Best Tip for Cleaning Outdoor Cushions

Best Tip for Cleaning Outdoor Cushions


See that window with the plantation shutters in the top left-hand corner of this photo?

That’s where I stood all winter.

Looking back at the meadow.

Looking back at the snow.

Looking back at the wind and the weather and the rain and the sleet and the toll winter can take on a porch.

And then one day….

….I saw this.

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Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Bathroom Organizing Ideas


disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Kirkland’s.

When I was younger I thought that organizing was super-overrated.

“Why would anyone want to be organized….when they could live like this,” I’d say to my piles of clothes draped over chairs in my room.

“I know right where everything is anyway,” I’d whisper to the closet floor.

“I’m organized in my mind,” I’d tell the stacks of papers on my desk.

But now?

I love organization.

Especially when it starts with 2017.

You, too?  Oh good. 🙂

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Best Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Best Thrift Store Shopping Tips

thrift store shopping tips

The other day I was visiting my friend and we were laughing and telling each other that we needed to bring stirrup pants back and that Saved By the Bell was the best show in the universe and should we start wearing scrunchies again.

And mid hair accessory conversation, I noticed her table.

It was chippy and distressed and had character and personality and joie de vivre.

I told her it was amazing and that all tables should get in line behind it and asked her where she got it.Continue reading

How to Fix Sagging Couch Cushions

How to Fix Sagging Couch Cushions


how to fix sagging couch cushions

A while ago I wrote a post entitled “Five Decorating Mistakes I Wish I Hadn’t Made.”

The #2 mistake on the list was that I wish I had purchased sofas with removable back cushions instead of cushions that are attached.


Because cushions that are attached to the back of the sofa sag.

Sag and sag and saaaaaaaaggggggg.

Sag like the Suntan pantyhose my mother used to make me wear in seventh grade.

They don’t tell you about the sagging at the store and you don’t even notice it until you’ve had the sofas about a month and you go to fluff the back cushions and realize saggy cushions are now a thing in your living room.

Until now.

This is the best tip I never thought of.

A reader sent it to me and I thanked her and told her she was brilliant and sent her seventy-two exclamation points and then decided to share it with all of you.

Here’s how to fix sagging couch cushions in the easiest, simplest way you can imagine.Continue reading

Simple Tip to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

Simple Tip to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

simple tip to keep your fridge clean

This week my friend Laura asked me to partner with some other bloggers to share simple 10 minute cleaning tips.

Now I love a cleaning tip as much as the next person.


And I wanted to share one that was amazing and earth-shattering, but yet so simple my cat could do it.

So I did a little research on Pinterest.  I found this seemingly amazing tip.  But would it work?  Has anyone actually used a glove to pick up pet hair?  Or how about this tip?  Will a dryer sheet really work?  Has it met my soap scum before?

I needed help.  And guidance.  And assistance.

So I did the only thing a girl can do at a time like this.

I phoned my cleaning-tip-phone-a-friend.

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Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover

Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover



This is the duvet cover in the upstairs guest room.

I love duvet covers.

I loved them when I saw one long ago on an episode on HGTV where they featured a duvet cover on a bed and I thought to myself that it was genius and I wondered how you say duvet…..

….and where in the world can I get one?

It was right about the time I discovered sisal rugs.

Good times.Continue reading