Twelve Creative Christmas Finds from Target Dollar Spot

Twelve Creative Christmas Finds from Target Dollar Spot



This is not a sponsored post.

It’s actually more of a public service announcement.

This weekend I went to the Target Dollar Spot hoping to pick up a few things to add to my Christmas decor.

Just a few.

But the bins were so full of amazing, cute, clever ideas to use for decorating, to use for crafts and to use for wrapping gifts that I couldn’t keep them all to myself.

I had to share.

And when I pushed my full cart through the check-out line, I told my husband not to worry…

…I was shopping for all of us. 🙂


1.  This.

I mean, seriously.

The red is kind of the perfect red.

It would look perfect on top of a stack of books or presents or used as a bookend in your bookcase.


2.  Faux fur stockings

These came in the dark faux fur, a lighter faux fur and white faux fur.

They are a little smaller than your average stocking, but they have fur on both sides which is kind of amazing considering the price.

They would be adorable tied to the back of a chair with presents toppling out or tied in the center of a wreath with a Merry Christmas sign.


3.  These Christmas stickers

They come in a package with one sheet and they are begging to be included with your Christmas cards.

One sticker sealing an envelope makes the card look like you are Mrs. Claus.

I thought they would also make cute tags if you cut out square pieces of paper from card stock, punched a hole and added a sticker.


4.  These Spruce growing kits

I think these would make the perfect teacher gifts.  Or gifts to have on hand in case you need something last minute.

The kit comes in a tin container with a tag already tied on ready to address.


Here’s the top of the kit.

The kits were $3 at the Dollar Spot.

Don’t try to buy any at my Target because I took them all. 🙂



5.  Merry cut out

6.  Noel cut out

They are really a good size for the price at about eight to ten inches long depending on the word.

You could paint the word and add it to a giant package on the front porch or stripe the merry or noel and add it to a painted canvas or cover it with scrapbook paper and add it to the tree.


7.  These houses

8.  These trees

If you see these houses at your Target, grab them before they are gone.  They’re really good quality for the price.  They are made out of ceramic with an opening in the back for a candle.  They come in three different houses and the largest house is approximately seven inches tall.

These bottle brush trees are perfect to decorate your village with.  They look much bluer in these pictures than in real life.  They’re actually more of a silver color and they come in two different types of trees.


9.  Fa La La La La

This was the cutest find.

It’s like a craft already made for you.  My Target only had one and the frame is on the smaller size, but so worth it for the price.

I think it would make a cute last-minute gift, too (especially if you copied the hymn and wrapped it up in it).


10.  These jingle bell clothes pins

I’m making an advent calendar from these pins and the tiny vellum envelope tags next to them.

They come in a package of four and the tags come in a package of six.

I’ll show you a step-by-step on how I made it this week.


11.  This Christmas tree charger

You can see the size of it in the first picture and here’s a close-up of the tiny wood-burned tree at the top.

I think I’m layering mine in behind my white dishes on the hutch or you could use them as chargers on your Christmas table.

They would also make a cute Christmas gift if you painted a monogram on them and turned them into a front door decoration for a friend.


12.  These cards

If you’re looking for inexpensive stationary, my Target had the cutest selection of cards.

I bought three sets.

And I may or may not make a banner from these Merry cards.


I can’t wait to show you how I styled all this in my house.  I’m showing off my house next week all decorated for Christmas with a little help from the dollar aisle.

And who knows?

I may throw in a holiday yard sale tour of the house, too. 🙂

PS  If you found anything at your Target that I missed, be sure and share.  I’m always up for a second trip.

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  1. I love the Target $ bin, always a treasure trove! It’s on my to do list for first thing tomorrow! Have you ever tried their Archer Farms brand spiral ham, THE BEST ham ever! Happy Thanksgiving KariAnne

  2. No way! I was in my Target this past week and I didn’t see the ceramic houses or the half the other stuff you found. Huh. I think I need to go back and recheck. I did find really nice holiday kitchen towels in plaid and with “joy” written on them. My Christmas stuff comes out Friday (or Thursday evening after the feasting is done)! I can’t wait!

  3. Target is one of the things I miss the most about the U.S. (along with real taco trucks!!!). I buy an ornament every year for my kid, to create a collection that I hope will be full of happy childhood memories one day. I try to limit it to just one! Space is limited!

  4. Wonderful ideas!! (and your photos continue to amaze me!) I also can’t leave Target unless my cart is full:)

  5. Wow! Have I been missing out! I”ve never shopped the dollar isle. I don’t know how I’ve missed it. This is the first thing to do on tomorrow’s list. ( I have to work today, or maybe I should call in and say i have to go shop the dollar isle at Target! I’m sure they would understand :). Thanks KariAnne!

  6. It’s sooooo good, but the way you incorporated their items is even better!

  7. I LOVE Target!!! And I am trying to figure out which one is “yours”!!! Looks like I am making a road trip soon to “mine”…I’ll let you know if there’s any cute things you need! Happy Thanksgiving, friend!!

  8. Public service announcement greatly appreciated! The Target $1 aisle is a frugal shoppers heaven, always find an item or two(or more) that is needed! It is also the best place to take toddlers shopping for those much needed treasures. Thank-you for all of the beautiful ideas too! P.S. Target should compensate you for the spectacular advertising!!

  9. Love me some Target
    dollar spot! Thanks!!

  10. I missed where that darling red truck came from… I’m in love with all of it!

  11. Rowena Philbeck :

    You had some great finds. I like looking thru the Dollar section too. Love the little houses and trees. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  12. You are the best.
    Going to Target TODAY……best fun spot in the whole store.

  13. Cute ideas! My daughter and I call Target our “Happy Place”. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. You had really great finds in Target, I only found a table runner so am going across town to check that one out today. I always enjoy your decorating. I hope your girls are doing ok.

  15. I visited the bin last week, but I missed those spruce kits. So cute!

    My fave find was a red ticking table runner measuring 12″ X 50″ for $3. I brought three of them home and I am debating on whether to make pillows or gift bags. I love thrifty goodness!

    • Randi, I found those too! I picked up several to place across the width of my dining table to use as placemats!

  16. I was at Target last week and purchased some of the very same things. I mean really…the little red truck is the cutest thing ever!!

  17. I was at Target this morning. Didn’t see a lot of the items you found, though. 🙁 They had a wooden red truck on move-able wheels with a tree in the truck bed for $1, so I did purchase that–even better, I got a lot of Christmas shopping done! Woo hoo!

    Oh, I did find the marble Christmas trees. So pretty.

  18. My target didn’t have any of these cute things – it’s just as well, unlike your husband, mine would have just looked at me and said ‘really?!’. We do have a house rule though, no Christmas anything brought in until after Thanksgiving but it gets harder and harder each year with more beautiful and cute Christmas decorations out earlier and earlier – ‘sigh’.

  19. Such cute finds! A lot of the snowbirds where I live have gone home so my Target is pretty stocked. I’ll be heading there this week to fill in the gaps in my decor. This year I decided my “theme” is going to be The Triple F’s. Which totally does not sound like a good thing right? But, I think it will be the best…Faith, Family, and Food. Santa doesn’t start with F so he won’t be a big feature this year but I’m almost positive he’ll make an appearance.


  20. Well, hey there. And i thought the target Dollar Spot was my secret go to for all things decorating. Secret’s out now! Visited Target 3 times this week. Love the red truck. Pick 20 pkgs of the silver clothes pins and all of those tags with the vellum snowflake pattern ( not to mention the teeny gray velvet ribbons which I adore). A few of their fabric buffalo check Santa bags and imitation grain sack bags also made it into the shopping cart. They are copies of the Pottery Barn and Graham and Mark cloth gift bags and look so cute with a chipboard monogram letter to identify the recipient. Did your target have the $3- black chalkboard xmas balls? Or the $1 sets of kids magnetic letters that I will spray paint silver or gold or white? Darn, did not see those white ceramic houses- guess I’ll be making a fourth trip ;). I’m also in love with SugarPaper wrap stuff at Target? Love those storage boxes and wrappings. Will be zeroing on that stuff on Dec 26th for sure. And the very best part of the Target Dollar Spot? My husband doesn’t know it exists. “Sure honey, just grabbing a rotissirie chicken and some veggies” LOL.

  21. Public service announcement, that cracked me up! I haven’t been yet to Target, but will head out there this week sometime. Love the Fa-La-La! everything is adorable, and in the past, I have found great stuff there! And, like you, I never get reimbursed for anything. Grins, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Huh! I didn’t even know Target had a ‘dollar spot’!! How cool is that?! Well, that does it — I’m adding Target to my list of errands today 🙂 Thanks for the share!

  23. Fun goodies! Looks like they have some great items right now!

  24. Pretty awesome finds! I got two of the houses, but things sell so fast at our Targets that you almost have to be there as they stock to get the cutest items. Guess maybe thats a good thing for me and the budget and the storage bins though….Glad you scored bigtime with such neat items! Thanks for showing us your goodies!

  25. You scored! Target needs to hire you…making everything look so cute! I would love to find the stickers…I still love cards and can spend way too much time looking for the perfect one.

  26. Who read your post right before going to lunch today? This girl. Who decided it would be fun to go see what I could find at Target? This girl. Most of the items were picked over, but I found the little red truck (which I love) and bought two of them. For $3, seriously people, they’re adorable. Also found a $7 plaid scarf/throw which I was on the look out for anyway, so that was a score. The fur stockings were so cute, but they are smaller than they look in your photo. Thanks for sharing your fun finds today!

  27. Lanita Anderson :

    I can see that I need to go to Target…!! So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing – not only the product, but your great ideas, as well! Blessings to you, friend!!

  28. I’d talk more but I need to go to Target!!!

  29. Gotta love their Jingle Bell trail mix by Archer Farms too:)
    Dollar bins are darling this year – I think one of their best years.
    I mentioned last week that they have a darling Rudolph and Clarice that are musical and Rudie’s nose lights up in the baby section – around $12.00 amazing quality.

  30. I am squealing in delight! I just rushed to Target and just put 4 houses, the cute red truck sign the tree, bottle brush trees and the star garland!! Can’t wait to get home and put out my new treasures!!!

  31. I was on holiday in Orlando last week from England & went to Florida Mall . I was about to get into the taxi back to the hotel when I spotted a Target across the road. I said ” See ya! ” and had a lovely time& bought many bags of goodies all for $71.
    I bought green checked Christmas place mats with that cute red car & tree on. I bought some small plates in same design plus a bottle stopper. I also bought a planner, buffalo check make up bag for $3 and Christmas chocolates. And some Mickey Mouse & Florida key rings for $1.99. These were at least $9.99 in the parks.
    I wish we had Target in England . I would be in there every day. They have such a large range – liked the furniture too. The lovely cashier said if Target came to England it would be more expensive here. We also had a good talk about Doc Martin!

  32. They have some $3 greenery garland that I twisted into faux boxwood wreaths. They are pretty “Lit”!


  33. We don’t have a Target and was only there once years ago when in Atlanta. Always wished they would come to our area and most definitely now since I see your haul! We were flooded this summer and unfortunately our house is not ready to decorate for Christmas this year. But I am determined to have some bit of sparkle somewhere even if it is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree (pre Snoopy decorations) Have a nice Thanksgiving. Always love your posts!

  34. Lynne -Australia :

    My daughter puts LED tea-lights in those little houses and places them all around the house so they twinkle when all the house lights are off.

  35. Thank you!!! So cute!!


    KariAnne, what cute finds! Can’t believe the prices! Enjoy!

    Wish we had a Target store here!

  37. You sure found some great buys. Everything is so lovely. I do not have a Target in my neighborhood,unfortunately.

  38. I am R-U-N-N-I-N-G there!!! Such great items!!! I hope I can snag some!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  39. Oh, why did I work on “work” today!
    I’m going to be awake all night with my insomnia for sure!
    I must get there early tomorrow for these ~ so MANY cute things I NEED!
    And I’ve been so good, even with all the Christmas stuff out earlier & earlier!
    Excited some of the kiddos confirmed plans to be here for Christmas ~ now to round up the others!
    Thanks for sharing, ka, and reminding me about the “Spot!” kj

  40. Never ever find these cool things at my target.

  41. I grabbed 3 of those houses and LOVE them! My kids do too! I put battery operated tea lights in them.

  42. I love all of these. The sad thing is, most of the time when bloggers tell me what great finds they get and I go to get the same thing, the store doesn’t have them. Happens with Trader Joe’s all the time. Someone wrote about a great boxwood wreath so I went and nope, no boxwood wreaths. I’m going to Target today, so we’ll see….

  43. I was able to get the Ceramic Houses along with the Bottle Brush Trees, However I didn’t see another style in the TREE, Can someone let me know what the other Tree Style was, So that I can’t be on the look out for it. Love your Blog , Love Targett Dollar Spot, Thanks

  44. I was able to get the Ceramic Houses along with the Bottle Brush Trees, However I didn’t see another style in the TREE, Can someone let me know what the other Tree Style was, So that I can’t be on the look out for it. Love your Blog , Love Targett Dollar Spot, Thanks

  45. Love the little houses…no Target near us but found them at the store 30 minutes from the in-laws. Yay…made my day before Thanksgiving shopping perfect! I arranged them in a white wood in-box I lined with batting. I am dying my bottle brush trees light turquoise to match the room and I will add a snowman and some lovely, glittery snow to complete the winter wonderland. Thanks for the tip.

  46. You lady are a terrible enabler 🙂 I do not go to Target, except on the rare occasion, I know what the heck is wrong with me. Anyway I did go because I love the houses, the bottle trees and the truck. I am now the proud owner of dozens of each of these things 🙂 I also found lots of other things to add to my Christmas decorating and gift wrapping. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the $ bins and the great buys and interesting things they have.