Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas

Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas



Tablescape Ideas

Summer Tablescape

Do you ever wonder if the table always looks like this?

If the silver is always shined and the glassware always sits immaculately next to the square silver chargers layered with white ware and sparkling silver chandelier plates.



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Table Decorating Ideas On a Budget

Table Decorating Ideas On a Budget



We just got back from vacation yesterday.

Just our family….the entire first season of Duck Dynasty….and 900 miles of open road.

And somewhere around mile 726….my husband and I started talking about clever ideas to hide the flat screen television.

I told my husband that once on an old episode of Oprah…..she was on this over-the-top liquid diet and pulled in all that fat in a wagon into the studio and totally looked so amazing in these skin-tight blue jeans.

Sometime after that …..she gave a tour of her house.

And in her bedroom there was this cabinet when you pressed a button….the television slowly rose up from the center with a whirring sound that resembled an episode of the Jetson’s.

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Burlap Spiderweb Table Runner

Burlap Spiderweb Table Runner



How to Make a Burlap Spiderweb Table Runner

Some people like scary movies.

And scary roller coasters.

And scary stories.

And scary Halloween decorating.


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