Stamped Spoon Projects:  Picture Frame Holder

Stamped Spoon Projects: Picture Frame Holder



When I think of my wedding day there are so many amazing memories…..

….but one is my favorite.

I remember sitting on the floor of the kitchen in hot rollers and red lipstick and a monogrammed train….refusing to budge…..

….because I had just read Dear Abbey.

I remember the smell of Christmas trees and the flicker of the candlelight and the smile on my mother’s face and the receiving line and the topiary fruit trees that the caterer made because I had seen them in a movie.

I remember the sailor dress I wore when we left the reception and the car we drove away in decorated courtesy of my brothers…..covered with cans and streamers and shoe polished windows and a sign tied to the back.

All that was amazing.


But that wasn’t my favorite part.

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Spoon Necklace

Spoon Necklace


How to Make a Spoon Necklace

The other day we had a yard sale.

We sold a claw foot bathtub and an old trunk and a Ho Ho Ho pillow and two chairs missing spindles and a bunch of old trophies and a yellow train track set and box full of cassette tapes.

High dollar stuff.

Aren’t you sad you missed it?

And during the frenzy of shopping activity…..

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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Happily Ever After


I think that all true love stories begin with……once upon a time.

My once upon a time began long ago.

Long before we jumped.

Long before anyone ever tried to cook pancakes.

Long before a brass button suit and Lee Press-On-Nails.

Back when there was just a dreamer…..

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