country kitchen

Here comes the sun.

It’s the weekend and the grass is green and the flowers are blooming and it’s flip flop weather.

Need some weekend inspiration reading?

Let’s start with the most brilliant idea for a cup of tea….EVER.

And this beautiful kitchen inspiration from French Country Cottage.


Easy Lemon Creme Brulee from At the Picket Fence.

mothers day gift ideas

Mother’s day gift idea made from a terracotta dish from My Fabuless Life.

handmade home

Fun cleaning labels from The Handmade Home.


I told myself to remember the french fries.

But I almost forgot….

….until I found this story again. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you.  🙂

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  1. Happy Saturday to you too!! Let’s hear for our toes finally able to breathe again. Thank you for a wonderful week of stories. I made my honey read the one of your speech — it was one of those awwwwww moments that I love. The moment when the hero comes and stops the heroine from leaving. I just adore happy endings. Have a sunny weekend. Hugs!!

  2. Fun links, Karianne! Happy Saturday to you too!

  3. I hadn’t read your post about the french fries. It had me crying.

    When my children were young and we went to the beach, my husband would not let the children in the car until they had every grain of sand off them.

    When my husband and I went separate ways after 25 years, I took the children (now teenagers) to the beach and they were starting the “get every grain of sand off you before you get in the car” ritual. I told them we don’t have to do that anymore.

    My grandchildren live in America and I in Australia so I still don’t have a chance to let children be children.

    I agree, I would swap with you in a minute.

    You blog is my number one read.

  4. Whoops … your Blog.

  5. I love that story, and I’m starting to understand the older lady! 🙂 I’m headed over to check out that Creme brûlée – I want an excuse to buy cute little ramekins and a torch . . . And I LOVE Creme brûlée!! Happy Saturday, cloudy though it may be at the moment!

  6. Oh la! Nothing like a pretty label to motivate me to to do some cleaning! I think any mama would love getting a bottle of cleaning fluid…as long as it was pretty, otherwise it’s just cleaning fluid! 😀

  7. Perfect shares to inspire me on a rainy Saturday!

  8. I could go for some french fries now……………thank you for that………..had to mention them and that made me feel like them