Christmas burlap sacks

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  If you watched Poldark this week, I know your’re with me.  So disappointed in Poldark.  Seriously.  Like extra seriously.  I believed in him and supported him all through his coal mine venture and when he stood in front of the judges and started hanging out with smugglers.  But this?  It’s the last straw.

2. Heading into the Target Dollar spot in just a few short minutes.  I’m all about discount this Christmas.  I was thinking I might do a series on making inexpensive projects for Christmas just from the Dollar Spot.

3.  I’m all about Christmas this year.  I mean, I’m still friends with Thanksgiving.  But I’m putting my tray down next to Christmases in the lunch room.

4.  I learned a new vocabulary word this week.  I’ll share it with you so we can both be on the cutting edge of vocabularisms.

Here’s the word:  Sick.

Translation:  amazing, awesome, incredible, out-of-this-world.

Not as in I’m feeling sick.  As in that movie was SICK.  

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DIY Pom-Pom Stockings

DIY Pom-Pom Stockings

diy pom pom stocking project

Have you ever had a light bulb moment in the middle of the dollar store?

You’re harried and rushed and your cart is full of things you couldn’t resist for a dollar like an entire row of glittered reindeer and mugs that say merry and tiny jingle bells that may become something one day.

And then you see those red stockings.

And roll your eyes.

Enough with the red stockings you think.

You’ve seen those stockings since episodes of Saved By the Bell appeared on television.

And then it happens.

Brilliant idea number 1028…..

….DIY pom-pom stockings.
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DIY Wood Christmas Stocking Tags and the 2014 Thistlewood Stocking Collection

DIY Wood Christmas Stocking Tags and the 2014 Thistlewood Stocking Collection


wood stocking tag

I almost titled this post #calmdownitsnotevenhalloweenyet

And #dontadjustyourscreenandyesthosearestockings

But I had to post because (1) I was so excited I couldn’t wait any longer to show you the stocking collection and (2) the stockings sold out last year and (3) by the time I got around to remembering to post my Christmas mantel in December they would all be gone.

So with a drum roll and clanging cymbals and a ticker tape parade….I present to you without further ado…..

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How To Emboss a Monogram on Velvet

How To Emboss a Monogram on Velvet




I just wanted to interrupt Halloween for a moment to ask if we can still be friends…..if I put a picture of a stocking on my blog…..

….and it’s October?

Under normal circumstances it would never happen.

I mean….seriously…..I’m in the middle of costumes and Betsy Ross hats and candy and treat bags.

The leaves are still falling.

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So Close

So Close

Christmas Eve Mantel


Dear recent  Wheel-of-Fortune contestant from Florida,


I could not let Christmas Eve pass without telling you how awesome you are.

You go girl.

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