Remember the time that I started a blog that was all about burlap and I told you all about it and how great it was going to be and we all talked about it…and then…{gulp}…..then I posted about seven times…..

….and forgot all about it?


Ummmm….that was nine months ago.

And all this time the burlap blog has been sitting and waiting for me to remember.

And the other day I did.

I went over there and remembered how cute it was and how many burlap projects there were in the universe…..

…..and now the blog is back in business.


Featuring new burlap projects every day….like these no-sew curtains from Jessica at Four Generations One Roof.

You can check out the blog…

If you want to submit a project….click here.


Looking for something easy and light to fix for Memorial Day weekend?

Check out these Southwest Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Chipolte Sauce from Ella Claire.

Kristen is amazing.

Her blog is amazing.

If you click over to her blog and don’t come back here….I completely understand. 🙂


And what comes after a light healthy yummy chicken wrap?

Ummm….a Chocolate Chip Gooey Butter Cake from Tidy Mom…..of course.

Doesn’t it leap off the page to you?

I need a piece of this and a Real Housewives marathon this weekend. 🙂


Here’s a great outdoor project for this weekend.

Stripe your steps.

It is such an easy way to update a plain jane set of concrete steps.

Click here for the details.


This week I….

….found these amazing vintage designs.

….decided we might make this over the weekend.

….or maybe this.

….and was so inspired….here.

It was a wonderful week.

Happy random Saturday and Memorial Day weekend to you!

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  1. I wish I could send you a cake Kari!! Thanks for the feature and have a beautiful holiday weekend!

  2. I love your little “I saw this and had this idea” posts. You are just the cutest person. No one would ever suspect your design to take over and rule the online DIY decorating world. I’ll be sure to keep your secret.
    The Other Marian

  3. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Karianne.

  4. Have you seen my burlap project that I post on your Burlap Projects FB page? I didn’t forget!! Feel free to use all of them!

  5. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!! Hope you are sipping your sweet tea and enjoying the warmer weather. I love all of your projects!! I want to start them all and the food looks scrumptious!! You are so smart to bring all of the ideas in one easy click spot 🙂

  6. So much inspiration! You are just a wonder!

  7. Oh girl…you always make me start following more blogs and I just don’t have the time as it is!!

    Thanks for stopping the other day! Where do YOU find the time?! 🙂


  8. Sure… it was all going fine as I was reading along. First I admired the rock wall, then I was all onboard with the chipotle wrap, and then you went and did it. Chocolate chip gooey cake. How can I sleep tonight if I don’t have some of that?

  9. You are so sweet to me!!! Thank you for featuring my lettuce wraps! <3 P.S. I wanted to lick my screen when I saw that cake! Butter… yes… chocolate… heck yes…