Spray Painted Numbered Baskets

Spray Painted Numbered Baskets



The day I decided to make spray painted numbered baskets…..

…..was the day all the turtles in the county decided to cross the road.

I’m still not really sure what prompted the mass exodus to the other side of the street….but they were everywhere.

Little ones and big ones and tiny ones.

All making a trek across the black top.

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A Mantel Full of Joy

A Mantel Full of Joy

Winter Mantel to Spring Mantel


Here it is in action.

My un-decorating…..and re-decorating.

All because I wanted a little lightness and freshness and birds and nests and branches…..

…..and joy.Continue reading

8 Fun and Easy Spray Paint Projects

8 Fun and Easy Spray Paint Projects



Take your bow.

We  proved that spray paint is taking over the world.

We sprayed pumpkins and chairs and desks and bookcases and flowers and baskets and even a chandelier or two.

There were so many amazing entries that inspired us and impressed us and overwhelmed us and made us never want to pick up a brush again and to move all of our life savings into spray paint company stock.


Here were a few of our favorite entries.  Eight fun and easy spray paint projects.Continue reading