Three Different Ideas for Decorating a Hutch for Fall

Three Different Ideas for Decorating a Hutch for Fall

dining room painted hutch

Remember this hutch?

Remember how I painted it white and then wasn’t sure because it looked too white.

Please refer to picture above.

There is a whole LOT of white going on around up in here.

So I asked for some advice from all of you.  And you gave it to me.  Wonderful, glorious, amazing advice.  I’d read each comment and think to myself that’s what the hutch needs.  And I’d run to the hutch and tell it that it was going to have a back covered in burlap (brilliant) or the back painted in a light stripe (insightful) or add dishes with some color (love that look) or a back wall covered with scrap book paper.

And so I thought I’d start our hutch adventure with piece of advice number 91….

….add some color for the holidays.

So I partnered with Kirkland’s to decorate all that neutral with a little color.  And because life is about choices so I wanted to try it three different ways to see which one we all liked best.

Time to “branch” out a little.

Total pun intended.

neutral fall decorating

Here’s fall decorating option number one.

I’m going all Chip and Joanna with my options and naming them.

I like to call this one…..the harvest farmhouse hutch.


It’s full of tiny jute pumpkins stacked in milkglass.

When I saw these it was kind of a tiny jute pumpkinpalooza.

The box said tiny jute pumpkins, but I saw place card holders and a wreath made of these and a garland.

fall decor neutrals

I found this pumpkin at the corner of burlap and chevron.

And layered into the milk glass with tall galvanized metal tins filled with wood slices.

Then I tucked in a few dried hydrangea from last year.

fall decorating with neutrals

Hello wood slices.

Nice of you to put in an appearance again.

I have a feeling we are going to be good friends this fall and winter.

In case you missed the whole turn a wood slice into a wreath tutorial, you can see it here.

And now on to fall decorating option number 2.

fall decorating harvest hutch

I’m calling this one the colorful classic hutch.

Normally orange isn’t one of my go to colors, but I saw that sign and couldn’t help it.

A little color against all that neutral is a wonderful thing.

fall flower arrangement

felted acorn fall decor

I added the orange Give Thanks sign and shabby chic ceramic pumpkins.

The tiny jute pumpkins also come in orange, too.

Then I added metal leaves to stems from the dollar store and tucked them into a reclaimed wood container.

Then I added felted acorns in a nest that my sister made for me last year.

colorful fall decorating

thankful pumpkin sign

I found these wood pumpkins by the check out and knew they would make the perfect sign.

To make this all you have to do is lay out a pattern of five or six pieces of reclaimed wood and then add two pieces of wood to the back to make a wood sign base.

You can see my whole DIY tutorial here.

I couldn’t find this exact pumpkin online, but check at your registers at your local store and here’s some pumpkins that are similar.

black and white fall decor

And now for option number three.

I’m calling it the black and white rustic hutch.

Just a little black and white for color.

chenille pumpkin

fall decor black and white

I started with these chalkboard pumpkins.

I started to write on them, but we are currently in the middle of the big change-up and there are baskets and bins and art supplies and stacks of homework everywhere and I couldn’t find any chalk.

I stacked a black pumpkin on top of this stool and added burlap pumpkins.

pumpkins fall decor

nest letters

And then I added what I think was my favorite new find of the day.  Reclaimed wood blocks with metal letters.  So affordable and wood and versatile.

There was a line to look at them and I waited patiently to see them up close.

Yes, please.

Be still my rapidly beating heart.

simple fall decorating ideas

So there you have it my friends.

One white hutch + a little advice from all of you = simple and easy fall decorating.

And now we have the harvest farmhouse hutch, the colorful classic hutch or the black and white rustic hutch?

Which one is your favorite?

Which one would you choose?

Enquiring Labor Day minds want to know. 🙂

PS  One more for the road.  I periscoped a video of me shopping.  If you need a little laugh and need to know how cute my nails look today you can watch it by clicking play (you actually have to click it twice).

PPS May your Labor Day be full of a little less labor and a lot more fun.

A giant shout out to Kirkland’s for sponsoring my shopping adventure and for inspiring all this 

fall decorating.  All opinions on decorating and hutches and tiny jute pumpkins are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. The Harvest Farmhouse hutch is my fave! I got the same jute pumpkins at Kirklands (along with alot of other stuf). Love that store!!!! Wish I could do a promotion for them too!!! Happy Labor Day, Kari Ann!!!!

  2. The first one got me at the get-go. I like them all, but that is just timeless. wonderful ideas!! thank you!

  3. I am in LOVE with the piece with all of the little drawers!! Where can I find one? Just love this entire article, I may need you to come decorate my home lol!!

    Thanks for the great article!!


  4. I couldn’t help FALLing for Harvest Farmhouse Hutch–it had me at pumpkinpalooza. 🙂

  5. Love the black and white! Anyone can style a traditional fall colored hutch, but it takes a brave person to go outside of the box with black!!

  6. Love, love, love your ideas!! I think my favorite would have to be the Harvest Farmhouse hutch….love all the natural elements! Although I am loving the orange “Give Thanks” sign!! I think the sign would also look great up on top of the hutch with the pumpkins…. Thanks for sharing and for the great ideas – can’t wait to see more fall inspiration from your great ideas!
    Happy Labor Day, Friend!

  7. I have fallen (hmmm, no pun intended there) for #3. I love the contrast, that it’s different and I admit I love the simplicity and timelessness.

  8. Todo esta muy bello, la felicito…

  9. I give up! I can’t decide between #1 and #2! They are both so well done. I think it would depend on the day and my mood. 🙂 Great job on all of them!

  10. I love the orange! Can use straight thru thanksgiving!

  11. I honestly love them all, you seem like the first one they are beautiful! Sorry not helping!!

  12. The first one is very Pottery Barn look, love it ! My kitchen is black and white, maybe I could borrow it all for fall and return it to you for Christmas decorating? Tee Hee!!!

    P.S. Love the nails….

  13. The first is my favorite:). Pinning. Amazing how each one is soooo different! I am definitely thinking about painting my hutch white now too:). I hope you have a fun week planned. Thanks for the fall inspiration. Take care, Tara

  14. Colorful classic gets my vote! Am wondering if you can share where you found the off-white pumpkins in front of the white multi-drawer chest? Thanks!

  15. All three options are great but Option one is stunning. Love the texture of the baskets, wood slices and the metal vases. Love, love all the different pumpkins you used in all three choices. Great inspiration.

  16. Love all three options; number one is my favorite, though.

  17. What a fun visit to Kirklands! I fell in love with number 1, and it seems to go best with the rest of your lovely home. It was the perfect post, validated my changing out summer to fall yesterday at my house!! Fall is here, leaves are changing and coming down in Williamsburg!! xxx

  18. Oh, three with its blue pumpkins stole my heart. I love the color blue and all its glorious hues. Happy Labor Day to you and your family, KariAnne.

  19. I love the Fall Harvest #1. It’s still in the 90’s here in Dallas so I always have a hard time decorating for fall until October 1. Then we bring out the fall/Halloween decorations. November 1 the Halloween goes away and I add the Thanksgiving turkeys to the fall decorations. We don’t have a Kirklands here. Would love to shop there.

    • Hi Carol! I’m not sure where in Dallas you’re located but there are several Kirkland’s stores in the area. There is one in Dallas proper on Coit Rd. but there are several in the surrounding cities that might be close to you. If you go to the Kirkland’s website you can enter your zip code in the store locator to see which location is closest to you. Hopefully you’ll get to the store soon; I love that place!

  20. Love, love, love #2!

  21. Somany things I totally wanted to reach out and grab- best of all the BERRY (FRUIT) BRANCHES in the wooden tall box/container. Ahhhhhhhhhh yes! Loving the natural material/PUMPKINS and the GIVE THANKS SIGN.
    Basically the first choice got me.Always enjoy what you do!

  22. this is awesome…i am knee deep in Light French Gray on my baby hutch…hope it comes out half as good as yours. 🙂
    I can’t find your archives….?

  23. I love the use of natural elements – like the berries – red – or whatever those were. My preference would to be get more red in there.

    You say “you all” a lot! You’re so funny! Shopping with you would be a heck of a lot of fun.

    But, does this mean you aren’t going to repaint the back of the hutch???

    That is where I would start. Just me tho. Liked the orange scheme by the way.

    Thanks for letting us all come along with you, y’all!

  24. I love the Colorful Classic Hutch! The felted acorns are darling, really like the wood planters and Love the orange sign and it’s placement.

  25. I’m in the minority, but I think option #2 is the best. And I’m not an orange person, either–but I think the shot of color with the sign really punches up the effect. #3 is my second fave.

  26. The Harvest Farmhouse has my vote, but there were definitely elements to the other two that I liked, but they were too much all together, like the felted acorn – no loved, and the reclaimed wood blocks with letters – who couldn’t love, but you had me at the first one.

  27. I really liked the Harvest Farmhouse Hutch but when The Colorful Classic Hutch appeared…WOW…beautiful! Those ceramic pumpkins are gorgeous. But then…along comes The refreshingly different Black and White Rustic Hutch and I’m completely smitten! I’ve been in love with black and white themes since 2008. Karianne, I have to say I loved them all but #3 definitely has my vote for favorite. Happy Labor Day, friend!

  28. I love the orange and the rustic wood planters. Can you tell me where I might be able to purchase them.
    The all white hutch is stunning….

  29. All the ideas are brilliant but my favorite would have to be the colorful classic. That orange looks great. You’re such an inspiration! Best, Silvana

  30. The first one speaks to me about good decorating , balance, subtle , but very pleasing to the eye. It ‘s as though you are a stylist for Pottery Barn. Love it !!!!

    P.S. Love the nails too….

  31. harvest farmhouse is my favorite absolutely love it!!! have a t labor day!

  32. Of course love them all as you are fantastic! But my vote is for #2!
    Thanks for being you! 🙂

  33. I really like the orange one. Great to use through Thanksgiving. Thanks for doing this. Now to paint my hutch white and find some milk glass!

  34. I am just stunned!! First of all I watched the video and once I saw your fantastic earrings I couldn’t think of anything else. I missed the whole tour because I was thinking of your earrings. I’m going to have to watch it over and try to concentrate. Oh and the hutch?? Hmmmm! I kinda like number #1. The third kinda depressed me — I don’t know why and number #2 , well once I saw the flower arrangement (that I loved) I couldn’t see anything else. I have the concentration of a flea. Once I see something I really like that’s all that I can think of. I love your Kirkland store. We don’t have one here although we did in the last town we lived in. Have a great Labor Day without laboring 🙂

  35. Black and white…be still my heart.
    Happy Labor Day!

  36. How fun to add some color to your lovely hutch!
    Although there are elements in all three designs that l really like, ( your sisters felted acorns. .sigh♡♡♡) My personal favorite is design #1 but l would remove the tall metal containers, and replace them with clear glass so the architectural elements of the stems in their woody glory, would show through. Btw, l love the round, little tree branches you made! That one felled tree just keeps on giving!

  37. First of all, I gotta tell you how fun it was to hear your voice in your video. So cute! Anyway, I love the black and white, but I see you more as the fall harvest, bright and happy one.

  38. I’m doing the black/white rustic hutch, I’ve already asked the hubs if he would remove the doors on my hutch.:} Really neat!


  39. There were so many wonderful ideas with each option but if I had to choose…it’seems #1 for sure. Loved the video and high energy shopping which was truly adorable. By the way, your nail color ROCKED!

  40. You did a fabulous job styling all three, but #2 had me swooning. Wish we had Kirklands in Canada 🙁

  41. The hutch looks great! And I got to “shop with you!” Going to to Kirkland’s!

  42. I really like all 3, but I am a color girl, so The Colorful Classic Hutch has my vote. I’m not into orange either normally, but that is a great shade of orange, the pumpkins on top of the hutch are perfect, and it’s so appropriate all the way through Thanksgiving.

  43. I love #2, but I think #3 would be perfect for a contemporary halloween! Very cool.

  44. Each look is so unique and lovely. Number one is my favorite (I am a pretty neutral gal around here…) but there is inspiration for everyone in your ideas!

  45. Love No. 1 & 2. I’m not really digging the “Give Thanks” sign though…not sure why? Love the little boxes with berries:D That looks very Fall-ish!

  46. The first and third designs are my favorites. I am sorry to say we are in the midst of the hottest September in 30 years here in CT. It has been so hot that even though schools reopened, they have been closing early every day because of the heat. Needless to say I have no desire to decorate for fall with a heat wave going on. But I am getting ready by gathering all my decorations so I am ready when the weather cooperates. I can’t wait!!! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  47. First is my favorite.

  48. Love all three – but I think Harvest Farmhouse is my favorite! What does it mean when brown is your favorite color?!! I would say bark is my favorite color, but since it isn’t really a color – it must be a textural thing, thats what draws me into the first one. Just starting to pull out the fall stuff here! You have inspired me!

  49. Oh they all look so lovely! I really like the first one, it looks so classy and creates a warm feeling :0) I really enjoy your work and I would be so happy if you would share this at my Making broken Beautiful party this week! I would be honored if you would help to make this party grow :0)

  50. Kari Anne,
    Thank you so much for linking up over at The 36th Avenue. I am featuring you today! This space is gorgeous!