Christmas cards letter banner

It’s official.

We are spending the weekend Christmas decorating.  We, as in me and the mouse in my pocket.

I’m not going overboard right now.  Just a little here and there.

Mostly because it makes me happy.

Mostly because I’m distracting myself from worrying (even though we are all on the mend).

Mostly because when the sun sets at 5:00 and the Christmas lights are twinkling…

….this corner of a weary world rejoices.


The photographs in this post made me catch my breath.

Sometimes a photograph is just simply art.

And these are.

You can see the rest of her incredible photography here.


Look how cute these printable tags are.

And they are free.

I know, right?

You can download them here.


Love this Christmas table setting.

It’s so simple and elegant.

You can see all the details (and she’s having a giveaway, too) here.


And just in case you thought I forgot about Thanksgiving.

No worries.

Here’s a beautiful centerpiece idea.

Details found here.

And in random news this week:

Chocolate Chip Snickerdoodle Cookies

Love this crate project

Easy wreath idea

Make your own paper flowers with this free printable

Book page garland

30 minute dinner rolls

Creative idea for a builder door

This dining room

Super cute hair ideas with a ribbon

And of course, it wouldn’t be Thistlekeeping without a house tour.  Like this one.

Christmas at night hallway

One more for the road.

Here’s a tour of our house last year at night.

Just in case you were a little weary, too. 🙂

Happy Random Saturday to you.

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  1. Me and the mouse in my pocket are also Christmas decorating this weekend!
    Great minds think alike. 😉

  2. Karianne I’m cleaning and in between auditioning pieces I might use on my mantel-also downsizing and donating. Sjl

  3. Such a great Random Saturday lineup, as always! I feel so bad about teasing you about teenagers — I didn’t realize you were still so weary with worry. I hope you have a wonderful family Saturday, sweet friend, and a little bit of your worry goes away with each garland you drape and each ornament you hang.

  4. Oh goodness Christmas already? Well I’m not far behind you but I normally wait until right after Thanksgiving. Turn that worry into Trust because it’s a much better way to live. Worry keeps us from enjoying those simple blessings that stand before us in the most wonderful light. I agree some images are like art; taking photos of our farm animals and quail is the best. Enjoy a great weekend!

  5. I wasn’t following your blog last year, so clicked to look at your house last year at Christmas… lovely!! Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you do this year 🙂

  6. So many things to enjoy in this week’s Thistlekeeping–but I’m most excited about the 30 minute dinner rolls! Although the builder door upgrades do have a lot of appeal for me …

  7. Christmas is coming….Christmas is coming….CHRISTmas is coming! Thank you, KA, for getting us all in the Christmas spirit!


  8. I am a little weary and worried too. A mixed doctor’s report plus we are going to be away from home for a few months and have none of our own Christmas stuff to decorate….I cried when I saw all the twinkles from your night home tour of 2015. Beautiful! Thank you for always sharing and giving us an added reason to smile…wish I sat with you in the choir loft!! Blessings

  9. Jeanneen Higgins :

    I love your blog, so creative and inspirational at the same time.
    Last year, for Christmas you showed how to make the pom-pom garland, and also where to buy.
    Can you let me know how to and where to find this tutorial.
    Thank you
    Jeanneen Higgins

  10. So many great links as usual. Thanks for always sharing such great finds with us, Karianne!!! Hope your family continues on the mend.

  11. Oh, I remember the lovely home tour from last Christmas. Do you ever just walk around in there an pinch yourself at the lovely home you’ve created? And how lucky you are to share it with that adorable family of yours? Pinch yourself soon….

  12. you just got me all excited…Christmas is coming…boy am i happy!!!!!

  13. Absolutely beautiful! I am ready to decorate and for the first time ever, I am going to do it before Thanksgiving. December is so short – I can enjoy more of CHRISTmas if I decorate before and avoid the stress of cramming everything in in just a few short days.

    The picture of the old chair with linens- reminded me of my grandmother. She didn’t have much- though I would have bought her anything she wanted. She “used up” everything – towels, wash clothes, table clothes- until they were threadbare, literally. One Christmas I bought her a stack of new towels- when I went back the next week she had cut them all in half – she said they would last longer that way. I guess the fear of not having enough does not go away overnight. She was a Methodist minister’s daughter in the early 1900’s who then rebelled and married a Baptist farmer. She never drove a car, she was dependent on when others could take her to the store. In summer, she used an old wringer washing machine she would drag into the kitchen and hook up to the sink, then hang the clothes on the line outside. In winter, she would save dirty clothes until someone could take her to the coin laundry. I would have chosen a different life for her, if I could do that.

    Sorry for the rambling. It is amazing how many memories one picture can bring forth! Thank you for the memories!

  14. Nothing like decorating for Christmas to put a smile on your face and a warm glow in your heart. Love Christmas but I also love Thanksgiving. And don’t forget sharing your worries will make them seem smaller! Sending encouraging thoughts!! Hugs!

  15. Sprinkling a few Christmas decorations
    around my home now makes me happy,
    too! Love, love all things Thistlewood!!

  16. Just caught up on the last couple of posts and just had to tell you that my eyes are a little teary and the contract and wood slices and all things lovely touched my heart and spirit and I just have to say… “I love you KA!”

  17. Just beautiful! Love this post…Thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend. Leticia

  18. Lots of good reads and ideas,thank you. Just made a felts ball garland ,turned out kinda cute and it was easy. I had fun.
    Be Blessed

  19. Always love visiting. I need to start thinking about Christmas but it’s too warm. And still mostly green. It feels like September, not November. Sigh. ANYWAY, I love all your beautiful photos and I enjoyed the look back on last year. Hope the twins are feeling good and healing quickly. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  20. Hope your daughters are doing fine. Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Christmas decorating.

  21. Sleep sweet, my dear weary friend.

  22. Ah, I was thinking (and praying) for and about you all. There’s nothing like fretting and hoping for those you love, the Lord is hearing those petitions and though I’m worn to a bit of a scrap too, all will be well I just know it. Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is watch a movie and take a nap as my long-time mentor Miss Julia always tells me.

  23. Karianne, you always find THE most beautiful things to share! LOVE those beautiful gift tags!!! Thank you so, so much for including my book page garland sweet friend! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  24. GAH…I woke up a little while ago and couldn’t get back to sleep, so here I am in an effort to calm myself somehow…and it’s working, might I add! Those free printable tags are just sooooo adorable and they’ll come in handy, too! I also love that bounteous Thanksgiving centerpiece…it’s just as you said, don’t be afraid to shop the grocery store to bump up your decor…I’m starting to “get it” finally…it takes a while for it to sink in. 🙂 And snickerdoodles…who doesn’t love snickerdoodles…I wish I had the ingredients to make ’em right now, but I’ll be doing some grocery shopping with these in mind very soon. The piece de resistance to this week’s Thistlekeeping is last year’s Christmas Thistlewood house tour…such a beautiful twinkling farmhouse…no wonder you can’t wait to decorate for Christmas! I can hardly wait to see what you do this year…your ideas are always the best…so, imma wait to do mine til you do yours so I can copycat you…hehe!

    Now I’m off to try to get to sleep with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. Lovely images of the farmhouse that twinkled are bound to soothe this stressed mind…thank you so very much, KariAnne! I dearly hope your little ones are doing well and that y’all are having a fun and relaxing weekend!

  25. “This corner of the weary world rejoices.” As a former English teacher, this sentence grabbed my heart! Our world is so very weary of war, racism, hate, etc. You continually show us we can brighten our corner with grace and style.

  26. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to for Christmas! I’m glad to hear all went well and the worry has subsided. Have a gorgeous week!