The Best PR Executive in America

The Best PR Executive in America

This week we are on vacation.

I have been kayaking and swimming and beaching and shopping and thrifting and sightseeing and simply enjoying the wonder that is my family.

And I am wonderfully, joyously, exhaustedly tired.



So last night, I watched the Olympics, yawned, stretched and announced to my family I was not going to be writing a post for tomorrow.

No post.

Can you believe it?



And I do have things to post.

Wonderful, exciting, creative posts.

But you see…..there’s this family…..and this beach.



But I guess the family was worried.

They were worried that there would not be a post for Thistlewood Farm.

Concerned about me.

Concerned that I was tired.

Concerned that a day might pass without a little blog update.


Because when I woke up this morning…..renewed and refreshed and ready to head to the beach….this post was waiting on the laptop…..

…..waiting to be published today.

A new post.

Written for just for me.

It seems last night my teenage PR executive had been working overtime writing a post for today.



So today’s post is a little different.

Today’s post is brought to you by the sweetest, most incredible, thoughtful son in America.

Girls and Clams

Collecting beach souvenirs is not for the faint of heart.

From collecting driftwood to harvesting clams, you must have an iron will and an eagle eye.

And not be scared of a few hermit crabs.


Today, we took my sisters out to a sand bar for the first time.

My brother and I were intent on gathering dinner in the form of large sea clams.

My sisters, not so much.




Matters got worse when I showed them the sand dollars.


And don’t even get me started on what happened when we asked them to hold the clams.

Eventually, they were rescued by my brother, who brought them a kayak to paddle back in.

In the meantime, we had captured 8 clams, and learned an important lesson.

Sand bars are not for everyone.


So, while there are many things to do at the beach, there is one important thing to remember when choosing your activity:


Never force a cheerleader to hold a giant sea clam.


PS  Dear PR Executive…..I won’t let your sisters read this 🙂


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  1. I love the moral of the story! haha. What a wonderful kiddo. 🙂

  2. Dear Thistlewood Son,
    Good work. Way to go takin’ care of your mama! Love the story, and your sense of humor! =)

  3. Good job, D! Can’t wait to see you next week!

  4. KariAnne,
    Glad you are enjoying your time at the beach — the perfect place for the ultimate DIY project — resting, refreshing and restoring YOU!
    Such a sweet gesture and post by your PR Executive. Let him know the girls that grow up on the shore {at least in NJ} have no problems with clams, crabs, jellyfish, surfing — it’s even been rumored we wrestle sharks for fun. 🙂
    Your Friend,

  5. Thanks Mom! Happy to finally make to blog again – the Q-less post was so long ago 🙂

  6. Enjoy your vacation! Looks like a beautiful destination! Your son did a great job on his co-host post!

  7. Oh how funny! And sweet!

  8. Loved it! Looks beautiful there! Enjoy your family, relax, have fun! We leave the end of next week for our beach vacation and I can’t wait!



  9. Wow…your son is an incredible writer! Girls…well, they can be a real pain 😉

  10. How sweet of him to write that! Love it! Maybe you should have him do a weekly or bi-weekly post. Thistlewood from the PR Executive’s angle!

  11. You know I am smiling thinking of you at the beach. I know part of your heart lives there.

    And, then this sweet post. Love this, KariAnne. I think you need to hold onto your PR Executive.♥

  12. Sweetest, , most thoughtful son in America ~ Your awesome post and kindness are worthy of a gold medal in my book!

  13. What a good boy! (I would totally go clamming with him. But then again, I was never a cheerleader 😉

  14. Aw!! What a good boy!

  15. Give that young man a raise (and a hug). xo

  16. Ahhh… LOVED it! Well done PR Executive. Enjoy your time with your family.


    I laughed out loud Mr. D! And now I’m YOUR biggest fan. Oh, wait, I was already your biggest fan …

    Seriously, I’m so impressed … can I hire you to be my PR exec? And late night when I’m too tired writer? You can have your very own weekly byline over here at Paint ….


    me, aka, your biggest fan, aka, Paint, aka, Miss Linda …

    • I will totally take you up on that! Haha I was inspired by your husband’s posts – I’ve been asking for a byline for a while 🙂

  18. How sweet! hate to break his bubble and tell him not all girls are freaked out by sand bars or hermit crabs even… that is until they keep turning the shell and mr hermit crab climbs out of his shell onto said girl’s lap as she sits between her grandparents while her dad is driving over one of the many bridges joining the florida keys with no room to pull over. however all ends well when said denuded hermit crab is quickly scooped into a container with the vacated shell and numerous other shells to chose from. mr hermit crab gets a new home and the girl learns a lesson… but still picks up hermit crabs every chance she can get in hopes of keeping it as a pet…. she also tries to catch lizards but always seems to end up with just a tail. silly girl!

    and your son is such a sweetheart for thinking of you in your hour of need!

    have a great day! well week, i guess! enjoy the beach and sand and water and the gorgeous sights!!

  19. Precious….absolutely precious!

  20. Ah ha! What a gift for you!

    I had a very rough day yesterday starting with being very upset at my older son (he has been seriously challenging to raise) to the point of crying for a full hour. Then my best friend came over to the house to inform me of the sudden passing of a dear, mutual friend. I was so distraught and so was my daughter over his passing. Then the high school (we just moved to a new place) called with a bunch of stuff I HAD to do, fill out and such that I was consumed for three hours with that stuff. Why am I sharing this??? Because when my hubby came home from work to find me sad in my office working diligently on the paperwork, my daughter came walking in and announced that SHE had fixed dinner for the family. I didn’t even realize that it had gotten so late and that she had been working in the kitchen. You should have seen the spread served family style.

    Some kids are just a gift….your little pr executive and my cooking maven.:)

  21. That is so sweet, and well written! Perhaps I should ask my girls to do a post. On second thought, no one wants to read about how Justin Beiber is just not cool anymore, how Mom is so mean to not let me start shaving (at 8!!!), and how sisters are highly overrated.

  22. Great post! What a good writer! Enjoyed that.

  23. Let me know when he starts his own blog so I can subscribe! 🙂 Enjoy your vacation and get lots of rest!!

  24. Gee Singh Newbanks :

    AAAhhhh.. Thanks KariAnne’s son. Nice looking out!
    Such a sweet post. As a mom of 2 boys I can relate … only I was the girl on the sandbar being told to open my hands and have these ‘weird’ things popped in them amid my screams . Agreed, sandbars are not for everyone.
    Enjoy your family time. Relax and restore… come back energized.
    Cheers, Gee

  25. How sweet.

    Thank you PR Executive for thinking of you mother. You’ll have to post more and let us know how those clams turned out.

    KariAnne enjoy your family time. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures

  26. Ha..What a great son…I don’t know what a day would be if I didn’t have “words” from “Thistlewood” and Karianne.A strange day indeed..Warn us , if that’s ever going to happen so we don’t worry but certainly, you are entitled to a day off…Enjoy your vacation..Looks lovely..

  27. Bravo!!!

  28. Your son is a natural at this whole blog thing! He even writes in a similar style as you! Ha! Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. That beach looks amazing! You’ll have to share what beach it is. Looks like you’re up north.

  29. How sweet and touching. Beautiful post enjoy your vacation.

  30. Love it! What beach are you on? Something wrong with cars on the beach and no dogs! LOL We often take our little poochie to the beach with us. It looks very nice and quiet where you are. We like the less populated areas.

    Have fun!!


  31. You lucky girl having a son who can write such an entertaining post! The pictures are awesome.

  32. I love it. How absolutely sweet!

  33. What fun to see that charm and wit and perfect prose run in the family! Dear Thistlewood Son, if ever you are looking for a new PR job, I’d love to hire you. Do you happen to do dishes and mow lawns, too? 🙂 Thanks for such a fun post. Good luck with your sisters. Have a great vacation.

  34. LOVE!

    thanks for sharing!

  35. So I guess there is such a thing as the Blogger gene! Great job! Momma, enjoy your time!

  36. aww loved the story! What a wonderful son!

  37. Wonderful post – and excellent writer ! A budding journalist ! What a lovely boy he must be…….

  38. Oh, I just loved your “guest poster”! lol He’s a wonderful writer. Enjoy your vacation!

  39. Well, all I can say is that the apple does not fall far from the tree!….Great post!!…..So glad you are having a great time….Now, he can borrow my granddaughter…she is fearless….We just got back from the Outer Banks…..she caught a little crab and wanted to take it home….we convinced her that they need the ocean to survive….So now she wants a hermit crab for her room….!…

    Great post Mr PR guy!!!….loved every word!!….Looking forward to the next one!!

  40. Hahah! Very cute post 🙂 I love walking along the beach and searching for sea treasures, but I’ve always got one eye out for hermit crabs and jelly fish and other things I wouldn’t want to step on. When we were in PEI earlier this summer, I watched one hermit crab literally pull another hermit crab out of his shell and then he grabbed the shell and ran away with it. The naked crab chased him down and somehow managed to get back into his shell. Meanwhile, a smaller crab was watching and a bigger crab came over and acted like the referee. it was bizarre & hilarious! Hermit crabs are nasty little guys!

    Enjoy your family beach vacation!

  41. And this PR exec’s blog is… where? 🙂

  42. too too cute! I would love to get my youngest to write a blog post for me. He is sooooooooo funny! And I am so jealous of the beautiful sand dollars. I think I have found a total of two in all my years of going to the beach! Enjoy family and the beach! xo

  43. Yes, yes, and yes! I agree with all previous posts that this is spectacular! What a wonderful son. Keep him:) I, too, want to know what beach this is? It looks amazing…..

  44. That’s the sweetest post ever, Kari! So glad you and your family are having such a great vacation. The pictures are beautiful. Way to go PR Executive!!

  45. That is a good story, KariAnne–you have an excellent PR executive! The beach looks simply wonderful.

  46. The writer does not fall far from the tree… or something like that! Very fun story. I hung on every word!

  47. Regena Fickes :

    Congratulations! You have someone to fill in whenever you need a break! Great post–a new blogger is born!

  48. With PR like that, no wonder your blog is the pearl in the oyster!

    I think you should hire out his services – the ghost writer for tired bloggers everywhere!

  49. I LOVE IT! Obviously your son has your wit. Great post and I laughed as much as I do at your posts KariAnne.

    You have a wonderful family.


  50. He’s brilliant. And funny. And thoughtful. Just like his momma. 🙂 Love this.
    xo Heidi

  51. So cute – and funny – must run in the family. My 6 yr old girl took phone pics of lamps she liked at Lowes the other day – when I asked her why she took them she said,”I’m going to put them on my blog!”. hilarious!

  52. This is by far the best post in blogland today. Maybe this week. Maybe this year. Perhaps EVER.

    What a kid.

  53. So cute and enjoy your vacay!

  54. Oh Kari—-Your dear son most definitely has his Mom’s writing talent!! WooHoo! Enjoy your vacation….ahhh—the beach…the most relaxing, peaceful, tranquil, yes, yes, & yes! If I listen closely I think I can hear the beach calling my name! 🙂 Blessings!

  55. You’ve been raising that boy right…what a lovely gift he left for you to find! Enjoy your time at the beach!

  56. Oh my gosh! You obviously passed on your writing gene to the PR Exec! What an awesome post! Give that boy guest spot on the blog whenever you need a little break! Very entertaining and well written!

    I hope you enjoy every moment of your vaca with your sweet family! Relax and enjoy! (The blog will still be here when you get back!)


  57. Looks gorgeous! Have a wonderful time! 🙂

  58. Ah ha ha ha ha. Cute post Jr. Thistlewood. I’ll trade you a couple clam and sand dollar loving girls. There are some chickipoos out there who love that sort of stuff….. our cheer leader is the worst (or best depending on how a brother looks at those things).


  59. Hello Thistlewood Family, happy to hear your are having fun at the beach! This was an excellent post and I just love those awesome sanddollars. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  60. you have raised him well!!! great job and so wise to learn such valuable lessons about girls and cheerleaders at such an early age. and i am jealous of your vacation location! have a great time!

  61. I absolutely LOVE your PR person! He is such an awesome young man. His brother and sisters are pretty awesome as well. Hope everyone enjoyed the meal.

  62. 🙂 awesome! what a great son! And I see the great sense of humor and writing style has been passed on!! YaY!!

  63. oh karianne,
    enjoy.enjoy enjoy that beach vacation!
    are you in new england?
    can you see me waving to you?! (since you’re now in closer proximity to where i live)

    love the post, denton…you have great writing skills, keep it up.

  64. What a sweetheart…and so thoughtful. Loved this post! Denton has your incredible knack of making us feel like we’re all along for the fun. Continue to have a wonderful and relaxing time and please thank Denton for his terrific post!

  65. Your post is lovely, but your son’s is stupendous!!! He is obviously a very intelligent young fellow, his grammar is excellent! Wow, Karianne, you’ve done something right. Well, many things I’m sure.
    Have fun with your sweet family, you are blessed.
    Hugs, Cindy

  66. Love it! He definitely has your wit and way with the written word…enjoy your vacation!

  67. What a treat! I enjoyed every word and every picture of this great post. When do we get to hear from the PR Exec again?

    A BIG fan,


  68. You seriously have the most adorable family!! Hope you’re having a great time on vacation 😉

  69. Everyone needs a little R&R, even from blogging. How sweet of them to author a post and have it ready to go! Are you bringing one of those giant clam shells home? I appreciate you stopping by my blog, thanks for visit. Enjoy your beach vacation… soon winter will be here and we’ll ALL be holed up!

  70. Terrific post! You should be proud of your PR Executive!

  71. How sweet! What a great kid you have there. 🙂
    funny story, though.
    Brings to mind this: “I’m not a policeman…I’m a princess!”
    Which my husband says to me on occasion pretending to be me…
    have fun at the beach!

  72. You are truly blessed, what a wonderful Son you have! Enjoy and cherish these moments!

  73. Good job Denton! Sounds like everyone is having fun.

  74. You’ve got quite a sweetie there, and he’s very talented…take after his Mom does he?? 😉

  75. What a nice surprise for you…and he is good!!! I enjoyed it.

  76. How great that your PR Executive stepped in and wrote this post for you……………what a great kid, you know none of my girls would do that for me but they really don’t get the whole blogging thing………..I think if they tried it they would get it…………

  77. That a son would write a blog post for his mother is about the sweetest think I’ve ever heard… really choked me up. Then I read the post and laughed out loud. Kari Anne, your son has your wonderful sense of humor and your knack for words! Lucky boy! Lucky mom!

  78. I visit regularly, but don’t normally comment– this post is fabulous ! As always, gorgeous photography, and your son’s post is GREAT! He has the makings of a writer! He could appear regularly–give mom a break & hone his writing simultaneously. 🙂

  79. Too cute! My 11 year old daughter is my blog designer/ computer expert. She has gone to camp this week and has left me detailed written instructions on how to add pinterest button to my blog. This after she designed the grab button last week. What would we do without them?