Trash to Treasure:  How to Make a Pallet Wood Clock

Trash to Treasure: How to Make a Pallet Wood Clock



If you’re reading this and I happened to be on the phone with you yesterday and were laughing and talking and I was telling you all about how I was going to make these beeswax candles and I went on and on about it and told you I was going to post it on the blog…..

….can we just act like that conversation never happened?

Umm….to say that it didn’t work out….

….would be an understatement.


I’m still scraping beeswax off the back splash.

But that is a story for another day when I’m not trying to tell you all about how to make a pallet wood clock.


Remember the brother that made the pallet wood letters and the pallet wood Christmas trees?

In his attempt to secure his place as brother of the year….he managed to find the one pallet in the western hemisphere with a star brand featuring the letter w….

….and make it into a clock for me for Christmas.

(total aside:  this is almost the end of the “what someone in my family made for me for Christmas” series) 🙂


Merry “w” Christmas to me.

I told him I was going to put it on the blog.

And then I told him you were all going to want to make one….because seriously….

….who doesn’t need a pallet wood clock?

So he explained to me how he made it and even gave me a link to where he found the clock hands.

Just because. 

Merry clock Christmas to you. 🙂


How to Make a Pallet Wood Clock


pallet boards or reclaimed lumber

wood glue


nails (or you can use a nail gun)


safety glasses and gloves

Step 1:  Disassemble the pallet

Make sure you wear your safety glasses and gloves for this project.

Remove the pallet boards from the pallet and rip each board down the middle.

Each board will then measure approximately 2 1/2″ wide.

(total aside number 1:  you don’t have to use pallet wood for this project.  You could use paint sticks or yard sticks or even random sticks from your yard.)


Step 2:  Cut out a piece of plywood in a circle

Cut out a piece of plywood 24” in diameter.

Cut out a 4 inch diameter center of the circle (this is where you will attach the clock movement piece).

He also suggested using the end of a plywood spool (like the ones you find hardware stores).

Then….lay the pieces of pallet wood end to end and stagger them like bricks on top of the plywood circle.

Glue the pieces of pallet wood down.

Then nail each piece in place.


Step 3:  Cut out circle

Once dry, flip the glued pallet top over to show the plywood circle which now has rows of pallet wood glued and nailed on to it.

Then cut out your circle with a jig saw.  You will cut through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time.


Step 4:  Attach clock hands

To see where he purchased the high torque clock hands…click here.

You can follow the directions that come with the kit…but essentially you will be drilling a hole in the plywood and attaching the clock hands to the front and the clock movement piece to the back connected by a threaded shaft in the center.


Step 6:  Stencil the numbers

He stenciled a 12/3/6/9 on the clock.

You could stencil all the numbers…but I like the four numbers much better.

The clock is the perfect mix of rustic and industrial.

I love it…..

….and it’s so much better than a beeswax candle any day. 🙂


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  1. Marisa Franca :

    KariAnne you are the greatest. You came up with Plan B and didn’t even hesitate. You remind me of one of those fantastic figure skaters who perform a difficult jumps and they twirl and twirl and almost fall but then land gracefully. It’s like that’s the way it’s supposed to look and I performed a perfect ten. That’s you – a perfect ten!!!!!

  2. Perfect place for the rustic yet industrial project and it even has a practical use – telling time even from across the room or the next room and maybe getting people to places on time. Just an aside, Beeswax candles are overrated – Enjoy and stay warm.

  3. How lucky that the W was there already! It looks fabulous with your Kentucky map and pillow!

    Have a super duper {hopefully warmer} weekend!

  4. Karianne, I love the clock! Can you show a picture of the back with the hole cut out of it? I’m having a little trouble picturing how much to cut out for the clock works. Thanks! And I can’t wait to hear the beeswax candle story. It sounds just like a mess I might make.

  5. Hi KeriAnne, Your Kentucky map is sweet. Thanks to you and your brother for the how-to. Love the clock.

  6. I just added this to my to do list. Soon I’ll need a bigger jar!!!!!.A side note*when I was first married I had a itty bitty job jar for my new hubby, now 54 years later, its a 5 gal bucket…. :0

  7. Miz karianne, this is really cool. I would love it in my house, but how awesome would that be in my workshop! well, on the lucky day that I actually HAVE my own workshop I think it would be awesome. This idea could also be reduced in size to fit at that awkward wall space at the end of a long hall…..or in a boys room….it could even be painted a bright, glossy color in a game or playroom. wow, so many possibilities, thanks to your talented brother!

  8. I would like to think with a clock that awesome I would never be late. But no where did you say it is a magic clock, so I guess I will have to make it and see for myself. 🙂

  9. What a cool clock! This is going on my “to do” list! I need a clock for our porch and this is just perfect. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I hope you are having a fabulous New Year! I’m off to pin this!

  10. I love your clock! How awesome is that as a Christmas present? You certainly have talented family members, I guess it runs in the family!
    Debbie 🙂

  11. Sigh…..someday you are going to have to fess up on the candle wax on your backsplash…you know that don’t you? Love the clock! 😉

  12. blahaha, You just made my day. I am so sorry about your backsplash and your lack of potential light in the future power outage but you made me feel so much better because…. um…. my “homework” isn’t going so well. But that’s another conversation. 🙂

  13. This is such a great looking clock, Karianne! It’s so special your brother made it and found the “W” just for you!

  14. Love the clock! I have wanted to make a big ol’ clock for a long time, but never knew where to find the big ol’ hands- thanks for the link. 🙂

  15. You have THE best family!!! Your brother needs to be named brother of the year, how friggen thoughtful was he? That is awesome. Just plain awesome.

  16. Hey there beautiful! Love the clock and that room is so fun. 🙂 Thrilled to be a trash talker with you! xo, S.

  17. Your son is brilliant!

  18. I’d say he deserves “Brother of the Year!” Genuis!!!

  19. You have one terrific brother! And I’m sure you will figure out the whole candle debacle eventually . . . 🙂

    We’re havin’ a heat wave! 😉

  20. Creativity must run in your family, KariAnne. Such a cute and creative idea. Happy Friday!

  21. I am up for adoption.♥

  22. Oh my…that’s one “neat” looking clock and it’s so special that your brother made it for you. Hope you are having a wonderful 2014:)


  23. I am smitten! My den wall has been aching for a large “something” to go on it, preferably round. However, how heavy is this clock? Can it be lifted easily with one arm? I think my walls could hold it, but I don’t want it crashing on our heads while we watch tv. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

  24. It looks amazing KariAnne- I have always wanted to make one of these (okay, maybe not always, but for several months now). Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Good luck with the back splash:)

  25. Wow it looks so great. My daughter and her husband just finished building their rustic country home and this would be the perfect accent for their family room. Thanks so much for this tutorial!

  26. May I adopt your brother? I love the clock. He should sell these as well as his wooden letters. Everyone needs clocks! You are one blessed gal! 🙂

  27. A woodburning tool would also make letters and stars for those who are wanting to do something similar.

    I have been thinking about making a clock for a while now. Mostly I just need to fix an old one 🙂 But it will be a major redo.

    I have projects that have been like that, and I told my blog readers I would be doing them–um, yeah. They don’t always work out.

  28. This is just amazing! I want one!

  29. Love the clock. What an awesome brother you have. How have you attached it to or hung it on the wall? Also as a side point go soy candles, they are SO easy, and very little mess 😉

  30. SO MANY of my super brilliant ideas end up being . . . not so brilliant lol. Love this! What a nice brother :-).

  31. I love this clock! It almost looks like a cross between something rustic and something industrial. The size makes it stand out, but the materials keep it from overpowering the focus of the room! Thumbs up on this great idea!

  32. I absolutely love this clock! I shared it on my Facebook page!

  33. Hi Karianne!
    Love the map of Kentucky! I need one of Missouri, can you share where you found your map!
    Love checking your blog often! You’re so creative!

  34. That’s one awesome clock! Love it 🙂

  35. Love the BIG clock! How is it finished?? Wax or stain or dry brush??

  36. I do love this clock! Very cute!! But I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the KY map!!! 🙂

  37. Lacey Paige :


    I’ve followed the directions completely and even ordered the clock pieces you linked in the blog however the thread isn’t long enough (1/4inch) to go through the pallet wood…we did cut the hole out of the plywood but pallet wood is much thicker then 1/4inch. Did he do something to the pallet wood where the hands are suppose to be to make it thinner?