The Smile of a Rock Star (and a Free Printable)

The Smile of a Rock Star (and a Free Printable)


rock star girls

Most mornings I wake up all the sleepy heads in the house and sing “Rise and Shine”….

…..and tell them they are rock stars.

Just in case they forgot from the day before.

Just in case they were wondering.

Most of the time they simply roll their eyes and sigh and ignore me….

….but I know they hear it.

rock stars

I think I started the whole rock star thing when fourth grade began getting a little tough….which turned into an even tougher fifth grade and now we are knee-deep in sixth grade….

….the very toughest of all.

Navigating sixth grade is kind of like Survivor where they put you on the island with a piece of flint and a few sticks and leave you to figure the rest out.Continue reading

Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel


I remember the first time I met Layla.

It was at the Haven blogging conference and I was sitting in a chair waiting patiently for her photography session to start….

… a chair facing the wrong way.

Are you surprised?


I entered the hall and saw a set up from another class.  So I pulled my chair up to the front and started talking….and talking…..and talking.

All the while….the room filled up behind me as I sat facing the wrong direction….

….completely and utterly oblivious to the fact that the session was about to start.Continue reading

Infinity + One

Infinity + One



The other day my son left a comment on the blog.

Just four simple words.

“I love you, mom.”

I read that comment once….then again….and again….and again.

I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t believe he had read the post.

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