These Shoes Were Made for Walking

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Β Shoes in New York


These are the shoes that spent the day walking the streets of New York City.

With their gray tweed and their fancy black flowers.

Kicking up their Kentucky heels straight down the sidewalks of Broadway.


Fifth Avenue


They took a ride through Central Park.

And saw The Plaza Hotel.

And shopped on Fifth Avenue.

And made a bus full of seasoned New Yorkers (and one toll-booth operator)…..laugh out loud.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

And then they spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Where those fancy shoes had lunch and then got lost.

Somewhere between the suits of medieval armor and the silver candlestick display.

But that is a story for another day.

That was yesterday.

Today is a new day.


Today they are ready to meet the editor of Country Living.


And those shoes are so excited.

And overwhelmed.

And a little nervous.

Because I hope the editor likes high-heeled shoes with fancy black flowers and bloggers who write about dust bunnies and Captain CrunchΒ and Lee Press-on Nails and bringing an over-cooked roast to garden club.


Bloggers just like me.


Can you even believe it?

Thistlewood Farm is the 2012 Country Living Decorating Blog of the Year.


And my fancy shoes and I are here….in New York City….because of you.

Each and every one of you who voted again and again and again……and cheered and encouraged and supported this blog.

You are wonderful.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


And to my little farmhouse and the twinkling stars in the night sky in Kentucky.

I miss you.

So don’t worry.

I promise.

My fancy shoes and I will be home soon πŸ™‚


PS Β While this Country Living thing is exciting and all….did you know that Thanksgiving is 9 days away? Β So just in case you need a little centerpiece inspiration…..I posted some really fun ideas over at the Lamps Plus blogΒ today! Β Stop by and say hello πŸ™‚

PPS Β For all the winners and details on the contest….click here!



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  1. Congratulations!!!! love the shoes! have a great time in NYC!

  2. “Hey KariAnne”, (Hang on……I’m singing that song,,,,what’s your game now can anybody play… Love that song…….Oh my those SHOES are too cute and perfect for NY…..I’m so happy for you congratulations………..your blog is my fave… your stories, love your home, love YOU !!!!

    All the best dear friend………….

    Kathy πŸ™‚

  3. Of course I can believe it!!! Congratulations! Have fun in NYC! Can’t wait to hear the story about how you made a bus full of tourists laugh!?! ~Sally

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh so happy for you! I want to read about every detail! Were you just so excited and nervous? Were they all so nice and WHAT are they going to feature of yours in the mag!?

  5. Wow! Congratulations Kari! I’ve been wondering when we would find out-you totally deserve it!

  6. Well done. Well deserved. You keep it real, so I’m surprised a glossy magazine would even look at you, but then, again, you are also glossy magazine worthy. Dust bunny sculpture rocks! πŸ™‚

  7. So excited for you. Have a great time πŸ™‚

  8. You so deserve a look by Country Living – enjoy the ride!

  9. It was shoes, or was it the red lipstick? I am soooooo excited and happy for you. Congrats my friend- I still can call you that , right?

  10. Kimm at Reinvented :

    Congratulations to you! This award is very well deserved, your blog is a joy to read. πŸ™‚

  11. So happy for you!! Can’t wait to hear the bus story…and EVERYTHING else! Have the time of your life and be safe. xo

  12. I’ll be there on Saturday. If you see me buying fake LV at a street kiosk……..shhhhh……just keep on walking! πŸ™‚ Congratulations KariAnne. CL knows a good thing when it see it. You are the BEST! xoxo

  13. Congratulations on a well deserved award, Kari!!! I’m so happy and excited for you! I’ll just bet that you took NYC by storm. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  14. Congratulations Karianne!!!! You soooo deserve this award. And to think those shoes even had a story to tell about it all. You’re my kind of girl! Savor every minute of your wonderful success. All us bloggers old and new are behind you every step of the way. Enjoy!

  15. Yay!!! Congatulations KariAnne! Enjoy your time in the city.

  16. Congratulations!
    So happy to read your blog won!
    You so deserved this honor!
    Hope you have a wonderful time in
    all that you do while you’re there.
    Take care and be safe!

  17. Congratulations Karianne! How exciting and well deserved. Thank you for sharing not only your beautiful house in the country, but also your funny, joyful writing that always brings a smile to my face. You brighten my day with your blog and I’m so glad you are being recognized for it!

  18. You are, you always have been and you always will be a winner in my heart. Look out world, KariAnne is here.β™₯

  19. Congratulations and enjoy every minute of it!!

  20. well congratulations congratulations congratulations indeed to you and your blog and your fancy shoes. you definitely earned this award. you have a great blog. glad others noticed!

  21. Congrats to you!!!! So awesome! Enjoy NYC and those shoes;)

  22. YES! Kentucky girls are creative, funny, smart, loyal and people you enjoy spending time with. So proud of you. Can’t wait to hear all the details. Take lots of pictures, we want to see and hear it all! Following from Frankfort, Gloria

  23. CONGRATS my friend!!

  24. Wow!! Congratulations!! Yes it was definitely the shoes.

  25. Well deserved Karianne. Enjoy every moment.

  26. Ahh, the power of a good shoe is amazing. Just ask Dorothy or Cinderella!

    Congratulations on your success, you deserve it!!!

  27. You rock! Congratulations! Have a great time in the Big Apple!

  28. I am so happy for you!
    I found your blog through the Blogtalk group and I love it.
    You are talented, funny, and best of all real. The kind of person we all want as a friend.
    Congrats again, enjoy every minute!

  29. Can you believe it, she asks. OF COURSE! My dear KariAnne, you have the most inspiring blog in many more ways than simply your design skills. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you share it with us every time you create a post. We love you for it. Your beautiful blog is a shining beacon and it’s no wonder you were chosen as blog of the year. You deserve every award and accolade. Thank god you can’t cook, it’s the only thing that keeps me going!



    Congrats hon, so happy to hear the news.


  30. congrats! i was wondering when you would be allowed to tell us.

  31. Congratulations, Karianne! I LOVE your shoes. I’m guessing they are comfortable as well as pretty for all that walking.

  32. Karianne!!! I am so happy for you, and of course I am not surprised. Your blog is amazing, and funny, and gorgeous, so makes sense to me. ENJOY!!!

  33. Not surprised in the least. And thank you, thank you, thank you! Please don’t get so famous you leave us!!

  34. Congrats! Have fun! Just don’t wander off too far….I think the mix of nervous….and excited might cause my head to blow off! lol Glad you seem to be a bit calmer than I. Awesome job! ~Tammy

  35. I believe there aren’t any other bloggers just like you–which is why you’ve got a need for pretty city shoes. πŸ™‚ Many congratulations!

  36. Hey congrats lady:) I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  37. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!!!! How exciting Karianne! How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations lady! You deserve it. πŸ™‚

  38. By far you are the cutest blogger in NYC – enjoy your special day – you earned it! We miss you and love you!

  39. Yay! I knew you would win – you just have that kind of style! And love those shoes!!

  40. Congratulations! So happy for you!! May you and your fancy shoes have a wonderful time!!! πŸ˜‰

  41. Congratulations!!!!!! I knew your blog would be chosen~ it is absolutely inspiring!! So excited for you~have a most amazing time!! Whoo Whoo!!! πŸ˜€

  42. Congratulations Karianne, You deserve an award! I love your witty blog posts more than you know. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  43. Well deserved! =)

  44. Of course we can believe it! Your blog, your home, and YOU are so wonderful and inspiring. Well deserved, KariAnne, well deserved. Now, go enjoy that NYC trip! I’ve never been, but will go one day =)

  45. That is so incredibly awesome Karianne! All you hard work on you home has paid off in full!

  46. Congratulations Karianne!! So very proud of you!

  47. A HUGE congratulations to you!!!!! hugs…

  48. You earned it..Congratulations…Love your blog

  49. So happy for you KariAnne! Big hugs and a huge high five! Congratulations!!!!

  50. Those shoes are darling and I hope your feet aren’t too sore to enjoy your fabulous day ahead. I hope you are primped and pampered and treated like the rock star you are!



  51. Congrats Karianne! Way to make Kentucky proud. You and your fancy shoes deserve it. Live it up and we can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

  52. WOW!!! Congrats that is fantastic so happy for you. I am glad you finally were able to tell us.


  53. Congratulations! What a wonderful honor!

    As a native New Yorker I can tell you yours shoes fit in just fine! πŸ˜‰ I hope you are enjoying your stay in the city.

  54. Oh my gosh! Karianne, congratulations!!

    Have a wonderful time!!

    πŸ™‚ Elena

  55. The shoes are perfect! Congratulations! I know you have your red lipstick on too! This is so exciting!!!!! Have a great time!

  56. Congratulations on all your success. You deserve it!!! Have fun in New York, buy some cool stuff!


    I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on your AMAZING blog that you would be famous. Every single post is like opening the pages of Country Living. Your style is beautiful and your home is gorgeous and your giggles are infectious. I’m SO proud of you, and so glad to be able to call you a friend! Love you Kari!

  58. Oh yeah baby! Good for you, you deserve it! Are you meeting with Heather Bullard? If you are, you will love her!!! Can’t wait to hear about every detail! Melaine

  59. I’m so extremely proud of you and excited for your accomplishments! You deserve this babe!!

  60. How exciting!!! I hope you took pictures in the Museum of Art, that is the setting of our Mother Daughter Book club this month! Can’t wait to hear all of the details!

  61. OH congratulations! I knew you could do it!! I am so extremely excited for you!! Woo hoo!! Have a truly wonderful time in NYC! Take in a show, eat lots of NY style pizza… (mmm I’m drooling just thinking about it!) Once again congratulations! It is an indication of all the hard work and love you put into your blog!

  62. Poor NYC wlll never be the same since they got a taste of you!

    Of course you won – you and your home are amazing! So happy for you and sad that we couldn’t toast over dinner! Here’s a virtual toast – CHEERS!!


  63. Congrats!! You are an inspiration to all of us, from dust bunnies to state pumpkins!! Enjoy every minute, it is well deserved!!

  64. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I am SO excited for you, KariAnne! You are very deserving of the award, and I’m thrilled that Country Living recognizes the special gift you are to all of us. Enjoy NYC!


    P.S. I love your shoes!

  65. You go, girl! Take the Big Apple by storm, showing ’em what a Southern gal can do. No worries, they will love you as much as we all do! Hurry home!

  66. You, my friend, are the real Rock Star!!! No one deserves this more. I can happily renew my subscription now. I am just beyond happy for you.
    Please, tell us what Mr. Freshy thinks.

  67. Congratulations on your win – you so deserved it!!! I hope you have a fantabulous lunch today with the Country Living crew, and the other winners!

  68. Adorable shoes! (but I hope you brought some really comfy sneakers, too) NYC is magical – enjoy every second….and CONGRATULATIONS!! You totally deserve it!! Much love –

  69. Shut my mouth!!!!! There is no stopping you. I’m worried you won’t remember me with all the new adoring fans you will aquire. When all those ladies flock around you for your autograph, I’ll be the one standing away from the crowd just taking it all in. I won’t want to crowd you or say something silly.

    CAN’T WAIT to get my copy, it comes right to my mailbox. I read in bed, and I’m so telling Brawn you’re my BFF. He’s the only one I can impress these days.


  70. well deserved. as for voting, you are welcome! just like I welcome you into my dining room each morning where I read you with my morning cup, and I welcome you into my heart! kari- if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. new song to add to family playlist!

  71. If I were not sitting in my office in a LIBRARY, of all places, I would be squealing like CRAZY!!!! This is so exciting! They will love your shoes, and most of all, they will love YOU!

    I can not wait to see you in print!!!!!

    OK, officially jumping up and down in my desk chair . . . . . Are you singing “We Are the Champions?” πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful, fantabulous time in NYC!

  72. I TOTALLY believe it. Your blog is fantastic and so are you!! I was thrilled to see that you had won – so well deserved.

    Have THE best time – enjoy every minute, soak up all the excitement.

  73. Congratulations, and have so much fun!!

  74. Congrats congrats congrats and congrats some more!! Such a deserving win! Country Living, you have AWESOME taste. πŸ™‚ WTG K!

  75. This is just SO wonderful, Karianne! I ‘m so happy and proud for you! XO

  76. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited and happy for you that I have tears in my eyes! You are such a sweet, generous soul and your home and blog are both just gorgeous. Kick up your heels in those cute shoes and enjoy every single minute! This is fabulous news! πŸ™‚ ~ Angie

  77. Congrats, sweet friend! So excited for you to get to go to NYC and enjoy all that this award will bring you this year and next. Big huge hugs to you!! You are so deserving.

  78. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Congratulations!

  79. Of course we can all believe it! Because you are awesome! So very glad for you-you totally deserve it.

  80. Super! Congrats!

  81. So happy for you! You are such a talented writer and blogger and you inspire me every time I’m here and make me smile. Congratulations and I’m glad your talents are being recognized! Soak up NY for the rest of us and tell us all the details later…

  82. Oh, My God, Karianne!!!!
    You deserve it!!!!!
    You and your blog are amazing!!!!!
    I have been a bit down in confidence, getting ready for a Fair… and thought of you: will wear BIG earrings Like you did on your talk, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I say THANK YOU!!!!

    Hugs galore!!!

  83. First of all…not only do I believe, there just couldn’t be any other blog in the “blog-o-sphere” that should win this award.Your house is beautiful, that goes without saying, but your blog is charming, funny, touching and the highlight of my blog reading day! Congratulations Karianne.

  84. Congratulations, Karianne! That is just so AWESOME! I can only imagine, from reading your blog, that you kept quite a few people in stitches — you are so doggone witty and clever with your writing. I’m so happy for you!


  85. Tippity-tap tippity-tap, that’s my heart doing a very happy dance for you!!!!! So happy you won – I voted for you everyday because you and your blog transpires, inspires and brings a smile to my heart every time I read it. Congratulations. Patty/BC

  86. Congratulations, KariAnne! I love your blog, and I hope you continue to have a blast in NYC!

  87. Congrats, KariAnne! You’re blog is great, much deserved!

  88. As long as your awesome shoes took you along for the walk but how dare they get you lost…………………lol
    I am happy you won, you deserve to win…………………you have an awesome blog……………..

  89. Whoo hoo Karianne, congratulations ! You make us proud!

  90. Congratulations KariAnne. This acknowledgement is so well deserved. You and your gorgoeus blog are truely loved by all. I hope you are enjoying both New York and the whole Country Living experience.

  91. Cristina@remodelandolacasa :

    Congratulations KariAnne! You totally deserve it! I love your blog, your style, your fun stories!
    I’m so happy for you!

  92. Congrats from the bottom of my heart!

  93. Woo hoo!!! Congrats sweet Kari! Enjoy every second in my favorite place to visit!
    xo Heidi

  94. My friend, I truly can’t think of a more deserving person than someone like you, who is honest, caring, entertaining with a capital E – and TRUE. I love that you are anxious to share your successes, but laugh at your self when you share your un-succeses. πŸ™‚ Congrats, sweet Kari. But I never doubted you would win. xxoo

  95. I’m not surprised in the least that you won. I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to it every day. Hope you’re enjoying your time in The Big Apple! I’m sure they have found out how much fun us Kentucky girls are!

  96. KariAnneβ€”

    It was so nice to meet you and your husband today at the Country Living awards. I’ve added your lovely Thistlewood Farms blog to my RSS feed and look forward to seeing what’s up in the far W. Ky. area in the future. Glad that we could do Kentucky proud in the blogosphere!

    All the best,
    Michelle Turner (

  97. Great big congrats to you! You should have a regular monthly article. I would re-up my subscription just for that! Have a blast!!!!!

  98. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting!!! And I have no doubt that you made a whole bus load of New Yorkers laugh out loud!! You are hilarious my friend!! You should have starting passing out your business cards on the bus & told them that if they wanted some more entertainment that they could check out your blog!! I always leave your place laughing & with a smile on my face! πŸ™‚

  99. I am so happy for you; you so deserve this award!! Can’t wait to see you featured in one of my favorite magazines. Congratulations!!

  100. Congratulations KariAnne, I’m so happy for you! Enjoy yourself. You so deserve the award, you are such a great person and it’s so much fun to read your blog. WELL DONE!!

  101. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting and. I so agree you deserve this award and I am so happy for you.

  102. I got goose bumps as I read about your shoes being in New York City and you meeting the editor of Country Living Magazine!!!

    You really are a rock star!


  103. Congrats, KariAnne! So excited and happy for you! Enjoy NYC!

  104. Whoot! How awesome! I love NY and I love that you are there for such a special occasion!~ COngrats girl

  105. How exciting! I am so happy for you! Have a great time and then tell us all about it!

  106. Yay! Congratulations! This is so exciting and I must say, your cute little shoes story and how you wrote it made me smile πŸ™‚

  107. Congratulations. Those A+ blogs you write are truly rewarded! Enjoy your time in the Big Apple. I think that picture of you by the tree is simply adorable.

  108. Congratulations, Kari! This is awesome news, and so very well deserved! πŸ™‚

  109. Hi Kari Anne –

    When I first landed on your blog, I knew immediately you were going to go far. This award is only the beginning for you – you have great style and your writing and personality are just a pure delight. Congratulations!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the event and your time in NYC.

    My best- Diane

  110. Congratulations!! I have no doubt that you will bless the socks off the folks at Country Living!!! May they in return shower you with blessings and favor and gifts. Seriously a girl needs to go home with some gifts for such an honor. And a well-deserved honor it is!!

  111. So many congratulations to you, Karianne! How wonderful! Please enjoy your trip and know that you inspire us all! πŸ™‚

  112. Congratulations KariAnne!!!! SO deserving, so right, and the shoes are perfect! Enjoy every moment! xoTracy

  113. Congratulations!!! I am so pleased to find you again at your new, uber-fabulous, blog!

  114. Oh Karianne!!! I’m so thrilled for you, girlie!!!!! How exciting!!! Know that it is truly a well-deserved honor and that you are so talented and well-loved!!! β™₯ I hope you’re having a fabulous time in NY! Take it all in and ENJOY!!!

    xoxo laurie

  115. Karianne….
    You will just “WOW” everyone with your big smile and sincere kindness. Cute shoes, too! Bet you got some big ol’ earrings on, too!
    Enjoy it sweet girl! PS They will love your accent!


  116. HUGE Congrats sweet Karianne! May you and your cute tweed shoes with fancy black flowers have the best time, hope they’re as comfy as they are cute! πŸ™‚

  117. ohmygoodness!!!! You are in NYC. Only my fave home town… I grew up in NYC. Queens to be precise.. pretty much near where all the mess happened with hurricane Sandy :-/ I miss the City like you have no idea… I am walking the streets with you in my mind girlfriend!
    Have a blast! Congrats on your win. Well deserved.
    Cheers, Gee

  118. KariAnne, it was wonderful getting to meet you and your fun shoes in New York! Congratulations… what an amazing day it was!

  119. Wooohooo!! Way to go, KariAnne! you deserve it! Have a GREAT day!

  120. Congratulations!

    Looks like you are celebrating in style!!

  121. Congratulations, KariAnne! You deserve every second you get in the spotlight πŸ™‚

  122. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m getting a little caught up in the middle of our one month visitor-athon and read THIS! Love it, I’m sure those shoes are walking in style! Can’t wait to read all about your time there. Congrats again. πŸ™‚

  123. Congratulations, Karianne!


  124. KariAnne….I am so unbelievably happy for you….When I first starting reading your blog way back when, I knew it was special….you were special…someone who could just “hitch your wagon to to star”…so you reached for that star and you have been shining ever since…

    I have been away from my computer for a while….away from home….helping a friend in need…so I am sorry for the “delayed congratulations”!!
    So congratulations my friend…I am so happy that you got to “dance” in those beautiful shoes in New York!!!!…..

  125. Hi Kari,

    Congratulations girl — you have definitely arrived!!! πŸ˜€ What an honor; I’m so pleased for you. Our family went to NYC several years ago to see the Christmas decorations and the Rockettes and a Broadway show. What fun! We had a great time, but I could not live there. Too big and crowded for me.

    I can’t wait to hear about how you got lost in the museum. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  126. Congratulations, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! A very well deserved honor!!

    It doesn’t surprise me that you made a whole bus load of people laugh–I just want to know what you said! πŸ˜‰

    I’m a little behind in my blog reading, as you can tell! I eventually get caught up!!


  127. Yay! I knew from the start, when I started reading your blog (when Thistlewood was just a baby rock star) that it was really goin to take off!! Your clever writing and inspired decorating are always a joy to read! Congratulations to you…a well deserved win!!

  128. Well, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I just heard about this today! Congratulations KariAnne, I’m so thrilled for you!! And it’s so well deserved, your style is amazing!