FREE “I Hope You Dance” Printable

FREE “I Hope You Dance” Printable


I hope you dance

If this blog could have a theme song, “I hope you dance” would be it.

There’s something about the words that resonates with all of us.

About a month into writing this blog I posted about my tiny twins and their twirly whirly skirts.

Here’s an excerpt from where it all began:

Yesterday one of the twins asked for a twirly whirly skirt. 

I guess twirly whirly skirts are all the rage if you are nine and Hannah Montana is your fashion icon.  

I saw her outside one day. 

Arms lifted to the sky.

Blonde hair floating in the wind.Continue reading




flower decorating for spring

Happy Easter rock star.

I hope your day is full of sunshine and flowers.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.

And still give faith a fighting chance.

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I truly, truly, truly hope you dance.Continue reading



Pink_Flowers.jpg Just in case you were wondering…..

….this week was amazing.

I mean….there wasn’t one giant big amazing….just a lot of little amazings that all added up.

Do you ever have a week like that?

At the end of it….your heart is happy and your head is smiling and you can’t really place the one thing that made it so great….

….just a whole lot of random bits of wonderful. 🙂

This week…..

I found some amazing tips on how to grow these.

Decided this was the month I was going to make this from an old door.

Got a little yucked out by this (I mean….seriously).

Started planning for Fourth of July.

Never knew you could do this.

And decided I was going to make these for breakfast for Father’s Day.Continue reading




Yesterday…..all day….

… hair looked like an exhibit in a contemporary art museum.

You know.

A little awkward and uncertain of its place in the world.

Just like the paintings that you stand in front of and stare at for the longest time because they are a little odd and a little eccentric and you just can’t decide if you like the art or not.

Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread…..

…or should the artist just have called it a day and started from scratch.

Art and hair can be equally confusing.

So today I’m pulling my contemporary art back in a pony tail….

… remove all doubt. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you and here’s a fun site where you can transform any quote into a work of art.Continue reading