DIY Faux Bois Table

DIY Faux Bois Table


Today we are talking about how to paint a DIY faux bois table.

Faux bois.

It and its good friend trompe l’oeil are words I like to work into conversation whenever possible to sound like I wear berets and just flew in from the south of France.

It means “false wood” or a surface that looks like its grained wood, but it’s really something else.

Super fancy, right?

That’s how we roll here at Thistlewood.

But before we go all faux bois….

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

Christmas tree butler's pantry

There’s a radio station here that plays 24/seven Christmas music.

The other 340 days of the year it’s all about Adele and Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran, but for 25 glorious, wonderful, incredible days it plays nothing but Christmas all the day long.

There’s old Christmas and new Christmas and silent nights and weary worlds rejoicing and reindeer paws and yuletide carols being sung by the fire and rocking around the tree.

And those are the 25 days days I tune in…..

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What the Bookcase Whispered To Me

What the Bookcase Whispered To Me

Bookcase Before

I’m all about a make-over.


So let’s say you are all about a make-over too and someone gave you a cubby bookcase like this and challenged you to transform this cubby bookcase into anything you wanted.


The sky’s the limit.

What would you do?

What about a coffee table?  Or a plate storage rack?  Or a bench?  Or a three-dimensional chalkboard?

Oh good.  That’s exactly what I thought, too.


Except I didn’t make any of those things.


…..I made it into this.
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How to Transform a Builder’s Door

How to Transform a Builder’s Door


how to transform a builder's door

Sometimes I send my husband sweet e-mails at work.

Full of encouragement and hearts and hands clapping a smiley faces.

And sometimes I get a conversation that starts like this:

Him:  “Why did you send me an e-mail that ended with a chin?”

Me:  (dumbfounded) “What?  A chin? I sent you a smiley face.”

Him:  “I know.  I saw that.  But the smiley face had a chin.”

Me:  (starting blankly)

Him:  (helpfully drawing it out on a piece of paper) “It looked like this.”

I laughed out loud.

I couldn’t help it.

Me:  (after I finally stopped laughing) “That’s a heart.”

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Painted Wall Treatment Idea (on a budget)

Painted Wall Treatment Idea (on a budget)



This is the story of a blank wall.

I know.

I’m with you.

I can’t believe there was one left in the house.

This particular blank wall was behind the hutch in the dining room at the gatehouse.  It was white (which made me happy because it was so bright) and empty (which made me sad because it was not really living up to its potential).

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Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase

Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase



To the 271 people who wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby looking for the paper to make the faux wood wallpaper bookcase….

I’m truly sorry.


What was I thinking? 🙂

I totally should have mentioned it wasn’t in the gift wrap aisle.

Or the scrap-book paper aisle.

Or the contact paper aisle.


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A Second Opinion

A Second Opinion

Butler's Pantry Paint Colors

In my quest to repaint every room in my house at least 47 times before 2013…I’m repainting the Butler’s Pantry…. again.

And I’m going with grey.

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