Valentines Day Glass

Valentines Day Glass


Valentines Day Glass

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? 

I do.

He was tall with really cute dimples and wavy hair and brown eyes and knobby knees.

And if you squinted your eyes and messed up his hair a little…..he looked just like Shaun Cassidy.

I thought he was perfect and I was in love with love and when he smiled I would melt.

I drew our names together everywhere…..on the back of my English book with little hearts all around it……on the dirty windshield of the car surrounded with smiley faces……in the steam in the bathroom mirror sealed with a kiss..

I just knew that it was going to be true love forever.




I don’t even know what ever happened to him….”Mr. I will heart you forever.”

When I was sixteen…..forever was way too long.

I forgot all about him and never looked back.

But I’m still all about twinkling brown eyes and wavy hair and a grin that makes you melt…..

….and drawing hearts.


So if you ever doodled or drew a little love on the back of your textbook cover or waited by your locker for a pair of twinkling eyes…..

……this one’s for you. 🙂


Valentines Day


Etched Valentine’s Glass

(please note:  use gloves when making this project and follow all safety precautions on the label)


Dollar Store Glass

heart window cling

letter stickers

etching cream

Valentines Window Cling


Step 1  Cut out window cling

You can find these window clings anywhere.

I saw them both at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

You don’t really need the actual cling……you just want the outline.


Valentines Glass


Step 2:  Add cling and stickers to glass

Position window cling in the center of the glass.

Place letter stickers into the center of the circle.

I just bought regular stickers at Hobby Lobby and took the d and the k out of the package.

To make the plus sign I cut the l in half and added the smaller pieces to make it look like this +.


Valentines Day Glass


Step 3:   Apply etching cream with a brush

Leave on for about 45 seconds.

I used Armour Etch.

Here are the directions for the project from their website.

Note:  Each etching cream may be slightly different.  

Be sure to follow directions and safety precautions on the bottle of etching cream you bought.


Step 4:  Wash off etching cream with soap and water.

Wash off all cream from glass.

Peel off window cling sticker and letter and plus sign stickers.

You should be able to see the etched surface (this is my favorite part)!

Wash glass with soap and water thoroughly again to make sure all etching cream is removed.


Valentines Day Glass Project


There’s nothing better than a heart to make you smile.

Or a really fun doodle.

Or a pair of twinkling eyes.

Or that sometimes…..when right in the middle of an ordinary day… comes along with a happily ever after. 🙂

 For more monogrammed projects….be sure to check out my monogram projects page.

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  1. CUTE!!! I have a group of friends and we do crafts every once in awhile and once we did etch some vases! It was easier than I thought it would be. Your glass turned out so cute!!! XO, pinky

  2. What’s not to love about a love glass?!

  3. Love it, Kari! These are just wonderful. Adding these to my Valentine pinboard!

  4. Kari, what an adorable and romantic project for Valentine’s Day! I actually have some etching cream (I was going to do another project) and hope to try this, if I can squeeze in the time. Great inspiration:-D

  5. I was the queen of doodling, so I LOVE this.

  6. Perfect!

  7. Precious! I love this idea! Great inspiration!

  8. Great “love glass” Kari….your story is just the sweetest…and I am loving your “table cover” !

  9. After 30 years, I STILL find notebooks with the names of my intended and myself! 🙂 And later, it was trying out my name with HIS last name added . . . and EVEN later, sample baby names. Sigh . . . .

    Love the glass! I can think of a MYRIAD of projects that would be great with this! (Don’t you just love the word “myriad?” It’s right up there with “autumnal” and “plethora,” IMHO)

  10. Love it!!!

  11. Glass etching is so cool – I love the moment when you pull away the sticker or stencil and see the finished product 🙂 Your heart glass is very sweet 🙂

  12. Sweet project! I will have to try this! Have a great one!

  13. Fun idea! I have to try this with my kids….we could make glass mugs for the grandparents for V Day. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that the website doesn’t recommend this product for anyone under 18!

  14. Love it!! Very cute project.


  15. So very COOL! Love it very much!

  16. Such a great idea!! Love this and I have the etching product!! Woo Hooo. Might have to try this 🙂 Your photos and tutorial are awesome!

  17. This is really a cute and sweet project…I can see all sorts of inspirations…weddings maybe? Thanks for sharing, Karianne!

  18. So adorable! Thanks so much for the tip on the window clings. I tried to hand paint some red chalkboard hearts on wine glasses last week and it was a disaster 🙁 It’s so awesome to have crafty blog friends who figure these things out!!!
    xo, Andrea

  19. I totally thought the title said, “Valentine’s Day Gloss” and I was expecting some story similar to Lee Press On Nails (which they don’t sell at my local CVS. I looked the other day for you) only dealing with shiny lip smacker or something. But the etched glass is cool too. And it really does have that TLF in the steamy mirror look. Excellent graffiti baby!

  20. Love these, I’ve never tried etching cream, looks fun!

  21. I love this craft! So sweet and clever!
    Have a great week.

  22. Every year my SIL holds a crafting party right before Christmas. Each year there’s a different craft and this year was glass etching. I was so excited I flew up to San Francisco just so I could attend.

    I love the materials you used on yours!

    Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, Karianne!

  23. This is so sweet, thanks for showing how you did it too! ~Diane

  24. So cute. Super idea! I was looking for something I could use to mark glasses for each of my kids so they don’t clean me out each time they want something to drink. Perfect.

  25. Wooo this is just so bloody lovely…………………………..if only hubby and I did Valentines………………….lol Ok I would also have to have some talent in order to create this………….lol

  26. Kari … very special … love the etched glass, but have never wanted to do etching. Might be fun to try. Great tutorial.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  27. So cute! You are the glass etching queen!

    🙂 me

  28. First of all you are adorable. Second… Thanks for giving me my vday gift for hubby. Where do you find the etching gel in the cryft store. No idea where tp start

  29. Just found this post in my spam folder….what’s up with my ipad? Cute idea! 😉

  30. Love this idea! I had no idea it was so easy. Definitely doing this!

  31. This is a wonderful idea! It turned out so cute.

  32. Karianne,

    My husband would love this! Thank you for your tutorial! I shared your Valentine’s Day Glass with my readers as a part of my 5 {DIY} Valentine’s Day Inspirations.

    I enjoy your blog.

    a Shimmering Star

  33. What a fun and easy project. Thank you!

  34. do you dilute the armor etch? it says to on the bottle, but doesn’t specify. if you do, how much do you dilute it?

  35. I tried to do this with armour etch and a beer mug and it didn’t work :(. 45 seconds wash off… three minutes wash off… 5 minutes wash off… and i still have barely an outline. it looks so easy what did i do wrong?

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