The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

pumpkin display outdoor

This is the story of the house that photographed itself.

A house so unique.

So creatively built and decorated.

So full of one-of-a kind ideas and beautiful  light fixtures and furniture with a story and hand-painted curtains and chalkboard barn doors and ceilings that take your breathe away….

….that I really had almost nothing to do with these pictures.

I simply put the camera on a tri-pod and clicked.

The house did all the rest.

dining room Nashville House

The story behind this tour actually starts way before this house.

It all began last year.

Last holiday season, I was invited to be involved with a charity event supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation where I decorated a Christmas tree in a decorator’s show house in Nashville.

hutch dining room Nashville house

pumpkin dining room place setting

It was there that I met Kara and Lauren, two amazing designers from ReFresh Home.

The home that they designed was incredible.

We laughed and connected and drank coffee and I remember trying to focus on the conversation, but every few minutes I would stop mid-stream because I discovered something new.

Especially those ceilings.

stenciled ceiling

pattern ceiling

And this year they have another house.

And new ceilings.

Ceilings that are twenty feet in the air and hand-painted.

Ceilings that will take your breath away.

navy blue study

chandelier ceiling

Like the ceiling in this study.

This beautiful, wonderful, incredible study with its rafters that came directly from a Tennessee barn.


They built the ceiling around these barn rafters.

desk study

cotton picks

This visit was a lot like last time.

There was a lot of giggling and laughing and oohing and ahhhing and drinking water and eating the yummiest chicken sandwiches.

And me unable to complete sentences.


kitchen Nashville house

dining stools

sliding door chalkboard

Like the time I was in the middle of a story and suddenly I saw this barn door.

I couldn’t even.

I simply stopped and stared and asked if I could have a lemon.

living room Nashville House

living room center view Nashville house

living room feather picture

Or this living room with sliding glass doors that open onto a porch.

Or this hand-painted wall hanging with feathers.

Or the mantel covered in the same barn wood from the same barn that the rafters came from.

It all left me speechless.

metal tin with grass spheres

back porch Nashville House

roof back porch

Until I got to this room.

And this ceiling.

All of a sudden…..I stopped being speechless and started talking.

And telling Lauren and Kara how amazing it was and could I follow them on Instagram and where did they find that tin and did it come from the same barn and how did they get to be so incredible and wonderful and amazing and creative and where did all these ideas come from….

….and could I move in.

I had plenty of time for talking.

The house?

Not so much.

It was too busy doing all the photographing. 🙂

bedroom with wood ceiling

PS  This is only the first part of the tour.

Part one.

I know….right?

There were too many pictures and too much talking to fit into one post.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the rooms in the rest of the house.

birch bark wreath

birch bark

And in super exciting news….look what I just found for the shop (insert a full quota of exclamation points)!!!!!

It’s the birch bark wreath!  They’ve been out of stock and finally they came in and I’m dancing and singing and my house is saying thank you.

It’s a little fancier version of my original wreath…but I think I like this one even better.  The colors and variations make it so pretty.  I photographed it three different places in my house yesterday and it made every space even prettier.

The wreath is listed for sale in the shop here.

We are buying everyone that they have, but the quantities are limited, so if you want one….make sure you get them before they turn into pumpkins.

And don’t forget to use the discount code thistlewood for another 20% off, too.

Happy shopping. 🙂

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  1. Barn door in the kitchen? Done. My life is complete. 😉

  2. What a drop dead gorgeous house. The ceilings…you are right. I wouldn’t want to leave that space-like forever. The light fixtures are all so perfect. They go together but don’t match. I’m a little obsessed with chandeliers right now. I’m working on a candleleir I’m creating out of wire for my master bath re-do. I need to study this post. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. What a gorgeous home! Every light fixture is more beautiful than the last and the ceilings are amazing too.

  4. Oh my, what a beautiful home and you are so sweet to share it with us. Thank you…Rebecca

  5. holy cow….my brain’s stuttering and i wasn’t even there. i had to close my mouth and wipe the drool off my chin. A-mazing…utterly. what fun you must have had…i can feel your incredulity clear over to where i live in the northwest. fabulously creative designers.

  6. I want to move in! This is probably the best tour I’ve ever seen. Loved every beautiful photo and vignette!

  7. gorgeous!

  8. I am totally inspired by that barn door’s artwork! Stealing that idea for sure.
    I got a chandleleir at a yard sale for a $1.00. Sprayed it black and cleaned the crystals and then added crystals that I bought for $10 at a fantastic old home supply place here in Kennebunk, Maine. I love to find treasures and make them mine.
    My new obssession is decorating doors.

  9. Very Gorgeous, You would have to a couple of good cleaning ladies to get through the whole house. ha ha. I am tired just looking at the pictures you showed.

  10. Wow…my pinning finger is tired lol. The house is amazing…oh the ceilings.
    And the chalkboard pantry door…well…hand me one of those lemons, too. Thanks for sharing, Karianne…and I can’t wait for more! Hope you have a lovely day!

  11. Speechless and in total awe! Your photography showcased everything perfectly. Hopefully, we get to see the outside too! Loving the birch wreath addition…will be checking it out

  12. I have no words. That is a beautiful home. And I mean home – it feels homey even though it’s spacious. Love the birch wreath!! Can’t wait to see the rest of this beauty!

  13. You are killing me with this home, lady!!! I could move right in and not do a single thing. And those light fixtures??? I just can’t.

    And the wreath is now on it’s way to my house. And I know just where it’s going to live.


  14. Gorgeous home! Love that herringbone wood over the fireplace…be still my heart! 😉

  15. Good Morning Karianne,
    Just loved this post. I grew up next door to my maternal Grandmother and her house had a tin roof, but on the outside not the inside. Now I ask you, how great is that idea, to look at that everyday, Amazing!!! These girls have the same imagination for putting things together as You do my Friend!!! They have nothing on You.
    I ordered the wreath and have the perfect spot to put it when I move to my “Renovated House on the Pond” next month. I will be sending you pictures. Maybe you can give me some decorating pointers and ideas as well.
    Have a Beautiful Day.
    NC Coast

  16. What a gorgeous home! Is it open for tours? If so , where and when. I’d love to see it!

  17. Drop Dead Gorgeous. I could see why you were speechless????? Felt like I died and went to heaven. Your pictures say it all: so excited about the wreath, never finished reading and ordered it pronto…..should have read further as I forgot the discount code.
    Keep the posts coming!

  18. Wowzer! What a stunningly beautiful home. I love every single detail and like you would move in in a second. Actually, maybe we could be roommates and have tea out by the fireplace. Thanks for sharing this amazing home. You started my week off with awe and amazement.

  19. Every ceiling, every detail (pipes as curtain hangers? Oh Yeah!) is exquisite. Thanks for the tour, Karianne. Can’t wait for Tour 2.

  20. What a gorgeous home!!! Love the bar stools!! I’m getting ideas now. I’m in trouble!!


  21. WOW….What an amazingly gorgeous home! I love every single detail.

  22. Oh my!! It’s stunning. Those ceilings would make people hurt their knees running into things. I’d never look down!

  23. GORGEOUS Home!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Oh…my….GOSH!!!!! Perfect in every way and your pics are terrific! Bet you felt a bit like a whirling dervish, twirling around, looking everywhere, high and low! Can just imagine you there, now! Maybe a tutorial on how to make those seat covers? (Could imagine potential of having several – maybe for a valance and/or draperies also and rotating by season/holiday.) TKS for taking us on the journey with you; and am anxiously awaiting Part II!

    PS – Re your PF collection – You go, girl! Checked out birch bark wreath – but, couldn’t find dimensions. (Need to hang mine between door and storm door.) Could you pls. provide? TKS

  25. Hokay!! I have to hurry up and say this because I have the concentration of a flea. Oh gosh — that birch wreath has my name written on it!!!! I’m not at “home” and I’ve just got to have it — it’s got my name written on it — did I tell you that?? If I order and pay for it can you wait to send?? You see, it’s got my name written all over it and I have to have it. I saw it on Instagram and I knew it was mine. You see, it had my name written all over it. Did I say that??? That house is amazing and the decorating — WOW!!! Whew! I am breathless just from trying to take it all in. Forget eating. I don’t think I’d remember what I ate or even if I ate 🙁 And for an Italian that is saying a LOT!! Please let me know about my birch wreath — you know, the one with my name on it. Big Hugs!!!!

  26. These photographs are so gorgeous! Dreaming of the clean and simple rooms and spaces! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing!


  27. Oh wow, I love this! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!!

  28. Stopping…..staring…..”Can I have a lemon?”
    Speechless as well! Love, love, love it ALL!!!

  29. Move me in here asap!

  30. Love this home. Love the soft many many neutrals that are every where with touch es of drama and cold. SO glad you were there while “she” was doing selfies. Linda

  31. Bloody great I do like the house

  32. Divine!!

  33. KariAnne I will move in with you! Can’t wait to see the rest of our home! Haha

  34. This home is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it! x

  35. Linda Southworth :

    What a gorgeous home and thanks to your excellent photography we all get to ooh/aaaah! I have to admit I was sidetracked by the birchwood wreath…oh I did let out an oooh or two and then I saw they were for sale AND THEN I saw a 20% discount…..ahhhh. I have one with my name on it on the way!

  36. Holy Wow! Karianne, What an amazing home. Oh, how I love that chalkboard barn door with the chalk drawings. That is so clever.

    Every room is lovely. I really like this style of decor too. Beautiful and still comfortable looking. Magazine gorgeous but I could also imagine people actually living in these rooms.

    I saw this yesterday on my phone while I was out and I’m so glad I popped over to see the photos in full screen on my computer. The pictures are stunning.

    Gotta say, that ceiling stencil deserves a post of its own too. What a project that must have been.

    Thanks for the super tour!

  37. Great house! I love it when items…wood, tin, lighting, etc. can be reused. It makes a solid connection to the past. It takes the edge off of something newly built and contemporary looking. Gives it that comfortable lived in vibe. Thanks for Sharing. I would love to tag along on one of your Nashville trips. Ha! Love that town…and countryside. Sheila

  38. Are you KIDDING ME… with those tin ceilings???????? I almost fell off my chair!! Incredible….The whole house is WOWOW…. floors… mantle… ceilings… OMG…. I need to be your personal “Go-fer”!!!! 🙂 …. can’t wait for part 2 !!

  39. Maggie ( magsjag) instagram :

    It never ceases to amaze me with all the talent in this world.. The design of the house interior design, and landscape with outdoor fireplace is stunning. You were a lucky girl to get a tour..

  40. So gorgeous! You weren’t kidding! That’s amazing, Karianne! LOVE it – what a treat!

  41. This house is a home run! It is just gorgeous! I’m going to look at all of the pictures again!

  42. Michele Riggsbee :

    This was wonderful, Karianne! I love your cheerful descriptions of this amazing home! Also, I ordered one of the birch wreaths! I have a birch theme in my living room and am THRILLED with this wreath! It’s just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day!

  43. What a beauty! Love that bedroom too…and the kitchen, and living room…wow, perfect! Looking forward to part 2!

  44. Wow! Thank you for sharing this beautiful home! Perfection!

  45. I’m speechless and drooling a little bit. Wow. Just wow!

  46. Beautiful house and photos! I love the mirror over the headboard in the bedroom photo. Any idea where the owner purchased it?

  47. You are so right…those ceilings just take your breath away…..phenomenal photos Kari….outstanding home…love that wreath!

  48. DaTanya Bastian :

    The woodwork and Craftsmanship are that of my father and brother, Mark and Eric Dodson. They’re absolutely great at what they do and they love creating works of pure creativity. They won Best Craftsmanship in the Nashville Parade of Homes. They loved working with the designers and bringing to life their vision. Just talked to my dad today and the home has already sold!