The Day the Bacon Flew Through the Air

The Day the Bacon Flew Through the Air

salvage shopping grain sacks

I’ve spent the last few weeks living out of a suitcase.

Here, there and everywhere.

I’ve been to New York, Florida, the beautiful distant shores of Alabama and a few other places in between.

I’ve seen the ocean at sunrise and almost randomly got attacked by Cookie Monster in Times Square and feasted on local seafood and toured an historic home and shopped at salvage yards and Target and watched actors dance across the stage at a Broadway play.

It was fun.

And exhilarating.

And exciting.

But I’ve been so busy eating and touring and shopping that somewhere along the way….

 …..I missed Decades Day.

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So Close to Amazing

So Close to Amazing

city farmhouse

I am a firm believer in coordinating a matching outfit for every event.

Like a prairie skirt with a sweater vest trimmed in ribbons and high-heeled shoes with ruffled socks and a bow with my name on it.

Or a blazer (complete with tags) for a shopping day on the town.

Maybe it’s because I secretly wish one day a Hollywood producer would discover me.

Maybe it’s because I believe that everything is more fun in a head-to-toe coordinating outfit.

Or maybe it’s because I watch the Hallmark movie channel for a living.

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Tips and Hints on How to Shop at a Flea Market

Tips and Hints on How to Shop at a Flea Market

tips and hints on how to shop at a flea market This weekend we spent the day at the Nashville flea market.

And as far as days go….it ranked up with other life changing events in my life.

Like the first time I realized I could wear white pants before and after Labor Day.

And chalk came in colors.

And zucchini could be made into bread.

And that french fries totally count as a vegetable.

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The Shops At Thistlewood

The Shops At Thistlewood


The Shops at Thistlewood


If you are trying to eat healthy…..does eating the candy from the bottom of the Easter basket for breakfast qualify?


I mean….it’s not the good candy.

That’s long gone.

It’s the random generic foil covered chocolate eggs and left over pieces of taffy and the black licorice.

The bottom of the barrel.

Not that I would know anything about left over Easter candy like that.

That was simply a purely rhetorical question.

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