Twitter Party

Twitter Party

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It’s almost time for the Twitter Party!


What are you doing in 59 minutes?

Why not join us for a Twitter party?

Do the words “Twitter Party” make you nervous?


Me too 🙂

But together we can do it.


Really…..wouldn’t it be fun to just drop in conversation tomorrow, “I attended a Twitter Party last night” and amaze your friends and family and your super social media savvy.


If you are interested

(1)  Follow me on Twitter

(2)  Follow Hometalk on Twitter.

(2)  At 7:00 CST type in #askhometalk and follow along (if you are a late….just join in whenever you can)!

(3)  When you type in #askhometalk…..all the people on the Twitter chat will appear in a stream.  You can follow along and if you want to respond… just type a response and add #askhometalk at the end to make sure your response is included in the party!

(4)  For a more detail explanation…..check out this post or this post…..or you can e-mail me with any questions.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. I don’t twitter..Have fun !!!

  2. I don’t either, but I’m sure you and the social-media savvy folks are going to kill it!!!

  3. I must be an air-head but I don’t understand twitter….am I the only one?? I need a “twitter for dummies”…LOL! Y’all have fun!! Blessings!

  4. Hi Karianne,

    I am over here checking out what I have been missing (aka snooping). I really enjoy your blog and Love your home. Thank you for stopping by Decor Niche. Hope you all enjoyed the Twitter Party!

  5. i am just all twitter-pated thinking about twitter and how to do it…i am finally getting this blog thing down, but haven’t figured out the parties and the linkies and now the twitter parties? oh my!!!

  6. I had a blast! What a great time! 🙂