How to Create Inexpensive Wall Art

How to Create Inexpensive Wall Art


before and after wood wall

Just in case you are wondering what we are wearing here at the farm…..

….I just bought a jumpsuit.

I know….right?

I’m a little all about myself right now.

And I’m not sure if jumpsuit is what it’s called any more or if it’s are so 2013 or if people who have children in high school should even be seen at the mall in a jumpsuit or stirrup pants….

…..because I don’t care.

I walked out of the dressing room yesterday at New York & Company looking a little like Ginger from Gilligan’s Island sans the height and the red hair and the palm trees and told myself how amazing I was….

…..and proceeded to promenade around the store like I owned the entire chain.

And if you were there.  If you happened to be in the New York & Company store yesterday at the mall around 4:00pm….I’m sorry about the dance next to the clearance rack when I found the pair of cork wedges.

Blame it on the jumpsuit. 🙂

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Get the Look:  Easy Ideas for Wall Art

Get the Look: Easy Ideas for Wall Art


Raise your hand if you have a blank wall in your room.

Oh good…..I’m not the only one.

Extra credit if you have a few. 🙂

I’m always trying to fill up a wall with something besides pictures.

I’m not sure why…..I mean….I love pictures.

But I have an entire wall of them….and I wanted to branch out with an extra dose of wall amazingness.

So I last year I challenged myself to create personalized artwork for my spaces….

….and here’s a few easy ideas for wall art that I came up with.Continue reading

Before and During

Before and During



Last year was all about the befores….

…and the afters.

I decorated one room three different ways.

Totally fun.

I decorated a gatehouse.

Totally worth it.

And each time…..I would finish the project and post it on the blog with a before picture taken in terrible light with a bunch of nonsense sitting around and then post a sparkly, shiny after picture with everything in its place.

But now….I’m thinking…..

……befores and afters are so 2013.


I mean….aren’t there times when you want to know how it was done and what I was thinking…..and sometimes what was I thinking?

Me too.

So welcome to 2014…..

……the year of the “durings”.Continue reading

How To Make a Lettered Chalkboard

How To Make a Lettered Chalkboard



Yesterday I got the most amazing comment from a wonderful reader.

She asked me how I came up with new projects day after day and decorated rooms and organized everything and kept my house clean and managed four children…

….and could I please explain how I got it all done.

And when I read the question….I had to stop and think for a moment.


I stopped and I thought…..

…..and then I laughed and laughed and laughed. 🙂Continue reading

A Farmhouse Conversation

A Farmhouse Conversation



There’s nothing like a fall morning in the country.

You can see the sun rising early in the morning across the back field with its amazing color pallet and smell fall in the wind.

And as the leaves fall and the sunlight slowly filters in through the windows I tiptoe into the kitchen….pour myself a cup of coffee…..

….and wake up the house.Continue reading

What To Do With a Big Blank Wall

What To Do With a Big Blank Wall


Do you have a big blank giant enormous wall in your house?

Me, too.

Actually, I think we have the biggest, blankest wall in North America.


You might not have noticed its big blankness because it’s cleverly disguised by the giant multi-paned chalkboard that takes up almost the entire space.

But before that chalkboard…..well…..that wall would totally have shown up on Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list.

At the very top.

I tried everything.  I painted it khaki and I painted it gray and I hung yard sale frames and then coasters and then iron pieces ……and nothing worked.

Chalkboard Calendar project
It just looked unfocused and outdated and a little like I was trying too hard.


Kind of like my perm from 1994.

All ratted out with split ends and nowhere to go.

And then I saw a broken 40 pane window in the trash….and the rest is history.


So just in case you have a big blank wall……and no one has thrown away a window in your neighborhood…..I posted some creative ideas on what do with all that blank space over at the Lamp’s Plus blog today.

And can we keep the whole split-ended perm ratted up with Aqua Net thing……just between us?

I wouldn’t want the walls to talk. 🙂