The Superhero of DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorials

The Superhero of DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorials

fabric pumpkins

To the untrained eye this simply looks like a post about fabric pumpkins.

But it’s not.

It’s a post about finding a solution to an obvious problem.

It’s about facing pumpkin adversity and coming out the victor.

It’s about trying, failing, getting up, dusting yourself and your pumpkin off….

….and getting back into the game.

Can you tell I’ve been watching a little football lately?

fabric pumpkin how to

I wanted to make a fabric pumpkins with some of the fabrics from my new fabric line.


Just between us…..can I tell you how much I loved typing the end of that sentence? 🙂


To begin my pumpkin making journey, I researched tutorial after tutorial on Pinterest.

I tried gluing and half-sewing and gathering and adding twine and jute and pulling and twisting….

….and all I ended up with was kind of a lumpy, bumpy mess that looked like a pumpkin’s distant relative who showed up to pumpkin family reunions with a combover.

The challenge?

When you stuffed the pumpkins and tried to close them, you could never get them tight enough to form the pumpkin shape.  It didn’t gather right and stay together and everything just ended up looking messy.

But it’s always darkest before the dawn.

And so it was that as I stood in the middle of the gatehouse, surrounded by scraps of fabric and thread and glue and general pumpkin melee….

…I had a light bulb moment.

That of course I had to share with you.

Drumroll, please.

Here’s the superhero of DIY fabric pumpkin tutorials.

fabric pumpkin diy

DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial





florist wire

trace plate

Step 1:  Trace a circle

I used an over-sized plate, flipped it over and traced a circle on the fabric.

I used a pencil to lightly trace the circle.

You can use different plates for different sized pumpkins.

circle cut out

2.  Trim stray threads

Flip over your circle and trim away any spare threads.

stitch hem

Step 3:  Stitch a hem

Do NOT stress about this step.

I have officially proven that your hem can be messy and your pumpkin can be perfect.

Simply fold over the edge of your circle about an inch and stitch.

insert wire

Step 4:  Insert wire

Here’s the lightbulb moment.

Here’s the step that made it all happen.

Simply insert the wire into the hem and thread it through. thread wire and twist

Step 5:  Twist to form base of pumpkin

Thread the wire all the way through the hem and twist ends together.

Make sure fabric is evenly gathered on wire.


Step 6:  Stuff

Stuff the pumpkin with fiberfill.


Step 7:  Twist the pumpkin closed

Twist the wire as tightly as possible to close the pumpkin.

Then curl the ends.

stitch leaves

Step 8:  Cut out leaves

In a contrasting fabric, cut out the leaves and top stitch a pattern.

pumpkin tutorial

Step 9:  Glue leaves and stem

Glue the leaves and the stem to the center of the pumpkin.


Here’s my solution.

Here’s my fabric pumpkin.

Here’s my superhero.

Able to leap hay bales in a single bound.

PS  Have an amazing day.

PPS  You will never guess where I am and what I am doing today.

But it’s a dream come true.

Details to come soon. 🙂

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  1. Wonderful ideas! Where did you get the metal leaves that the pumpkins are sitting on?

  2. Hey sweet friend….
    Loved the story of the “superhero pumpkin tutorial”, especially your reference to “pumpkin adversity”!! I love how your pumpkins turned out, especially the “curly” wire stem…too cute! And with your new fabric…. I found a great tutorial over on the blog Confessions of a Plate Addict – one for sew, one for no sew, one for burlap and one for sweater pumpkins – and made some of them and they turned out great, too!
    Can’t wait to hear about your adventure today….happy weekend!

  3. You did a great job. I love the fabric. I will have to get me some. Finally getting some cooler weather here in Georgia so I am finally feeling like fall just might show up.

  4. Rowena Philbeck :

    Thanks for the tutorial. I never thought of using wire. Thats a great idea and it also makes the curly cute at the end. You can use different colors too. Thanks for the instructions and your fabric is really pretty too.

  5. Angela Mathias :

    I love how simple yet adorable this is! Thanks!!!

  6. You’re a pumpkin tutorial ROCKSTAR!! : )

  7. I’ve been saving the stems after I bake squash for a perfect project like this

  8. These are adorable! What a great tutorial…and I LOVE your fabric. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.


  9. What a great way to create pumpkins with your beautiful fabric….loved them!♥

  10. Wow — those really are adorable. But, ummm, why couldn’t you have used a styrofoam ball?? Kinda slice off a little bit of the bottom so it is flat, then do the same with the wire and fabric. You could even poke sticks or whatnots in the foam ball. You could even glue a little flat curtain weight on the bottom so it stays upright and doesn’t roll around. And I do love your fabric line. I can’t wait to start ordering. How about having a page somewhere ( I’m not the rock star here who can think of all the amazing things) where we can post what we’ve made using your fabric?? That would really be neat. Big hugs to you and have a great football weekend. Don’t forget to root for the Colts!! 🙂

  11. My cousin said a friend stopped by and showed her how to make a pumpkin out of a toilet paper roll. Simply take the circle of fabric, pull up around roll and gather it prettily and stuff into top of paper tube. Use a paper bag to scrunch up to make the stem and place in tube. I haven’t seen this yet and it probably is on pinterest but sounds easy enough. It sure would make it easy to store for next year as you can just undo it all and start with a fresh roll next year!
    Love yours pumpkins (and the new fabric line) Kari and I just love your light bulb moments.

  12. I’m so excited for you! New fabric line, pumpkin adversity overcome, and a dream coming true… You are a rock star!!

  13. Hmmm…where are you? Shopping for more amazing products? 🙂

  14. Wow congratulations on your new fabric line! I wish you all the best, Silvana

  15. Cutie patootie pumpkins, I love how easy you make it look. AND I love a dream coming true. Happy day!

  16. Congratulations on your new fabric line. Where can we buy it? Your pumpkins are so cute!!! Thanks for the superhero advice. I gotta try these.

  17. I am going to actually do this! And, can I just say that it MAKES MY DAY when Karianne, the rockstar, sends me an e-mail! Love your blog. I feel like we’re family…

  18. You are a pumpkin PRINCESS!!!! 🙂

    Now I just need to quit my job so I have time to do all the DIY and craft projects I’m dying to do!!

    Have a happy weekend….smooches!

  19. absolutely stunning and sooooo chic!!! the combination of the elegant fabric, rustic wood, and playful swirls is ingenious !! I almost always go through a darkest moment in every diy, they are always fun when looking back ! 🙂

  20. The Great Pumpkin!!!

  21. Thanks for the tip on pumpkins…..made with your gorgeous fabric. However………if you are with Joanna Gaines……I will die ………..or wherever, hope your having fun.

  22. You my friend are an internet “superstar” I think this may the best idea since chalk paint. Have a great weekend and look forward to hearing all about what you did today.

  23. Too funny, but helpful as well. I think I have read and Pinned a dozen fabric pumpkin tutorials and I’ve made a number, but I agree about hemming the fabric. It is just impossible to get the opening small enough and tidy enough that I can cover it with a stem (I use real stems that I foraged at a pumpkin farm a couple of autumns back). I have been compensating by decorating the area around the stem with trims, vintage buttons and shoe buckles, feathers, you name it. They are beautiful but over the top, which suits me and my decorating style but isn’t for the faint of heart or the readers of Real Simple. I stuffed mine with plastic grocery bags, but they are easily mashed. I think I’d like to try the plastic pellets because I like that ploppy look. The wire idea is very clever and I might try it. I’ve been using the spirals out of old steno notebooks for vines, but this kills two birds with one stone. Your fabrics are very lovely and trendy and thanks for sharing your creativity.

  24. Shame on you, plunking me on the edge of my seat and leaving me there! I hope by “soon”, you mean “NOW”…this is soooooooo unfair…I can hardly stand the anticipation! I can’t even imagine what it could be…I mean, you have your own store and your own fabric line…what could be just as exciting as those things???

    Your pumpkins are adorable…those fabrics are yummy and I just love the addition of the little curly wire vines, too! Thank goodness you lived through pumpkin-making adversity long enough to tell the tale! Your very helpful wire tip is duly noted…as is your tip about not needing a perfect hem…hallelujah for that! 🙂

  25. KariAnne, congratulations on your beautiful fabric line!!! LOVE the soft greys and fun geometric patterns. Great idea about using a thin wire! Brilliant, just like your fabric. Going to check the rest of it out, right now!
    Happy Weekend! xo

  26. Adorable:) And so happy for you and your new fabric line!!! How awesome is that?! Great pumpkin tutorial:)

  27. The fabric is so YOU, love it…gonna see if we can use this idea at our daycare. Last week we made pumpkins out of cat food cans. Anxiously awaiting your exciting news 🙂

  28. My guess is that you were at the Allume conference where you met your biggest fans ever! Yes?
    Last night I read this article – out loud – to some fellow bloggers and they loved your style. I’m sure you have some new followers on board. Thank you for being so authentically you!
    Love & hugs,
    P.S. I’ll be contacting you in a few weeks regarding your consulting service 🙂

  29. Why didn’t I think of that?!!! Looks so easy and so darling. They’d be so cute scattered all over my Thanksgiving table. Thanks for the great idea. I love your emails!!!!

  30. This is so unique! Great tutorial. I like the fabric and the idea with the wire. Thank you for sharing!

  31. What a great tutorial! I totally know what you mean about the lumpy pumpkin look. I found you from Pint Sized Baker Two Cup Tuesday.

  32. Ah ha…wire! Neat idea. Your fabrics are super cute too. Thanks for joining the holiday decorating party! We have had lots of holiday visitors too!

  33. I know what you’re up to ‘cuz I saw you, but don’t worry, I’ll let you tell. So fun to meet you!

  34. Elegant and simply…. love it!

  35. Loved this tute. Completed it. They are adorable.