DIY Rock Heart Necklace

DIY Rock Heart Necklace


It took me longer to think up a title for this post than to make this diy rock heart necklace.

I wanted a funny title.

Or a clever title.  Something that would make you smile or laugh or chortle this almost Valentine’s Day weekend.

Like My Heart Belongs to You.

Or Be Still My Heart.

Or I Heart You.

See what I mean?  I got a million of them.  They just roll off my fingers.  But in the end, I went with the tried and the true, otherwise known as the name of the project.

Just know.  No matter what I call it…

….it really is a Rock Star. 🙂Continue reading

My Rock Heart Belongs To You

My Rock Heart Belongs To You


On Friday, my friend brought over a bucket of heart rocks.

Just nature’s way of saying I love you.

I washed them and cleaned them and sang to them and thought up clever heart sayings and made the coolest, easiest Valentine’s Day present from them that I’ll share with you on Thursday.

Maybe it was the hidden I love you in every stone.

Maybe it was the entire rock heart collection.

Maybe it was February knocking at my door.

But it reminded me of a story.

One I’ve shared before, but I wanted to share it again…

….with a little twist from the heart.Continue reading

Carved Rock Necklace

Carved Rock Necklace

Carved Stone Necklace on Brick

Carved Rock Necklace

Where All the Pictures Match the Project

(this one’s for you, Mother)

Cape Cod Coastline


Step 1:  Sit on the beach at Cape Cod.

Let the wind blow through your hair and the sun shine on your face.


Stone from Cape Cod


Step 2:  As you sit there…..look at all the rocks on the beach.

Thousands of rocks.

Spend the next hour with the wind blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your face…..trying to think up rock crafts.


Stone Engraving Tool


Step 3:  Decide you want to carve one of the rocks.

And make a necklace.


Buy an inexpensive rock engraver from a local home improvement store.

I think mine was about $25.


Carbide Tip


Step 4:  Make sure it has a carbide tip.

Hold it just like you would hold a pen.

Plug in and apply a slight pressure to start carving the rock.


Carved Stone Project


Step 5:  Try to engrave several rocks.

Realize it’s not really working.

Here are the epic fails of the rock carving project.

My personal favorite…..the weak attempt at geologic humor.


Polished Stone Pebbles


Step 6:  Realize that your dreams of carving a rock necklace from the stones at Cape Cod are fading quickly.

Go back to the home improvement store and purchase a bag of polished stones.

Polished stones.

Not stones from the beach.

That’s the key to success.


Carving Stone


Step 7:  Using the engraving tool carve a heart and initials into the rock.

Or a monogram.

Or a picture.

Or some scintillating geologic humor.

Like, “You Rock.”


Carved Rock Necklace


Step 8:  Drill a hole in the top of the rock.

Insert a jump ring and hang a chain to finish your own Carved Stone Necklace project.


Geologic humor not included 🙂


PS  This post has been 100% approved by my mother who feels confident that 97.6% of you will agree with her photographic analysis 🙂