The Song That Hope Wrote

The Song That Hope Wrote


This week we spent the evening listening to a choir performance by one of the twins.

It was a Quad-State choral festival about an hour away from us that started at 6:30 at night.

And just between us, to get there by the time it started required an effort of almost herculean proportions.


I had to corral everyone from their various after-school activities and make sure they were dressed in something other than an under armour sweatshirt and jeans and produce food for the journey and wait for my husband to get off of work and listen to 101 excuses as to why a sister or brother really shouldn’t have to sit through a choir concert their sister was singing at.

And by the time 6:30 rolled around I was not in a choir-listening mood.

Instead, I was exhausted.

spring-decorations-thistlewood-flowers happy day

I shepherded everyone into the auditorium and slowly sank down into my seat with resignation.

My daughter spotted us from the stage and waved wildly at us.

We waved wildly back.

Some of us a little more wildly than others.

Then the concert began and the notes from stage floated softly across the room.


The concert continued with several songs and then the musicians paused.

A hush fell over the crowd as they explained the meaning behind the next song.  The song was entitled “Inscription of Hope” by Z. Randall Stroope and it was based on words found scrawled on a cellar wall by Jews hiding from the Nazis in Cologne, Germany during the second World War.

The notes began, then children’s voices filled the air and I sat in stunned silence as the words with their powerful message rang out across the concert hall.

“I believe in the sun 

even when it is not shining

And I believe in love

even when there’s no one there

And I believe in God 

even when he is silent

I believe through any trial there is always a way.

But sometimes in this suffering and hopeless despair

My heart cries for shelter

and to know someone’s there

But a voice rises within me saying “hold on my child”

I’ll give you strength 

I’ll give you hope

Just stay a little while

May there someday be sunshine

May there someday be happiness

May there someday be love

May there someday be peace.”

                                                                                                              ~by Z. Randall Stroope


Tears welled up in my eyes.

To have the faith to persevere in the face of overwhelming darkness.

To believe when it seemed there was nothing to believe in.

To have such hope when the future seemed hopeless and full of despair.

It is a lesson for us all.

I watched my daughter singing so earnestly up on the stage and my heart grew wings.

And with the words of the song ringing in my ears, I looked over at my family and reached for my husband’s hand and sent a silent prayer of thanks for the joy that sat beside me in that dark auditorium.

And for the reminder found in every line, every lyric….

….of the song that hope wrote.

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  1. Amen!

  2. Crying again…a contented heart…full of all the right things. You always make me feel as though I am sitting right there in that auditorium with you. Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

  3. What a most amazing and inspirational song/poem….words that we should all live by….words that should come into our minds when we have a pity party or when mundane things go array…What a great way to start off the weekend with those special words of hope and inspiration. Thanks for bringing this to us….Have a great weekend.

  4. WOW, wiping tears – how powerful…thank u.

  5. Karianne, At this time in my life these words are like water on the parched and dry land of my heart, like manna from heaven. Hope. We are promised ……God will make a way when there seems to be no way…..
    Could you possibly share there music with us? In the meantime, these words of someone suffering so long ago, bring light to my soul.
    Blessings to you.

  6. Lanita Anderson :

    What a great story!! I love the lyrics of the song, too – I wasn’t familiar with that, but so beautiful! Thank you for sharing – you made my day! Happy Friday, Friend…..

  7. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words of hope and faith.

  8. Cindy Brown :

    Oh, KeriAnne, Those words were meant for me. My 35 year old daughter (wife and mom to 13 year old daughter) was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week. She will need surgery and it will not be easy to remove. Prayers are being said and I am relying on God to get us all through. I will print off those words as a reminder.

  9. That song of hope and love came
    to you when you needed it most!!
    Life is funny that way!! Love, love!

  10. I really need you to start posting something that reads like “warning, you will need tissues handy before reading this post”.

    Isn’t it amazing how He sends beautiful music to us at the perfect time?


  11. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it today.

  12. Thanks so much Karrianne for sharing this wonderful prayer. It’s just beautiful and renews my faith in humanity.

  13. You did it again! Another Kleenex story. I will print this off to remind me to look forward when things are getting me down.

  14. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  15. wow,such a wonderful post! You have such a way of bringing us into your world how great that your family was all there too!

  16. Thank you for sharing this song. It is absolutely beautiful and a great takeaway for a Friday morning, especially if any of us have had a tough or challenging week. It is a nice reminder to be thankful and have faith, regardless of what life throws our way.

    All my best,

  17. This brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing!

  18. So beautiful. Thank you.

  19. Oh my tears and goosebumps. So inspiring sweet girl, keep sharing your heart..


  20. What a powerful post! You are truly an amazing writer, KariAnne – I enjoy your blog so much! By the way, I think you would love the book The Nightingale – I finished it recently and it’s incredible – couldn’t put it down!

  21. Tears….Wow! What a powerful testimony that song brings

    Thank you for sharing.



  22. Mary Crozier :

    What a beautiful way to start a Friday….thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  23. Beautiful! I need to be reminded often of this promise from God, thank you.

  24. A beautiful message…during this lent season, instead of giving something up, I have tried to spend a little quiet time each day to remember my blessings, to remember those less fortunate, to be patient with my own needs, and be more grateful for all I have which is more than I ever deserved.

  25. Isn’t it funny when you don’t want to be somewhere because you are tired, or you just want your own space somewhere.
    Then you do what needs to be done, and what a glorious amazing moment you received.
    This always happens to me.

    So happy you had this experience, and thank you for being so honest about your feelings.
    Have a wonderful weekend, something tells me you will.
    Much love,

  26. How very powerful is “hope” … Amazing true story… causes me to re-think my “LITTLE” trials and tribulations….. thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!!

  27. Brought me to tears! Beautiful!

  28. Paige Conner :

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing❤️

  29. Michelle Rudis :

    I’m overwhelmed…how absolutely beautiful and profound. Loved this, Karianne.

  30. Love. Hope. Thank you. Amen.

  31. Karianne, I completely relate to the struggle to get all the real life comments attended to and then totally being smacked up side the head with a heart and reason for gratitude.Awesome story! Awesome reminder.Awesome moment.

  32. Lovely and Honest and Perfect. Thank you.

  33. I recommend listening on you-tube to a choir performing that selection for the full effect. Thank you for making your daughter’s choir concert a priority. You not only blessed her but also blessed your other children by making their world a little larger, in spite of the rushing!

  34. Lovely post. Your way of seeing and writing is special and I enjoy your stories very much.

  35. What a way to start the weekend. He is there, He is with us, He will prevail. Can’t ask for anything more.

  36. Well, this is a little embarrassing but I’m sitting here at Starbucks wiping tears from my eyes. Hubby is fishing and I’m working but whenever I see your post I have to stop all else. I’m so glad I did. I wish you could have recorded it so we could hear it. Then I could bawl even more. Makes me realize even more what serious times we are in and our decisions today don’t influence just us — but the world. I’m praying we all turn to God for guidance. Hugs and have a wonderful weekend.

  37. Beautiful post, Karianne. Thank you. Even though my freshly-applied mascara is now on my chin.

  38. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of how amazing our lives truly are. Even with the ups and downs of daily life and knowing we all face our own trials and tribulations, it is a blessing to live in a place where we can be free. Free to love, worship and express ourselves creatively. Happy Friday!

  39. Karianne – Beautiful and touching words, would love to have heard it. Also, want to say you are a smart Momma. My husband and I also decided early on that we would all support each other in their activities. so if one had a band performance, we were all there, if there was a play, we were all there, etc. Now, I have seven grandchildren, my children are grown and I see not only them repeating this same idea with their families; they also when at all possible are an active part of their nieces and nephews’ lives, not to mention the siblings! The benefits are far-reaching.

  40. Thank you so much Karianne for sharing this song today… was new to me but I found a version on it on YouTube with the words and reposted in on my FB page. What a beautiful message of HOPE….something our world is in desperate need of. Bless your day!

  41. Kathleen Elder :

    Absolutely lovely.
    This was so touching and well written.
    Just, lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thank you for sharing – beautiful reminder that He is in control.

  43. Awesome words in that song! I can only imagine it being sung by young people. Thanks so much for sharing the words and to know where they were chosen from.

  44. chills

  45. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  46. Beautiful. And just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing.

  47. jennifer farnes :

    beautiful, my friend. i got goosebumps reading the words and imagining the voices of those children raised in hope. thank you for this.

  48. Absolutely beautiful. The song gave me goosebumps…and tears at the same time.

  49. How beautiful. Karianne…and you being there for your daughter allowed you to share it with all of us, too. Thank you, sweet friend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  50. Life is good!

  51. “Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life”.
    (author unknown)

    I am a musician, singing and performing since I was 8 years old. Music is so powerful and can change your life. These lyrics are amazing and the story behind them is heart-wrenching. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Miz karianne, as beautiful and poignant as those lyrics are, and especially because of the reason for them, what I find really amazing is that music teacher! How wonderful to bring something like this to those kids. And how awesome is it that those kids gave it the reverence it deserved, and to pay homage to someone from so long ago, in a land where evil and cruelty reigned down upon God’s Chosen people. I wonder what it was like to witness Hitler as he met his Maker.
    thank you for sharing this today. It really does put one’s life into perspective, doesn’t it?

  53. Oh wow! I got chills reading the lyrics to that song! Just beautiful and heart wrenching all at the same time. Thank you for your beautiful gift of story telling. I love your blog.

  54. You stories/posts give your readers hope too. Thanks for sharing.

  55. I just hit a “love” emoji…

  56. WOW…with tears in my eyes, and a heart full of love, I thank you for you. And thinking of us enough to share such an amazing moment.

  57. Crying…how truly blessed we are. Thanks for sharing this song with us.

  58. I bumped into your blog a couple months ago….and I really love it… today’s post has reached me deep…

  59. Thank you. I’m reading Anne Frank’s diary with my 8th grade classes. I’m going to share that beautiful song and the story behind it with my kids.

  60. Thank you for sharing those absolute stunning words – and hope.

  61. As a former Quad-State participant, it is very worthwhile to attend. Congratulations to your family

  62. Another Kleenex moment……..just hit home. Hope that your kids are around of their parents who support them all the way, even when eyeballs roll. It is nice to read they are so loved and cared for and that you write about and just “do it”.
    I do hope you continue on your blogging journey, and although I may not respond to all, I do read and wait for you posts. I love the topic variations, and yes , those great photos.

  63. Just a touch a Grace given. Thanks for sharing!

  64. a choir teacher :

    I know the song you shared. It’s so powerful. I’m glad it brought you peace and that you were moved to share that with us readers.

  65. Jerry Stocks :

    So glad you got everyone to the concert. You are an amazing mother. And thanks for sharing the song.

  66. Beautiful.

  67. Ahhh… Your the best! I loved being a young Mom. Now I’m Gonga, and I can’t wait for my Grandsons first concerts. Thank you for sharing!

  68. Thanks for sharing…

  69. Wow. Beautiful post KariAnne! Thank you.
    We are keeping our 2 year old granddaughter for a week, so I just now am catching up on emails:)
    I will hug her even tighter after reading this.

  70. I have read that before but never (?) heard it sung. I could almost hear them…these are advanced choir students so the split of their voices are oft times in 8 part harmony to bring out every harmonic note to bring the listener in…to these words…and I feel it.
    God does not ask you to have that faith today but he asked you to have that faith when your twins were born. And you had it.
    God asked you to have that faith when your brother began his journey to birth a child not of their seed but of their heart and you had faith and didn’t that come to pass?
    God asked you to write a blog and keep it ever changing and grow you in faith, creativity and being able to reach people for Him in a way that was not even possible 15 years ago–and you said yes Lord with that kind of faith.
    You’ve known sorrows. Disappointments. Betrayals. Difficulties you must hide yet you turn to your Bible and you have faith in Christ believing. You’ve got faith.
    Our Father Who art in heaven. Hallowed be Thy name. In Kingdom come Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom And the POWER and the glory. Forever. Amen

  71. Debbie Esparza :

    Powerful…my heart wants to cry.

  72. I’ve heard that song sung by a children’s choir as well. It’s beautiful!

  73. Beautiful song, beautifully told story! Can I just tell you that your photos are a feast for the eyes? You get better and better all the time.

  74. Beautiful.

  75. Beautiful story….we need reminders of God’s strength to carry us in trials. Thanks for sharing it.

  76. What a beautiful post, makes my heart so happy. My Daughter was a 4 year All State student and I sat thru many choir performances and heard some beautiful music and tears of joy flooded my soul. We were blessed to have song choices that were so powerful and had great messages such as this one. Cherish each and every moment. I have many, many fond memories of those choir days and her sibling sat thru them all!! She loved Z Randall Stroupe! Blessings to you and thanks for sharing. I’ll take a Kleenex too!!!