Number One Tip For Painting a Wood Sign

Number One Tip For Painting a Wood Sign


I have painted dozens of wood signs in my life.

Signs and friends of signs and entire sign families.

Small signs and big signs and grocery signs and signs that have only one powerful amazing word and signs that say I love you.

And in all my sign painting I’ve learned a few things.

Things that make sign painting a breeze.

Especially this tip.

The best tip of all.

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As the Bathroom Renovation Turns

As the Bathroom Renovation Turns


Welcome to the next edition of as the bathroom renovation turns.

Where a humble homeowner and her imagination transform an awkward master bath and an over-sized powder bath into a bathroom poetry.

How do I love you little bathroom…let me count the ways?

Let’s review.

When we last left our master bath….

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A Journey Well-Carved

A Journey Well-Carved


Welcome to handmade Christmas gift edition 2016.

If you are new here and you’ve never celebrated the holidays with us, I need to start with a little explanation.

Our family makes gifts for each other every year.  We started small.  Someone made soap and then someone knitted something and then there was the year someone made trash cans with faces.

And then all that soaping and knitting and trash-can decorating turned into something a little more elaborate.

Like a picture of a thistle composed entirely of words from my blog.

Or a bowl carved from a tree that my father grew from a sapling.

Or a stone doormat created from pebbles collected from every state in the union and stamped with each state’s bird (no one actually did that, but you never know…it might happen next year).

And so it was on Christmas morning 2016….

….I opened this from my brother.

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Christmas burlap sacks

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  If you watched Poldark this week, I know your’re with me.  So disappointed in Poldark.  Seriously.  Like extra seriously.  I believed in him and supported him all through his coal mine venture and when he stood in front of the judges and started hanging out with smugglers.  But this?  It’s the last straw.

2. Heading into the Target Dollar spot in just a few short minutes.  I’m all about discount this Christmas.  I was thinking I might do a series on making inexpensive projects for Christmas just from the Dollar Spot.

3.  I’m all about Christmas this year.  I mean, I’m still friends with Thanksgiving.  But I’m putting my tray down next to Christmases in the lunch room.

4.  I learned a new vocabulary word this week.  I’ll share it with you so we can both be on the cutting edge of vocabularisms.

Here’s the word:  Sick.

Translation:  amazing, awesome, incredible, out-of-this-world.

Not as in I’m feeling sick.  As in that movie was SICK.  

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Over-sized Wood Typography Sign

Over-sized Wood Typography Sign


twins imagination room

I remember the day the twins were born.

I remember words like extremely premature and fetal distress and incubator and monitor and oxygen stats.

I remember watching their ballerina toes dance across the top of the cribs in the NICU.

I remember waiting and worrying and hoping and praying and calling the hospital every night to see if they had gained even the tiniest of grams.

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Ten Minute Decorating Ideas:  Wood Block Fall Banner

Ten Minute Decorating Ideas: Wood Block Fall Banner


diy project wood block fall banner

 Autumn Corrected Banner

Dear 10 minutes,

I am so glad you were well spent yesterday.

All 600 seconds of you.

Because I had a mantle without a banner and fall was in the air.


I was almost (this close) to pulling out the leg warmers from circa 1990 and adding lace to the top and going all Flashdance with my fall decorating.

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Reclaimed Wood Sign

Reclaimed Wood Sign



A long time ago in a land far away…..I sat in math class and listened as the teacher talked about Pi.

I vaguely remember it.

Along with the Pythagorean theoreum, surface area formulas, quotients and the volume of a cylinder.

I probably should have paid more attention.


But the cutest boy in the world sat in front of me….with his member’s only jacket and drum sticks and his curly brown hair…..that made me forget all about inverse fractions…..

…..and all the other math facts I missed when I was in the bathroom checking if I needed more lip glass and Aqua net.

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Could I Have This Dance?

Could I Have This Dance?



I remember when my boyfriend who wasn’t my husband yet….

…..left for boot camp.

I hugged him tight and wished him well and waved good-bye and told him to have a wonderful life.

And I thought I would never see him again.

He was nice and sweet and kind with twinkling brown eyes….but I had big plans.


I was 21 and single with a prairie skirt and high heels with lace socks.

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