children?! Happy Monday, my friend ~

  9. I vacillate every day. :).
    Heehee, I just wanted to use a big word.
    Love your house, love you!

  10. Your blog is a daily read for me. Not only love your decorating ideas, but also appreciate your warm, friendly, approachable writing style. Today the chairs in this photo caught my eye. They’re just what I am looking for. Where did you find them?

  11. Eek! A magazine shoot! How exciting!!! Your room looks so cozy. Love the wood bowl with twine pumpkins and the farmhouse sign. So sweet! But yes, your pup is adorable and makes me smile too! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more about the details.
    Happy new week!

  12. I have to confess, I read other blogs, now and then and even enjoy some of their articles and ideas. However, when it comes to Thistlewood Farms, it’s different. I’m an all out fan, I read and retread and save and even show and read my husband all my favorites..(I have to insert a sigh here)…it’s like home to me. Cozy, warm, friendly and personal. Like a good friend. Thank you again, so much, for your hard work and dedication, for sharing your life, giving inspiration and for spreading your warmth and love. I pray many more blessings come your way, you are truly the very best of the best.

  13. So excited for you! Your house always looks amazing! Love the bows – in fact, I just pinned the instructions. I usually just wing it when making bows so some actual steps might be helpful! Thanks!

  14. Beautiful. RePurpose items always brings fresh life to environments. ?

  15. I had to search Google!

    “Even though it looks (and sounds) like it would describe a disease or a bad attitude, pulchritudinous actually describes a person of breathtaking, heartbreaking…beauty.

    Let’s be honest: Your opportunities for using this word in casual conversation are probably pretty slim. But, just in case, let’s do a quick run-down on the pronunciation: Pulchritudinous: “pul-kruh-TOO-di-nuhs.” And one last note about this 15-letter, 5-syllable beast (which may win the award for least-beautiful word meaning “beautiful”): It’s only used to describe people.”
    From Vocabulary.com

    Fabulous word Nancy !!! 🙂 And, I agree with you….even though I have NEVER seen this word before, and doubt I’ll ever be able to use it in a sentence. I love learning new words! Thanks!!!

  16. Just remember the reasons they are coming to your house….your personality, what you have done with your home BEFORE they asked for a magazine shoot and, of course…..Red Lipstick!!!

  17. Sweet! I’m so excited for you to have the magazine shoot! I look forward to seeing it all!
    I’m going to decorate for fall next week. I love my fall/Thanksgiving decorations!
    You make me want to go out and buy a can of gray paint!
    You know I love your posts!

  18. Yvonne Shafer :

    Good morning sunshine! Another fabulous post about the simple things in life. Thank you for your daily inspiration!

  19. So my own burlap bow tied around Indian corn (looked SO cute!) was found the next morning chewed up in my yard. (Note to self: Golden Doodles love chewing on Indian corn) But it looked cute for a little while. You…burlap…your house…fall-i-cious! (I made it up.) Let us know when the magazine comes out. Have a great week!

  20. Did you make the “May I have this dance” sign or did you buy it? If it’s purchased do you have a site?

  21. A magazine spread? Well, of course! No surprise here – those editors have a way of finding the very best! Can’t wait. Kudos my friend – on the feature, but more on keeping your priorities: college, braces, food. Yep!

  22. I’m sooooo excited for you! I would have wanted to go hog wild with projects too, but isn’t the whole reason they’re coming to take pictures because they already love your house and your style? Those burlap bowed bundles of wheat are the best, Karianne — they’re going to love them!

  23. Again, you amaze me with all you do! And you do it all well!

  24. Love the neutrals and the texture…really beautiful….and yes…just be yourself because that is so much more than just “just”!

  25. Your home is always stunning and belongs on a magazine cover! You don’t need to add or change a thing. You and your home are AMAZING! ?

  26. Don’t sweat it. You are good to go! Love it all and especially like the white ceramic pumpkins next to the lamp. Where did you find those? Yes, tell us which magazine please!

  27. You are channeling your grandmother again and using what you have. It takes more imagination to work with what you have but the saving of $$$ plus having to really think it through is so much more rewarding than flying out to buy something. And shouldn’t we be as inspiring to our children as our grandparents and parents were to us, teaching them that we can create beauty and be content without lots of money. It is a priceless lesson and I think you are serving your children well but doing just that. 🙂

  28. Yeah…funny how that “food thing on the table” can get in the way sometimes…that and college! Everything will be lovely…as usual. Just remember the lipstick, and earrings…and enjoy the moment for what it is! 😉

  29. Love all your touches!!
    Not “abstruse” at all!! : )

  30. Thanks for the inspiration to use what I have! Can’t wait to see more…. Milena

  31. Oh my love love the wheat and burlap! Hoping to do in dining room w my wheat dishes!! Looks great n hope to see you on the basketball court soon. Well not on it ? maybe at concessions getting a diet dr pepper!? good luck w magazine visitors.

  32. How exciting to have your beautiful home featured in a magazine! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  33. Thank you for sharing your lovely home photos. What magazine will your house be featured in? Looking forward to reading the article.

  34. I just love your posts! Your home is beautiful and oh, so cozy. I love the little furry guy on the couch! Thanks for always putting a smile on my day!

  35. Congratulations on being chosen for a magazine spread.
    It’s a no brainier on their part your home is stunning & so individual. In fact when I showed my daughter your blog she went “wow it looks like something out of a magazine!”

  36. How exciting!! I can’t wait to hear more about it and catch up with you…the pup is my favorite accessory, too. Looks like the house is ready for fall and for a magazine photo session!

  37. Yes yes yes I do like your house

  38. The whole room makes me smile, not just the little fluffy furball!
    Great post! It was fun to read and perhaps simple enough that I can do something!
    Thanks as always.

  39. YEAH on the magazine feature, and college too! Your house looks warm, welcoming and creative, as usual!

  40. YEAH on the magazine feature, and college too! Your house looks warm, welcoming and creative as usual. The furry ones add the extra comfort factor for sure.

  41. Hello friend…First, love the simple ideas and can’t wait to see it unfold in the magazine. I wanted to let you know that a woman in Wales won the apron I made from your Sweet Tea collection. So excited to reach across the ocean with your beautiful fabric. Love, Susan

  42. Your home is lovely, KariAnne…and I can’t wait to hear all about the magazine experience!

  43. You are just a sweet and charming lady!???

  44. Ooooo…MANY HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS ON THE MAGAZINE SPREAD, KARIANNE!!! I am soooooo over-the-moon ecstatic for you, so I can only imagine how you must feel! I certainly hope you will share the deets with us when the mag comes out, yes?

    Your bedroom is just as gorgeous as always and I absolutely LOVE all of the subtle and sophisticated fall touches you’ve added! Your beautiful armoire looks proud as a peacock with her lovely new embellishments! One question, though, how do you tell if you’re truly awake or not each morning because waking up to a stunning room like that would be just like a dream come true to me!

    Oh, little Bonzai, you are just the most adorable little one EVER! Many tender kisses to that sweet, soft snout! <3

  45. Hello! I read your blog everyday! You inspire me, thank you for all the great tips and photos of your beautiful home! ….your little puppy dog is adorable, name?….she( or he) should be in more posts!!

  46. Karianne, your house is always beautiful and so are you. Relax and enjoy showing it off! Well, I know it is a big deal having your home photographed for a magazine, and I would be nervous too….but I know you will pull it off just beautifully. I’d love to see the article 😉


    Great news, KariAnne! Your home is just so beautiful and will look so good on the pages of the magazine. Your do such a wonderful job with everything. I love your posts! They are always so great to read. You always spread sunshine each day. Bless you!

  48. I’m so in love with your home! It is sooooo inviting, but I have a feeling it’s the occupants that give it that ambience! Enjoy!

  49. I love your bows and all of your fall decor for that matter. So excited about your magazine feature too!

  50. If they don’t go for it tell ’em “Head ’em up move ’em out!!!”

  51. What an honour to have your lovely home featured in a magazine. You are so creative you just go girl.

  52. That’s awesome news! Can’t wait to find out the details. I’m totally stealing the bows and wheat idea. Thanks for another fun read!

  53. Beautiful! And that magazine will be amazed if they can get their eyes off of sweet Bonzai!! He’s adorable.

  54. You have no need to worry about the magazine because you have one of the best houses in blogland!! Your kitchen is the my all time favorite so no sweating ! You go this!!

  55. I love your design!! Simple and white, feel elegant and lovely. Maybe you’ll love Furnishr’s design. You should check them out http://furnishr.com/