Decorating Your Home With Yard Sale Finds

Decorating Your Home With Yard Sale Finds


It’s been an incredible week around here.

There are hopes and dreams and plans and laughter spilling out of the farmhouse this week.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Every.  Last.  Detail.

But for today lets talk spring and yard sales and the people whose heart beats a little faster when you see a hand-lettered multi-family yard sale sign.  I’m sure it’s spring home tour sharing day somewhere and today I wanted to take a walk through mine.


Except I wanted to do things a little differently (this is the part where you nod your head and tell me you are not surprised).

If you were to stop by for a tour, I tell you how happy I am that we are friends and I would get you some sweet tea (or water if you preferred) and I would take you through the rooms and give you the yard sale tour.  You know, the one where I tell you where everything came from and how I made it or got it at a yard sale and what I would buy at a yard sale season if I only had $5.00 and that yard sale season is starting again and we should go some Saturday.

Hold on.

Let me get you a glass of tea.

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7 Things I Would Buy At a Yard Sale If I Only Had $5.00

7 Things I Would Buy At a Yard Sale If I Only Had $5.00

farmhouse kitchen organization

Around here if you want something new for your kitchen, you go yard saling.

I googled it to make sure I spelled it correctly and discovered according to the urban dictionary yard saling is slang for when you are skiing and you’re on the slopes and you lose your hat and goggles and skis and poles.  And when you wipe out you shout YARD SALE.


Not exactly.

I’m talking about when you see a sign and it says GIANT FAMILY YARD SALE in all capital letters and you follow the successive directional arrows down winding roads until you turn the last corner to discover a broken down washer, a basket of old t-shirts and a Christmas tree and realize the capital letters might have misrepresented themselves.

It’s yard saling season.

Hope springs eternal.

And if I only had $5.00 to shop, here’s what I would buy.Continue reading

Painted Hutch

Painted Hutch


I bought this hutch at a yard sale for $3.00.


That’s right….$3.00.

Can we pause just a moment and take that in…..and remember what I said about my endless hunt for the perfect yard sale?  A journey filled with Hooter’s t-shirts and broken down appliances and old florists vases.  A journey where you never know what you might find at the next yard sale… a true yard saler never gives up.

Never ever.

Because hope always springs eternal.

Distressed White Furniture


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Yardstick Stool Project

Yardstick Stool Project


If you have read this blog for a while.  You know I adore, you.  Right?Continue reading

Railroad Sign

Railroad Sign

In Kentucky going to a yard sale is always hit or miss.

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I Wish You Would Have Been There

I Wish You Would Have Been There



Yesterday I Twittered my way through 359 miles of vintage silver and milk glass and antique furniture and Christmas decorations and bicycles and junk…..oh….the junk.

And I tweeted all about it because I wanted you to be there with me.

Because I know you would have laughed when we saw that man pushing a dog in the stroller.

And I know we would have sighed when we saw that incredibly overpriced architectural piece that would have been perfect in my bathroom and that I know I should have gotten….but I was way too cheap.  And I really wish you would have been there because I know.

I know.

I just know you would have convinced me to buy it.Continue reading

I’m Stuck On You

I’m Stuck On You


Elmer’s Glue has come a long way.

I remember when I was in first grade, we didn’t really have glue.  We had paste.  The paste came in a tiny little jar with a tiny little spoon.  It was kind of a flat spoon and it was supposed to be used for scraping the paint out of the jar onto the paper.

Some people skipped the paper and just used the spoon to eat the paste.

I remember being fascinated with the paste-eating kids.  There was one in particular who ate it on a regular basis.  All the time.  Every day.  I waited to see what would happen to him.  Would his hair fall out?  Would he turn sticky?  Would he start eating the crayons, next?

The weird this was nothing ever happened.

All that glue and he still knew that the capital of California was Sacramento.


I don’t really recommend paste eating.


Why waste your glue on something like that when you could be using it to crackle your table top.

Remember this table from the turtle-filled-field-fried-chicken-eating photo shoot?

I crackled it with glue.


A crackle finish for only  .97.

And it’s so easy.

Crackle Glue Finish

1.  Paint your base coat the color you want to show through on the crackle. With this table, I didn’t paint it.  I just left it yard-sale white.  You’ve seen yard-sale white before.  It’s on all pieces that were once pristine white and now have faded and aged and look a little forlorn. 

It’s one of my favorite colors in the universe.

2.  Paint the glue on where you want it to crackle.  Hint #1:  use a lot of glue.  I used almost the whole bottle.  The more glue you use the more it will crackle. 

Don’t be shy.

Glump it on. 

(3)  This is not a good picture of the glumped on glue, but trust me. 

It’s there.

And now you wait for the glue to almost dry.  This is an important step.  Hint #2 you want the glue finish to be sticky.  If you let the glue dry all the way it will not crackle and if it doesn’t dry enough it will just be a gluey glump. 

This is one time when tacky is perfect.

(4)  After the glue is tacky, you brush on your top coat.  Hint #3 brush it in one direction.  When you apply the top coat, don’t brush back and forth because this prevents the glue from crackling the paint properly.  Where your glue is more thickly applied, you will have heavy crackling.

Where there is a lighter coat of glue, you will have lighter crackling.

That’s it.

That’s the long and short of glue-crackling.

Wasn’t it so easy?


                 ….I still wonder about that first-grade paste eater.

Where is he? 

What is he doing now? 

Is paste still a delicacy to him?  

I feel like I need to DVR “My Strange Addiction” just in case 🙂

PS  If you want a much better tutorial on different glue crackling effects without any random paste eating stories click here.

PPS  If you want to see a totally one-of-a-kind project using glue click here.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do

Am I the last one to the party?

Am I the last one to know?

And I would still be sitting by the phone waiting, if it weren’t for Shannon and Kelly.

The question here is how?


How have I lived and breathed and taken tables out to turtle-filled fields without knowing about Pic Monkey?

I think Pic Monkey is to photography what the DVR is to television.Continue reading