Christmas burlap sacks

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  If you watched Poldark this week, I know your’re with me.  So disappointed in Poldark.  Seriously.  Like extra seriously.  I believed in him and supported him all through his coal mine venture and when he stood in front of the judges and started hanging out with smugglers.  But this?  It’s the last straw.

2. Heading into the Target Dollar spot in just a few short minutes.  I’m all about discount this Christmas.  I was thinking I might do a series on making inexpensive projects for Christmas just from the Dollar Spot.

3.  I’m all about Christmas this year.  I mean, I’m still friends with Thanksgiving.  But I’m putting my tray down next to Christmases in the lunch room.

4.  I learned a new vocabulary word this week.  I’ll share it with you so we can both be on the cutting edge of vocabularisms.

Here’s the word:  Sick.

Translation:  amazing, awesome, incredible, out-of-this-world.

Not as in I’m feeling sick.  As in that movie was SICK.  

You can thank me later. 🙂


Here’s the DIY project for the season.

A reclaimed wood reindeer.

Cutest ever.

Here are the DIY instructions if you’re feeling like you need to build something.


This tree.

I know, right?

Did you sigh, too?

You can see the rest of the room here.


Easy DIY project.

You can make these signs for the mantel or your wall or whatever or whereever.

And I think I’ve seen blank squares like this at Hobby Lobby.

Here’s the DIY.


And it’s paperwhite season.

Have you planted yours yet?

I just planted mine yesterday.

Here are easy tips and step-by-step to plant your own.


And in random news this week:

Cutest clothespins ever

Fun way to lift your mood

Creative Christmas trees

This bathroom

Not sure about this

This living room is so fresh and pretty

Love this idea for paper flowers

How to age brass

And these holiday windows made me want to buy a new sweater and drink hot cocoa.

diy pom pom stocking project

And one more for the road.

This easy DIY pom pom stocking project.

Bonus:  the stockings came from the dollar store. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you!

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  1. Happy Saturday to you too friend! BTW, no thank you on the eggs and spaghetti. 🙂

  2. Okay, so I’m so glad you said everything that I was feeling about Poldark!!!! I am right there with you. I only wish I could have been the one to deck him!

  3. K…I am with you on the Poldark episode…I was so upset…I actually woke up last Sunday night thinking about it…WHY oh WHY Poldark…Love your new dining room..You are an amazing person that God has sooooo gifted Thanks for the update on your precious twins..Thank you Jesus…..

  4. Happy Saturday to you, Karianne! So much fun inspiration! I have a pack of those numbers…going to make some of those clothespins today! And I am loving pompoms again this year…

  5. Happy Saturday!

    We’ve moved past the word “sick” around here. Everything is so “lit”!

    Example: Dude, this turkey is so lit!

    Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

  6. Love clicking on all the links, like opening a gift:) Also love your “putting my tray down next to Christmases in the lunch room” !!!! SMILE:)

  7. I know what you mean about Poldark! My girlfriend, Emily and I were like….How could you Ross?

  8. GM to you….
    Great way to begin Sat.
    I am with you about Poldark so
    disappointed! Love what Desmelda did
    To him … bet he didn’t see that coming. Ha
    This is my first time to text you I met you at
    FBC Mckinney before you moved to Kentucky.
    Love every thing that you do😃

    Merina White
    Creative Room Arrangements
    McKinney, Tx

  9. Karianne,
    I LOVE your Thistlekeeping posts! (Well, I love all your posts.) The thing about Thistlekeeping is that I truly sit at the table or curl up on the couch with my coffee and read and slurp my way through each link. It makes for a really relaxing way to unwind and rejuvenate after a busy week. Thanks for taking the time to search and share the links. You do make it seem like an hour (and sometimes more) spent chatting with a friend over coffee!

  10. I am so impressed with all your posts. You always manage to come up with amazing ideas and/or links to other clever ideas. I love the clothespins using the window screen numbers. I decorate my home with the “12 Days of Christmas” theme so will try to use these numbers this year.

    Thank you for all you do as it is very much appreciated!

  11. Somebody please tell me what happened on Poldark!!!! LOL

  12. Ok, as soon as I watched Poldark, I thought “I’d better comment on Karianne’s blog to see what she thinks”! But I was afraid you maybe had recorded it and I didn’t want to ruin it for you. I don’t know if I can watch anymore – very disgusted!!
    However, all your stuff is so cute and doable~ Love it.

  13. Don’t get to upset with Poldark just yet. All I will say is I was in Barnes and Noble and started reading some of the Poldark books,there are about 12 of them, and from just skimming through, I think all will work out eventually.

  14. Re the pasta recipe, with the addition of bacon you’d have pasta carbonara.

  15. You would be so proud of me…finally got caught up on Poldark…and then…Omg! How could he? Thanks for the links….happy day to you too! 😉

  16. I am livid with Poldark! Let’s discuss this. He’s married to a woman that can take the boat out, row it, catch fish for dinner, row the boat back, drag it to the beach, bring the fish home, clean it, cook it for dinner all while pregnant! Plus she’s a natural beauty and kind to everyone! What does Elizabeth do………sit there and look pretty! Men, we love them but sometimes……….!!!!!

  17. I was just about done with Poldark even before this last episode. I never come away feeling good after watching it. It’s too dark and depressing overall…not much joy. But then Ross wants to go and act the fool. The only redeeming thing about the episode was that Demelza knocked him on his behind. Three Elizabeths wouldn’t equal one Demelza. I’ve known about the word “sick” for quite a while. The newest one the teens are using is the single word, “same”. The appropriate use is if someone says something you agree with or can relate to, such as if I were to say, “Wow. I think what Ross Poldark did was so disappointing.” You’d reply, “Same.” You’ll have to surprise your girls by using it.

  18. The cutest wooden reindeer ever! It sorta, kinda made up for Poldark…grrr, it made me sick, in the old fashioned sense!! I’m so glad Esmerelda knocked him out! She had every right! Thank God for cute reindeer, darling stockings, lush trees and good cheer!

  19. Good afternoon! Love your post and new inspirations! The new word I’ve heard lately is “fleek.” I’ll have to go to the Urban Dictionary to find out what that means! Happy week leading up to a joyous Thanksgiving!

  20. That reindeer is a dear. Adorable.

  21. I think we can predict what’s next on Poldark! Moral: we don’t know what we have until it hits us in the face!!!

  22. Happy Saturday!

    You have a way of making a brisk Saturday in Minnesota delightful:)

    Hope you enjoyed your Target visit – the dollar bins this year are amazing. Love all the Rudolph goodies too.
    Check out the baby section and see the stuffed musical Rudolph and Clarice – oh my where are my grandkids…down the road in a few years.

  23. I am very upset with Ross Poldark! I too have stood by him through some crazy hair brained plans. Then he does the stupidest thing he can think of. Not sure he can make it up to me. :b

  24. I will never look at Poldark again in the same way….stupid, stupid, stupid….
    I’m still hanging onto Thanksgiving and saving all your Christmas blogs until Friday!!!!! Too funny.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  25. I’ve been waiting all week for you to comment on Poldark! How disappointing. Now he doesn’t deserve Demelza. And if Elizabeth was a true lady she would have never let him in. LOL I cruised our Target this week. Such cute stuff. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Happy Thanksgiving rock star!

  26. Love the long legged wooden reindeer, it’s so darned cute!
    Such a creative way to use spindles.
    And those Anthropologie windows are…
    S I C K ! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
    👍 😉
    I was absolutely spellbound, and am in awe of their intricate beauty.
    One look was NOT enough for me.
    So, as Arnold said…
    “I’ll be BACK!”
    (No Austrian accent here!)
    Oh, how I wish I had a giant Anthropologie snowflake of my very own!
    The egg pasta?🐣
    Not so much…
    I might even say that truly WAS sick?

    Thanks for a fun Random Saturday!

  27. True that about Poldark, and he was so aggressive! He wrecked both those ladies lives!! truly disappointed, i barely care what happens to him now!

  28. I’m with you, Karianne, Ross Poldark broke my heart, just when I most needed hope and light in my life.
    The bright spot is that Thanksgiving, my very favorite holiday, comes this week with wonderful family and food. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We really do have so very much to be thankful for, don’t we?

  29. Ditto on Poldark! And I thought he was so honorable! Love all you write about. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  30. I’m not sure about the spaghetti with fried eggs. With some bacon and better preparation, you could have Spaghetti Carbonara instead which can be insanely good.
    I haven’t watched “Poldark”. I remember the original series from many years ago, so didn’t feel I needed to re-experience it. As I recall, that Poldark was also sometimes a complete idiot.

  31. Karianne, LOVE reading your blog! I am an interior designer who loves many decorating styles. You do what you do better than anyone. Now, about Ross…………………..:( He is going to have to do something HUGE to make up for it.

  32. Love random Saturdays with you…
    even if I’m reading it Sunday night!!

  33. Love Thistlekeeping on a Sunday evening! Saturday was so busy that I decided to wait and savor it on Sunday this week. You never disappoint-ever! So many spectacular things, that Christmas tree and the reclaimed wood reindeer are to die for!! I’m going to start paperwhites this week using these tips, my green thumb has blight. Thank-you for a “sick” post. P.S. I must be your only follower that doesn’t know who Poldark is- I quit watching TV over 3 years ago(except for toddler programming).

  34. My 16 yr old daughter, husband & I watch Poldark every wk also. My daughter & I have been laughing @ all the comments left re him. Crazy! Yes, we too were mad @ him. She & I were even yelling @ the TV to him last Sun. eve! She just said, “Honestly, @ this point, the way I feel about him, I’d even rather be married to George @ this point!” Haha!! Now that’s funny! (& she’s not boy crazy & doesn’t wish to marry for maaaaany years to come!!) Always love your posts. Look forward to Thistlekeeping as you always guide me to some knew discoveries out there in webspace. Gotta go see if Capt. Poldark will redeem himself – is that even possible @ this point??

  35. Lynne -Australia :

    I’m completely in the dark about Poldark, if you’ll pardon the pun. Does this happen in Series 2? Did he cheat on Demelza? I told my daughters everyone on here was disappointed with him and they said “Well if he did, I won’t watch it”. My husband said “Please remember ladies – this isn’t real!!

    Love, love all your posts KariAnne.

  36. Ross Poldark! I’m so mad at him right now! Aidan Turner, still a hotty…

  37. Love your clever way with words. Just shared your new/old China cupboard with my sister-in-law last night. What a find! I love that paint color and the floor. How brave you are using geometrics in an old house where nothing is square. Years ago, I bought plaid wallpaper . My husband almost went crazy hanging it. You always seem to evoke some memory. That gingerbread story; my cat brought me a mouse as a gift one Christmas, yikes!

  38. Thanks for including me, Karianne! Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

  39. Sylvia in Texas :

    I was so excited to find the little white
    houses in Dollar Spot at Target in Plano.
    There were only three left. They now
    reside on shelves in our dining room.
    I found your blog mentioned in a Baylor
    Alumni publication. Our daughter is also
    a Baylor grad. We love your humor and
    writing style. Thanks for brightening our