Silver-Handled Wood Slice Cutting Board

Silver-Handled Wood Slice Cutting Board

wood slice project

There are days when I think blogging is one of the most fun jobs there is.

It’s kind of like Lady Mary at Downton Abbey.

Someone is always showing up with an invitation to a party on a silver platter while you are sitting and having tea with Grandmama trying to explain to her why you want to go out with a race car driver.

Just like the invite that showed up in my inbox from my friend Stacy.

She explained she planning a blogger event where she sent us all the same item and challenged us to use our creativity and transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.

I sent over my acceptance and four months later this showed up.

A wood slice and an entire world of possibilities.

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Five Simple 10 Minute Organizing Ideas

Five Simple 10 Minute Organizing Ideas

kitchen organization diy project

I have a cabinet in my house that attacked me last week.


I’m so not even kidding.

Like something out of a horror movie.

I opened the doors to get a plastic container for left-overs and two pitchers, four lids, a foil pan that used to cover a casserole and 47 tiny spice jars reached out and bit me.

Do you have a cabinet like that?

Oh good.

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Stamped Spoon Cabinet Handle

Stamped Spoon Cabinet Handle


Have you ever watched a marathon of “Hoarders” episodes?

Am I the only one?

It’s not like you planned it.

It’s not what you intended to spend your afternoon doing.

But once you started… could not look away.Continue reading