Ten Flower Printables For All Your Summer Projects

Ten Flower Printables For All Your Summer Projects


flower printables

You know when you go into a deli and you want a sandwich and you wait patiently in line and then you finally get up to the counter and they ask you what you want.

And you say a sandwich.

A simple sandwich.

And the behind-the-counter person says white or wheat and then heated or not and then comes the meat choices and the cheese choice and the vegetable choices.

Choice after choice after choice after choice.  And you feel overwhelmed and sigh….

….and dream of peanut butter and jelly.

This post is a little like that.

I started off with some simple flower printables and then I decided to make the printables into water color printables and then I started making pillows.

watercolor pillow

Chalk it up to spring fever or all this staying inside because its raining or the fact that I’m so happy to be in a month that starts with May.

Because today we have a plethora of options for printables and projects.

Or a myriad.

Or a multitude.

Or maybe you should just pin this for later. 🙂

I’ve created high resolution files for each of the five flower printables and their watercolor counterparts.  You can just click on the link below to take you to the high res files.  Then you can add your own quote or monogram or scripture to each printable to make it your own.

Or leave it with just the flowers like with the pillow above.  Here’s the DIY on how I made the pillow.

Ready for the printable palooza?

Let’s get started.

flower printable 7

Flower Printable Number One

flower printable three

Watercolor Flower Printable Number One

flower printable 2

Flower Printable Number Two

watercolor flower printable one

Watercolor Flower Printable Number Two

flower printable 5

Flower Printable Number Three

flower printable five

Watercolor Flower Printable Number Three

flower printable 3

Flower Printable Number Four

flower printable two

Watercolor Flower Printable Number Four

flower printable 4

Flower Printable Number Five

flower printable four

Watercolor Printable Number Five

Happy almost summer.

Now go forth and create.

I hope you like your sandwich. 🙂

PS  Here’s a pinnable image for you for later.

Ten Flower Printables

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  1. Miz karianne, I adore those flower prints…..so pretty, so fresh…thanks!

  2. Choice after choice after choice!!
    I choose the watercolors, they are
    absolutely darling!! Thank you!!

  3. The artistic compositions of your printables are lovely KariAnne~

  4. Barbara Moore :

    Thanks, friend! All of them a beautifully photographed. Can’t wait to see them printed out.

  5. Michelle Rudis :

    I love flowers so much I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to flowers. And these watercolor prints are Pin-perfection! Thanks, Karianne!

  6. Eek! I adore these especially the watercolor versions. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the printables. I just love Waterlogue. I would love to give the creator an award — he/she probably already got one but I think it is such a nifty idea. When I grow up and learn all about Photoshop I’ll try the oil painting effect. This is really a tulip sort of day so I especially love the bouquets. Have a wonderful, sun-filled weekend and hopefully the gremlin gods that control Friday 13th will stay far away 🙁

  8. Karianne, these photos and prints are so vivid and gorgeous and full of light that it’s almost hard to tell the difference!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing and wishing you sunshine soon!!!

  9. Simply lovely…thank you Karianne for your generosity in sharing your art pieces.

  10. Good morning KariAnne,
    Oh what pretty pictures you have provided us. I love the Waterlogue ones. My brother introduced me to it last year and I had the best time playing around with it. I even took pictures of my dolls in their dresses and it was spectacular! You are right…(I read your previous post…) these pictures done this way make excellent gifts!!!
    Thanks for the bright and cheerful pick me up to this otherwise dreary day!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Sherry Fisher :

    Thank you Karianne. I just have one question: When do you have time to make pillows???

  12. Thank you!!! I love putting quotes on things, especially pretty things!!:)

  13. I adore these printables…..and certainly can’t pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing these with us. I think my new pillows for the sunroom will be loaded with flower power. Have a great Friday and terrific weekend. XO Susie from The Chelsea Project

  14. You are speaking my color love language!! ABSOLUTELY love these!! I’m inspired, rock star! Enjoy that PB & J with a glass of sweet tea…in the SUNSHINE with those sweet pillows!!

  15. Oh my gosh, Karianne! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you!

  16. So lovely, I love the watercolor choices. Thanks so much. You always inspire me. Hope you have a great weekend.

  17. Thank you, thank you!! Can’t wait to get crafting with these; thanks for sharing!!

  18. Thanks so much. Love all of these. They would look great as you know what.. ha ha.. Hope all is well.

  19. These are adorable. I was just looking at my sofa last night thinking it needed a big dose of spring. The best way to do that? Pillows! Plus, a bonus, my sewing machine is currently working well. I hate to even say this, because I’m a home decor blogger and I shouldn’t really have sewing machine problems, but my 4 year old thinks it’s fun to turn all the knobs and change all the settings. Since I had to finish the One Room Challenge over the weekend I watched a YouTube video that helped me get it all set correctly again (head hanging in shame and embarrassment). I’m ready to sew sew sew!


  20. So, so pretty! I could see these decoupaged onto a wood tray or in large print on a mantlepiece…though your pillows are fun too. Definitely pinned for later!

  21. So lovely and generous!
    Nothing better to brighten a day than beautiful flowers from a friend.

  22. OH! Pure eye candy…love how they look watercolored…thanks for sharing, Karianne!

  23. Oh, I love your pillows…sooooo fresh…soooo pretty…soooooo springy and summery! Thank you for the printables…they are really beautiful…I especially love the watercolour images you created and think they would also make lovely greeting cards! Now I’ll have to plan a party so I can make some springy and summery invitations using your beautiful watercolour images…yep, this sandwich is getting more and more complex as we speak! 😉

  24. Thank you, KariAnne! These are lovely!

  25. KariAnne,
    Brilliant in more ways than one! Such a great and beautiful idea for printable backgrounds… Thanks for doing the hard work and providing so many options. Looking forward to meeting you in Texas at Jemma’s….


  26. I first saw the Waterlogue app on your site when you did the picture of your home. I have coveted that app ever since. (Android user). Anything like it on the horizon for us? Until then I will enjoy the printables you have offered us. Thank you for these.

  27. I love them…thank you!!!

  28. Thank you so much… it is a hard decision to make… yikes.. they are beautiful.

  29. Rosalie McCreary :

    Thank you KariAnne! The flowers are so cheerful! It’s raining here so they are a wonderful pickmeup!! I’m thinking about making a wall hanging with the “Grow Where You Are Planted” saying using one of your water colors for our new apartment. The time for moving in is getting closer!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. Pinned!

    I had loved the house pillow and I love these floral prints; they are so happy and refreshing. 🙂

  31. So pretty and perfect for this time of year, Karianne. What did we ever do before printables? I love them!!

    Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home. 🙂

  32. Good Morning Dear Lady!
    How pretty these are:) I love the muted colors, reminds me of little of Georgia O’ Keeffe!
    Thank you for sharing these at our party too:)

  33. Very pretty printables! Lovely, perfect for spring 🙂

  34. Beautiful printables! I chose this as one of my featured faves from last week’s Thursday Favorite Things. I will be featuring you this week on my Thursday post!


  35. Karianne- you continue to knock it out of the park.
    These prints are beautiful.
    Thank you for being at TOHOT!

  36. Can’t wait to use a few. Thanks for sharing them with us! I’m even inspired to make a few of my own. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight Party. Pinned & shared.

  37. flower boxes