This was one of the Christmas presents my sister gave my husband.

It’s a fundraiser from the local library called “Blind Date With a Book.”

Someone sets you up with a book you’ve never met.

You have no idea what the title or author and you have to guess what the book is about from the clues on the front of the wrapping.

Like “spacemen from earlier galactic history” or “would an alien culture’s doom prove the only way back to their own futures.”

Not sure if I want to date an alien book.

Now if it said “duke riding on horseback” or “cliffs of Cornwall”…

…I’m all in. 🙂Continue reading

True Love and Blueberry Pancakes

True Love and Blueberry Pancakes


(not the pancakes of the story)

Yesterday I made pancakes.

I know.  For some people that’s like saying they put on their shoes or brushed their hair or woke up in the morning.

Simple. Easy. Even effortless.

I get it.  I understand.  It’s like that now for me, too.  I love making pancakes and stacking them with strawberries and butter.

But not so long ago it was a completely different tale.

And so in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Here, once again, is the rest of my pancake story. 🙂

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Easy Valentine Heart Project

Easy Valentine Heart Project

easy Valentines heart project

Tomorrow I’m heading to Nashville to appear on a local talk show called Talk of the Town on Channel 5.

A while back they called me and asked me if I had any fun Valentine’s day projects I could share and I told them I was born thinking up Valentine’s day projects how about this easy valentine heart project and I just needed to make sure my hair was curly and put on the most amazing pair of earrings and red lipstick and I would be there.

And besides.

Meryll Rose, one of the hosts of the show is literally one of my favorite persons on the planet.

She sparkles when she talks.

So tune into tomorrow at 11:00 if you live in the greater Nashville area and in case you live in the rest of Tennessee or one of the other 49 states, here’s the step-by-step tutorial just for you. 🙂Continue reading




Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning.

1.  I just saw a commercial that said bobby pins were out of style.  Say it isn’t so.

2. Best laundry tip ever.  I added those scented beads to the last load of clothes.  The entire house smells like a meadow.

3.  I’m going to make healthy choices today.  I may or may not say that every morning, but I thought if I told you, I would stick to it.

4.  I had no idea how little I knew about anything until I had middle school girls.

I was super smart until about six months ago. 🙂Continue reading

The Sweetest I Love You

The Sweetest I Love You



A long time ago in a land far away……I stood in a navy dress with brass buttons and shoulder pads wearing bright red lipstick as my Lee Press-On Nails desperately clutched a chain link fence and tears streamed down my face…..

….and I watched as my new husband sailed away.

Silently I sobbed and cried as the ship got smaller and smaller…..frantically running down the fence with eyes blinded by tears to try to catch one more glimpse before the ship turned the corner and headed out of the harbor.

Hundreds and hundreds of sailors lined the decks of the ship that day….standing at attention with their crisp white uniforms gleaming in the sun and their heads held high….as they left to fight the unknown.

Not one of those sailors knew what the future held.

Not one of those sailors knew what the fighting would bring.

Not one of those sailors knew if they would even return home.

And still they sailed on.Continue reading

Good Times Ahead

Good Times Ahead



This week….because I was feeling totally introspective….I asked a question on my Facebook page….

“If you could give your 20-year-old-self advice…what would it be?”

The answers made me laugh….and cry….and giggle…

….but mostly to think.

Some people said:

“You are stronger than you think you are.”

“Cherish all those family reuions and holiday get togethers… give lots of hugs, take lots of pictures, and yes video tape stories told by older family members.. one day you will wish you would have done this as well as loved, listened, and laughed more as you miss them dearly and can not.”

“Let life evolve at its own pace, don’t be in such a rush.”

And my personal favorite…..

“You are SKINNY! Enjoy it and stop beating yourself up…”Continue reading

The Kiss of a Lifetime

The Kiss of a Lifetime


I guess I should have written this post first.

Before I wrote about Lee Press-On Nails and over-cooked pancakes and a little band called Rush and singing your heart.

Maybe I waited until now…..

…..because this is my favorite chapter.

And after all these years…..when I think about it…..when I try to write this….I get goosebumps.

Good goosebumps.

Wonderful goosebumps.

The kind of goosebumps that make me want to pinch myself and count my blessings and dance the Macarena and sing the Hallelujah Chorus on my tiptoes from the balcony of the Empire State Building.

This is where it all started.

This is the beginning.Continue reading

The Masterpiece Collection

The Masterpiece Collection


Art House

I am sure that one day the Metropolitan Museum of Art will thank me.

Maybe they’ll name a wing after me.

Or add my name on one of those brass plaques attached to the benches over by the gift shop.


How could they not?

I’ve spent years curating a collection of classic 21st century art for them.Continue reading