Meet My Windows

Meet My Windows

family room windows

Six months ago this is where we started.

This is the family room hanging its head and its windows in shame.

The blinds were always down.

A big valance hid the top of the windows where the cracks were.

It was a pitiful sight.Continue reading

How To Build a Cornice Board

How To Build a Cornice Board



I shop at Wal-Mart.

A lot.

When you live in the country without stop lights and rush hour and drive-through diet cokes….Wal-Mart is considered to be one of the finest retail establishments around.

You can buy pink ball trim for your new curtains to go with your cornice boards and spray paint and material and yarn to make pom-poms and a spare tire for your car….

….all in one place.

But I never realized how attached I had become to Wal-Mart…..until the other day when I called my friend Laura.

I was talking a mile a minute.

I told her about the cutest earrings I just bought and how I was almost finished with the gatehouse and how white leather chairs look amazing next to an old wood table and why in the world did Kim Kardashian dye her hair blonde…..

…..and that I needed to go to Wal-Mart.Continue reading

No Sew Valance

No Sew Valance


See those no sew valances in window of my kitchen?

The ones that fit perfectly inside the window and look like someone who is super professional with all kinds of tailoring skills created them?


Those valances.

I totally made them up.


I had to.

I was having a party the next day and I was cleaning and getting ready and trying to randomly use these stain pens on my floor so everything would look super shiny and wishing that there was a yard sale with more white plates for a $1.00 and I was standing in the middle of the kitchen cutting up cucumbers for the dip tray….when at that very moment…

….I decided I needed valances.Continue reading

A Pair Of Silver Hoops

A Pair Of Silver Hoops


I love red lipstick.

And really big beautiful sparkling glittering irresistible earrings.

The kind that give you confidence.

Maybe that’s why I love window treatments……they are like jewelry for the house.

These drop cloth curtains are classic and affordable and simple……

……just like the perfect pair of silver hoops.


Silver hoops……you know….those earrings that can go anywhere.

I’ve worn them to a baseball game where I missed this absolute moment of brilliance.

I’ve worn them across Kentucky on the 100-mile-yard sale trek and out on date  day with the cutest carpenter on the planet.


Those silver hoops.

Like a simple, classic curtain.


Today I’m posting about window decor over at the Lamps Plus blog.

And I was going for the silver hoop approach…..

…..but somehow a bunch of big, unusual, unique window treatments showed up instead.

Go figure. 🙂

PS  Here are four unique window treatment ideas.  You can thank the confidence earrings. 🙂








Easy Drop Cloth Curtains

Easy Drop Cloth Curtains



This world is full of unsolved mysteries.

Who built Stonehenge?

Was there really a Lost City of Atlantis?

Is the world going to be inhabited by aliens in the next century?

Where did the Don Draper we all know and love disappear to during the last season of Mad Men?Continue reading