Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning.

1.  I just saw a commercial that said bobby pins were out of style.  Say it isn’t so.

2. Best laundry tip ever.  I added those scented beads to the last load of clothes.  The entire house smells like a meadow.

3.  I’m going to make healthy choices today.  I may or may not say that every morning, but I thought if I told you, I would stick to it.

4.  I had no idea how little I knew about anything until I had middle school girls.

I was super smart until about six months ago. 🙂


Have scraps will craft.

Loving this wreath made from leftovers.

See the entire DIY here.


Love this fun idea for Valentine’s day.

Perfect with coffee.

Easy DIY found here.


I was looking for something simple to make for Valentine’s Day.

Super simple strawberry shortcake?  Yes, please.

Recipe found here.


Looking for a few ideas to update your space for spring?

Loving this color combination.

See the entire foyer area here.

And in other random news this week:

Good read for the new year.

How to wear white jeans in the winter.

Bacon Goat Cheese Guacamole?  Yes, please.

Best DIY EVER.  I’m making this for the gatehouse.

And I love, love, love this house tour.



And speaking of befores and afters.

This room is still one of my favorites.

Happy Random Saturday to you!

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  1. Don’t worry, you will get smarter. By the time they are 30 years old, you will be a genius!

    • Listen to Liz. She is very bright. My sons are 45 and 48. They are parents now, and wonder why I didn’t sell them when I had the chance. They now think I’m brilliant!

  2. I just love random Saturdays:) Also LOVE the quote on the storage trunk of The Handmade Home-thanks for sharing that!

  3. Two middle school girls…May the Force be with you!!!

  4. Excellent post! I’m loving Joanna’s decorating even more this season. Enjoyed the white jeans post, too. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Keep learning from your girls. They will keep you up to date and current. But, you will teach them the wisdom of living. I have always believed that the young, middle and old should all talk more.. WE all have so much to give each other, teach each other. You are blessed with double that amt. and more.

  6. I took my 20 yr old dtr and 15 yr old granddtr shopping and our last stop was Dollar Tree for bobby pins so they must not be totally out of style. Plus I find them laying around my house, further evidence. As for being smart..your many followers think you are…lol

  7. That brick accent wall just makes it! What did you use for that? Not that my husband will let me go covering one wall with brick, or faux brick. Sigh.
    I’m so glad you shared that, because I somehow missed that, or my brain didn’t take it in, back in 2013. Maybe that was before I enjoyed your company with my coffee. Thanks!

  8. Oh yes , Kari , You really went over the moon and back on that Lazy Boy Showroom. I agree it’s one of your best. LOVE IT !

    Laundry beads you say? More deets please.
    You are so VERY inspiring.

  9. Hi Karrianne, love your sunny Saturday thoughts…… Bobbie pins, out of style? Heke no well just give them a new name like Locks of hair tacks or something then they will be right back in style just as all the vintage wares we all collect and love so much. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  10. Nan, Odessa, DE :

    I have heard girls more dramatic. This too shall pass.

    On the house tour:
    what is the large leaf plant in the tall vase?

  11. Oh Miz karianne, I still LOVE that Laz-y-boy room too! I could live in that room…..I really enjoy looking at that brick wall!
    and don’t worry…..your “smarts” will return in a few years… me.

  12. Oh I remember that La-Z-Boy challenge design room thing – man it was great seeing it again, wow. Only I have a question: what did you do with the left side floor-to-ceiling french doors? Did you close them all and brick it over? Because it isn’t showing up – in the first pic the mirror covers it but the mirror isn’t tall enough – so where is it? And in the close up pic showing the white sofa it’s not there at all. Just wondering if they had you switch rooms or something?

  13. On the mornings when I wake up and think that today is going to be a wonderful day, I end up kicking my toe, dropping things and forgetting things and think I really should have stayed in bed

  14. Awwww…be still my heart. You had me at hello houndstooth chair.

  15. Oh no! Please do say it isn’t so about the bobby pins! My students assure me that my bobby pins are my trademark…I have them in assorted sizes and colors. Oh, I start the day with my fashionable side-swept bangs, but to do my really tough work, I need my bangs completely off my face. LOL This will have to be one fashion trend we’ll have to choose to ignore.

    That’s still one of my all-time favorite rooms, too. Happy weekend!

  16. When you ask a question do your kids give you the roll of the eye and an OHHHHHHH, MOOOOOM!! Like gee, everyone and their brother knows that?? I do but I’ve given up being embarrassed and just ask. How else will I know? I don’t think there is ever a stupid question. Well, maybe but still you have to find out, right?? My mamma had an innate intelligence that I didn’t appreciate until I had my own kids. I guess that’s how it goes. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm. 🙂

  17. Happy Saturday!

  18. I loved that plaster treatment…”the German Shmeer.” That was an awesome solution to ugly brick. I love this devotion you have to Joanna’s style. You do realize we became friends because I was so blown away by YOUR house that it started me on a mission to figure out my own. Still working on that, but it’s coming along.

    You are the cutest. I hope you are having a nice Sunday and that it is actually a day of rest.
    The Other Marian

  19. I’m surprised you didn’t seve them coffee 🙂
    So.. my eye went straight to the coffee table. Didn’t see it on the Lazy Boy website. Where did that bad boy come from??? It’s pretty darn nice.

  20. Hey girl, I too remember the room you did. Time really flies. I love the house tour,my favorite is the foyer. If you girls think your dumb,they don’t want to meet me. Your terribly talented and funny.

  21. I’ve got one in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school. Believe me, you know everything when they are in elementary school, NOTHING when they are in middle, and they are shocked when you know something when they are in high school, but at least they acknowledge it. I think they come around when they are in college! 😉

  22. Just getting to this now on a Monday
    morning! Love it all. Thanks so much!!

  23. Love the Laz y Boy room too. Do you remember what the white berries were in the round glass bowl?

  24. I love that little colorful area with the bench – what a place to sit with a glass of wine in the evenings!