heart rocks valentines day

Happy almost Valentine’s Day sunshine.

I love a day that’s all about love.

Just in case you needed a love story to kick off your day, here are a few of my very favorite for you and your coffee.

Once Upon a First Date

Dear Abby and the Mirror

Love and Lee Press-On Nails

The Kiss of a Lifetime

And just in case love stories make you roll your eyes, here’s a little inspiration for your weekend. 🙂


On a day about love, it’s important to note that I love a gallery wall.

Especially if it has feathers.

Gallery wall and DIY projects found here.


When I was little, my mother would sign all her notes with X’s and O’s.

I loved it.

But I think I like the wood version even better.

Simple DIY found here.


That planter.  Don’t you love it?

You can make your own in under 30 minutes.

Easy DIY found here pavlova-minis-grouping2 Have you ever made pavlova before?

Oh good, me either.  But it looks easy and delicious and fruity.

Easy recipe found here.


And in random news this week:

This sofa.  Seriously.

I want to make this for my family.

Clever tutorial for flower arranging.

Want to read more?  Here’s how to read 100 books in a year.

How to get perfect messy waves in your hair.

And the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


And one more for the road.

Here’s a fun project for your soon-to-be-spring-porch.

DIY found here.

Happy Random Saturday to you!

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  1. Love everything, especially the gallery wall. The quote by Henry David Thoreau is one of my favorites, too. Great minds 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. jennifer farnes :

    my friend…great post with great ideas! unfortunately some of the links take me to the same place…for example: the pavlova one takes me to the sisal bucket… i would love to make those perfectly perfect pavlovas (and they are sooo delicious…and quick and not at all fattening, although you would think they are because they taste so incredible…). happy valentines day!!

  3. OOPS.. need that recipe please.. The link goes to the sisal bucket. Looks sooooo good.

  4. Oh my goodness! KariAnne, you are the best! Thank you SO much for sharing my granola recipe this week! What a lovely way to kick off my weekend! Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend!

  5. I love the love stories!!!! Happy Valentines Day!

  6. That gallery wall is seriously off-the-hook….what a unique way of turning an ordinary wall into something jaw-droppingly beautiful and awe-inspiring! I so LOVE what MMS did to that sofa, too…that is quite the challenging project to take on but I’d say that all of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into it are so totally worth it! That wonderful granola recipe encourages me to get back to making my own granola like I did years ago…it’s so much tastier and healthier than pre-made and you can add whatever you want to it, too. I also soooo love the little love notes made out of chocolate…but then, who wouldn’t…it’s love and it’s chocolate, all in one! And those pavlovas??? I seriously need to try these…holy moley they look nom noms!

    But most of all, I just so enjoyed sitting here relaxing with a coffee and reading your wonderfully romantic, funny, and touching stories once again…I could never tire of them…you have such a beautiful way with words, KariAnne! One day, I would LOVE to hear news that you have published a book and I hope it will include all of these uplifting stories and more! I’d be racing to pick up my very own copy of that book! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, DEAR FRIEND!!! <3

  7. Hi KariAnne, lovely selections. That gallery wall is pretty amazing and of course I love that farmhouse table.

    Thanks for sharing my Pavlova too.

    Happy Valentine’s Day and happy weekend!

  8. Michelle Rudis :

    Did mention I love your random Saturdays? I know I did but I just had to say it again  I want to do everything posted, including that awesome couch. And those true love stories of yours and your sailor man…so fun, so sweet and so funny in places I caught myself laughing out loud. Hope you’re having a very a wonderful sun-filled random Saturday, sweet friend!

  9. You are such a sweet person with so many awesome ideas!
    I love your farmhouse and what you have done with it!
    Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

  10. My daughter as a sixth grader (many years ago) made pavlova. Yum! Happy ❤️ Day!

  11. Hope lyou have a good Valentine’s Day, for me and Tim is is just another day he says he doesn’t need a special day to show me he loves me

  12. that. porch. In Love!!! I’m so glad you shared it!

  13. Bonnie Schulte :

    What wonderful love stories. Thank you so very much for sharing. I am so happy that you both knew you were meant for each other. You really do sound like the perfect couple. Happy Valentines day to you both!

  14. I have never made pavlova but recently watched it done on a show and it looked pretty easy. May have to give it a try. Always love your collection of links!

  15. My husband loves pavlova…our neighbor at the farm is a chef. His restaurant/B&B/vineyard is next door to us. Pavlova is his signature dessert (he’s from New Zealand). I had him make one for me to give Bruce for Christmas. This recipe sounds so easy!
    Have a great week!