Ribbon Button Basket

Ribbon Button Basket



I was so hoping today was National Basket day….

….and we could celebrate together.

I mean….after all…..May is full of holidays.

There’s No Socks Day and Star Wars Day (may the fourth be with you) and International Tuba Day and Buy A Musical Instrument Day and No Dirty Dishes Day (my personal favorite) and of course….Memorial Day.

But I didn’t see National Basket Day on the calendar.

So let’s start a trend.

Today…..May 6, 2014.

I’ll show you a basket idea I just made…and you can tell me if you even like baskets and if you’ve seen any cute basket ideas lately and what kind of baskets are your favorite and what you use baskets for and how you decorate with baskets in your home and we can discuss all things basket….

….and celebrate together. 🙂Continue reading

Printed Burlap Ribbon

Printed Burlap Ribbon


printed-burlap-ribbon (2)

If there were an entry in the  Guinness Book of World Records for world’s easiest Christmas craft….

….this printed burlap ribbon would be in the running.


You could almost make it and brownies at the same time.

But the brilliance of it….the simplicity and versatility and possibilities of it….

….are endless.

So if you’ve ever seen a project like this….or this….or even this….and you’ve felt overwhelmed and then you left me a comment telling me that you just weren’t into making crafts….no worries…..

….because this is the craft for you. 🙂Continue reading

Cookie Gift Tag

Cookie Gift Tag

The possibilities for a gift wrapping post title are endless.

As in the obvious title…..“Wrap it Up”

or the encouraging…..“You’re on a Roll”

or the obscure…..”Developing a good ‘Wrap’ por”

or my personal favorite….“Hope This Present Doesn’t Get  a Bum Wrap.” 🙂Continue reading