Every week.ย 

Every day.

Every minute.

I am so inspired by the creativity across the web.

Sometimes my head hurts from all the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚


So I wanted to start a journal of what inspires me.


Here’s my random collection for this week.


vintage wicker chandelier


This incredible shade tutorial from Laura at Finding Home proves that you can make a lampshade out of almost anything.


P1190448 810x1024 Stenciling a tea towel {Newbie party started}


Remember when I made the hand-written towel?

I hope so.

It was only yesterday.

Well…..try to forget it because Debbie made a way better towel than I ever thought about!

See all the details over at Debbie Doo’s.

Have you ever wanted to go to one of those flea markets like you read about in magazines?

Kelly did.

And it was amazing.

Read all about it over at Eclectically Vintage.


Just a few random bits of what inspired me this week.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


Thank You


PPS I could not let the sun set on today without thanking the incredible Kimberlyย from Serendipity Redefined. ย She blessed my heart this week and sent a package wrapped and designed with such creativity and thoughtfulness that I was speechless.

And just so you know…..

…..that never happens (are you surprised)?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart rock star ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I know Mrs. Meyers clean day hand soap. I love the basil. But what is in the small jar?

  2. Wow, Kari, great feature and how sweet to receive that gift.

  3. BFF, ‘m glad that I made you smile. For the record, I believe that speechless should only be reserved for baked goods involving chocolate…and your pantry, and dining room drapes. xo #iswoon

  4. Kari..I love this post…great features from so many creative and talented people…..and what a great gift!!..
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Interesting stuff..I don’t know about the tape on the laptop..cute but I think over time it could get tacky..Tape does..I bought a “skin” for mine..really cute..You can get them on line I think just google “skins”…

  6. A soda can into a flower! I love it. And since I drink diet cokes all day long I see many, many diet Coke can flowers in my future …


  7. How wonderful Kari..I could not agree more with the creativity. The most touching for me with blogging is the kindness we all share and show to one another. What Shannon started yesterday is just blowing me away with all the generosity people are showing and giving. This is why I blog, put out an olive branch and you have a beautiful tree before you know it. Have a blessed day. I am off to make a recipe towel now. Thanks for the inspiration!~

  8. I too am amazed by all the wonderful ideas and inspiration out there. sometimes I look around my house and wonder what it would look like if I hadn’t discovered blogs. So much of my style and decor has been influenced by blogging, and your blog (current and past) is no exception. XXOO

  9. Jane brought home some Mrs. Myers hand soap. I really like it.

  10. I think your blog is awesome. The towels are adorable; your handwriting is just fine. Remember what the Nester always says: It doesn’t have to perfect to be beautiful.

  11. Kari—-what an extra wonderful post today!! My goodness, all the ideas were just awe inspiring! The first was that “be still my heart moment” & the rest didn’t disappoint either!! Blessings!

  12. Fun to see some of what inspires you! That ombre wall is amazing! maybe that’s how I should incoporate the turquiose my girls want in their room!

  13. LOVE the metal rose tutorial–thanks!!

  14. Omg that rose is just so lovely I would love something like that it is really so pretty………………

  15. So, I’m going to have to bookmark this page. You found some incredible inspiration! I’m in love!!! Thank you!!!

  16. Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple :

    Thanks for cataloging all of these great ideas for us. There is so much inspiration out there that it is impossible to find it all. I’m also envious of your great gift!!

  17. Kaei, you are so right. There are days I’m in complete awe with the creativity of fellow bloggers!

  18. Oops, Kari, looks like I misspelt your name in my above comment. ๐Ÿ™

  19. I love all these so much…especially that hanging light…gotta ck that out right now.
    Then, I am on the search for enuf clothes pins to make that cute holder…..

  20. You are way toooo funny girl. Mine was way easier, that is about all I will say to that:)!!~

  21. Oh now I see … compared to Debbie’s, your towel is, um (clearing throat, trying to find right word, struggling a bit here) …


    So much inspiration out there – you picked some I’ve been drooling over myself! Here’s to joining me on my next outing to Brimfield!