Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover

Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover



This is the duvet cover in the upstairs guest room.

I love duvet covers.

I loved them when I saw one long ago on an episode on HGTV where they featured a duvet cover on a bed and I thought to myself that it was genius and I wondered how you say duvet…..

….and where in the world can I get one?

It was right about the time I discovered sisal rugs.

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Blue and Yellow Farmhouse Bedroom

Blue and Yellow Farmhouse Bedroom


blue and yellow guest bedroom

Have you ever wondered where the name Thistlewood Farm comes from?

I know you will be totally surprised at this….

….but there’s a story. 

Are you rolling your eyes at me right now and nodding?

You knew it….right?

Because around here….it always begins and ends with once upon a time. 🙂Continue reading

Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas



I forgot to tell you…..t’s beauty tip day on the blog.


Now….I do have to preface the whole beauty tip day with the disclaimer that… lipstick aside….I’m not really your beauty tip girl.

I’m your paint color girl.

Or your paint stick table top girl.

Or your bathroom decorating ideas girl.


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Before….Meet After

Before….Meet After



I adore my brother.

I wish you could meet him.

He’s funny and quirky and sweet and smart with eyes that twinkle and he has a way of talking to you that makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room.

And he makes the most amazing tables.

But the best thing about him….is that he was smart enough…..

….to marry my sister-in-law.Continue reading