How to Decorate a Tree for Less and the Fabric Line is in Stores NOW

How to Decorate a Tree for Less and the Fabric Line is in Stores NOW

stockings and Christmas tree decorating

Remember Wonder Woman?

I think I was seven when I first saw her and her amazing headband.

She would stand with her hands on her hips looking totally amazing with her hair blowing in the wind and her cape streaming out behind her and she’d stare bad guys down and look them in the eye with all the disdain of someone who rocks four inch heel boots and a giant over-sized bronze belt.  Then, in a blink of an eye, she’d reach up and grab that headband and send it swirling across the stratosphere and knock that terrible no-good guy flat on his back.

I wanted to be her.

I wanted to have superpowers.

But more importantly……

….I really really really wanted that headband.Continue reading

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

To quote the famous Barbara Mandrell….

….I was chalkboard when chalkboard wasn’t cool.

Cue the banjos.

I remember eight years ago when I found peel and stick chalkboard vinyl tucked away in the back of a bin.  I’d never seen it before.  I nominated myself town chalkboard crier and called 47 people and informed them that you could officially peel and stick chalkboard.

And then I promptly peeled and stuck everything within a five-mile radius.Continue reading

Some Don’t Like it Hot

Some Don’t Like it Hot



When I married my boyfriend who is now my husband….

….he didn’t talk much.

I didn’t mind at all.

You see….I talked enough for myself and a small country with a string of Pacific islands.

And after all….I think talking is a little overrated when you have sparkling brown eyes that twinkle and extra muscles….

….and a smile that could melt the ice around the ship stranded right now in Antarctica.Continue reading

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree



The other day I was an at event and a reader approached me…..

….and we started talking.

Are you surprised?

I started telling a story (please tell me you are surprised again)….and laughing….

….and smiling and waving my hands and jingling my charm bracelet.

And right when I got to the part where I pulled off the foil wrapper…..another lady walked by…..listened for a moment…..and told me that in real life…

….I sounded just like my blog.

After she left…..the reader turned to me and said, ”She reads your blog, too?  Really?….

……and I thought it was just you and me.” 🙂


So today it’s just you and me…..and a cup of coffee.

Or hot tea.

Or Diet Coke.

Or raisin bagel with homemade apple butter on it.

With a tutorial for chicken wire Christmas trees….

…..and a pinning party.

Did I mention how happy I am…..that today….on this glorious wonderful fall day….when you have a million things to do and a million places to be….

… took time for a coffee break. 🙂

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How To Make a Star Ornament

How To Make a Star Ornament

Family Room Farmhouse Christmas

Do you know that I write my post in my head when I’m working on a project?

And I have an entire conversation before I’m even finished.

About how easy this project was.

And how cute it would look on your tree.

And did you have any extra popsicle sticks I could borrow?  Because Wal-Mart is 32 minutes away……and I’ve already been there seven times this week.Continue reading

You’re My One and Only

Why do you think that people count the Christmas trees in their homes?


If you haven’t noticed, the number of Christmas trees in a person’s home is definitely a hot topic of conversation on the party circuit this year.


All over America right now at Christmas parties, people are asking that all-important question…..”How many Christmas trees did you put up this year?”


“Why?” is the question I want to ask when they ask me.

When Santa’s checking his list does he say, “Well….they haven’t really been that good this year, but they do have 18 trees.   So load ’em up.”

I think to myself, sometimes it’s not the number, but the simplicity of one.

One extra-special tree that glitters and glistens and signifies all of the wonder and joy of the Christmas season.

One special tree with glittered birds and tiny nests and mirrored snowflakes.

If I were stranded on a desert island and I could only take one tree along for my desert island stay, it would be this one.

And I would contentedly lay on a sandy beach and gaze up into its glittered branches.

So the next time you are at a Christmas party and you are asked that age old question about your Christmas trees.

Just smile to yourself and say, “I have one….

….and it’s spectacular!” 🙂