Through the Years and The Evolution of a Porch

Through the Years and The Evolution of a Porch


the porch before

I’m pausing just a moment on this busy Monday morning with an ode to my porch:

Through the years

You’ve never let me down

You’ve turned my life around

The sweetest days I’ve found, I’ve found with you

Through the years

No one sings it like Kenny.

And this is the beginning of the porch’s journey.  The before before.  Before the black and white and Christmas trees and magnolias and neutrals.

This is where it all started.

This is where it began.

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DIY Monogram Pillow

DIY Monogram Pillow

Back Porch Bench

I remember the first monogram I ever made.

It involved paint pens and a bow and a whole lot of confidence.

I’m not sure how it started.  I think I saw a bow on Madonna when she was dancing around with her lucky star and I realized that I had a similar hair accessory.

Light bulb moment.

I ran to my room and took out my sticker covered plastic paint pen box and promptly added a letter to the bow.

It didn’t really bear the slightest resemblance to anything lucky.  The bow was grosgrain ribbon and so the edges of the paint pen letter were kind of fuzzy and my K looked like it needed a shave. And that when I had light bulb moment number two.  Cover up all that fuzz with a monogram.

And some flowers.

And a swirl or two for good measure.

The rest simply defies description.

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Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement

Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement


Back Porch Bench

This past week I re-decorated the back porch.

I took down the black and white curtains and replaced the black and white rugs and recovered the black and white patterned pillows.

It was a labor of love.

And when I was finished and all that neutral and natural fibers and monograms and textures and calm and serenity and joy stared back at me….

….and I hugged myself.

Not just because the crickets were chirping.

Not just because drop cloths and monograms go perfectly with white chippy wood.

Not just because the ceiling fan was finally clean.

I hugged myself and the pillows on that back porch because I finally get to tell you what I’ve been waiting six long months to share.

Wait a minute.

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Five Simple Ideas for Decorating With Mason Jars

Five Simple Ideas for Decorating With Mason Jars

farmhouse decor mason jar rack

When I first moved to the country I attended a canning class.

I was new to the neighborhood and thought I would make friends.

If you were there at the class with me….

….I’m truly sorry.

I was fresh from the city.

I bought my beans in a can with a Del Monte label.

I had no idea what I was in for.  I thought a water bath was something you took at night with bubbles.  And a Dutch oven was something they used in the Netherlands.

What happens at canning class, stays at canning class, but suffice it to say I left the class with my tail between my legs and two jars of tomatoes.

And now I use my mason jars to decorate.

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Painted Porch Swing Project

Painted Porch Swing Project


painted porch swing project

What was I thinking?


Yesterday I posted a southern table setting and gave away dishes and asked you all what you would bring to the dinner party.

And you did not disappoint.

We were on a family trip and we started reading the dish selection aloud.  And sighed.  And read them again.

One. by. one.

In Arkansas we read about pecan pie and homemade biscuits and corn salad.  In Missouri we read about peach cobbler and homemade ice cream and ice box cake.  In Tennessee we read about macaroni and cheese and freshly picked berry pie and cheesecake with strawberries.

And in Kentucky we were hungry….

….and so we stopped for ice cream.

Thanks for sharing.  If you want to check out what everyone is bringing to the dinner party (there’s even some recipes posted) or enter the giveaway….you can check it out here.

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Summer Home Tour 2015

Summer Home Tour 2015

summer home tour

Welcome to the Summer Tour of Homes 2015.

Nice to meet you.

If you are visiting from East Egg Style and we’ve never been properly introduced….

….I just wanted you to know that things can get a little random around here.

I live in a farmhouse and wear red lipstick and really big earrings and have daily adventures.  I love to paint mismatched chairs, listen to the crickets singing in the back pasture and walk hand-in-hand in the back meadow as the sun sets over the river.

I drink sweet tea with lime on the screened-in porch during a thunderstorm.

And can we still be friends if I tell you about the first (and only) roast I ever made?

Now that we’ve officially met…..grab a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin or an appropriate breakfast snack and beverage…..

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Leif Garrett Where Are You?

Leif Garrett Where Are You?


flowers and decorating

This mother’s day I’m treating my mother with flowers.

Beautiful, wonderful, colorful, vibrant, incredible-smelling flowers like this You Rock bouquet from Bouqs.

I’m treating her for all the dances she chaperoned and the cookies she baked and friends she carpooled and the student council posters she printed with “Vote for Kari She’s a Life Saver.”  For all the times she lifted me up and the times she kept me grounded.

And for every single minute and hour and day that she made even more special.

Just like my sixteenth birthday.

spring porch decorating with flowers

I remember the morning of my sixteenth birthday like it was yesterday.

Maybe because it was.

Just kidding.

You know I’m 22. 🙂

That morning I got dressed with my new pair of glittered legwarmers and ballet shoes, applied bright red lipstick, sprayed my bangs up to greet the heavens with a can of Aqua Net….

….and pranced downstairs in all my glory.

Colorful flowers spring porch decorating with flowers


This was the big one.

I couldn’t wait to see the celebration.  Would they have balloons?  A banner?  A band?  A parade?  Lief Garrett driving up in a new convertible?

With a beating heart full of excitement, I nonchalantly I strolled into the kitchen.

There they all sat.  My ever-supportive family.  Eating Wheaties and toast.

Silence greeted me.

No one even looked up when I walked in the room.

spring porch decorating flowers

I peered at them anxiously.  Did they see the amazing, incredible legwarmer wearing, red lipstick applying teenager that stood in front of them?

Maybe it was hard to tell it was me through the aqua net haze.

I sighed dramatically for extra emphasis and plopped down in my chair.

And rolled my eyes.

And sighed again.


No response.  Not even a smile.

Apparently that morning there was not or ever would be….

…..a Happy Birthday in sight.

how to decorate with flowers

I stormed out the door in a huff, climbed into the station wagon, crossed my arms in protest and waited for my mother to drive me to school….

….because apparently Leif wasn’t showing up.

She opened the car door, put the keys in the ignition, started the car and slowly backed out of the driveway.

I let out a cross between a sigh and a grunt, promptly ignored her and slunk down in the seat.

About two blocks into the drive, I managed to pull my eyes away from my legwarmers to stare out the window.

I blinked.

And blinked again.


spring porch decorating

There before my very eyes a celebration unfolded.  Sign after sign filled the side of the road.

Giant signs.

Full of glitter and sparkles and topped off with balloons.

There must have been dozens and dozens and dozens of them.

Filling every corner and stop sign between our house and the school.

And every sign was the same. “Happy Birthday KariAnne” they read.

Every single glittered line and word for me.

how to decorate with flowers

I turned to my mother with the biggest red lipstick smile a brand-new sixteen-year-old could muster.

“You remembered,” I said.  “I thought you forgot my birthday.  I thought you all forgot.”

She smiled back at me, shifting the station wagon into park and conveniently forgetting the earlier eye rolls and legwarmer tantrum.

“I love you,” she said. “May your birthday be the happiest one ever.”

And it was.

Even without Lief. 🙂

spring porch decorating with flowers

Why not treat your mother this Mother’s Day with fresh flowers from Bouqs.

Bouqs is a new flower delivery service that’s easy, fresh, and beautiful with flowers cut the day you order.  The flowers are shipped directly to your door from sustainable, eco-friendly farms.

These beautiful arrangements on my back porch are You Rock and the White Knight.  They came fresh from the grower packaged with care.  When the flowers arrived, I opened the package and the room was filled with the most wonderful smell.  I cut the stems under water and arranged them on the back porch for a little spring surprise.  The quality and quantity exceeded my expectations.  The Rock Star arrangement was so big, I could have easily made two arrangements from it.  The colors are so beautiful and vibrant and full of the joy that only fresh flowers can bring.

But my favorite?

What you see is EXACTLY what you get.  The flowers I ordered looked even better than the pictures online.

Bouqs is offering a special promotion for Mother’s Day.  Simply use the code BLOOM15 to receive 15% off your order and of course the shipping is always free.

Create a special day for your mother.

For all the special days she created for you. 🙂

disclosure:  This post was written as part of a partnership with Bouqs.

All opinions on flowers and mothers and birthdays are completely my own.

Please my disclosure policy for more information.

Painted Porch Project

Painted Porch Project


painted porch

Once upon a time there was a porch.

(Don’t you love a story that starts like that?)

Except this porch was a scary story.  I would tell everyone to go in the front door…just so they’d miss the porch.  It was peeling and flaking and in terrible condition.


It took “distressed” to a completely new level.

And now?

Now it’s all about itself.  It’s waving people in from the driveway and throwing tail-gate parties…..

….and showing off its transformation at porch fashion week (can you tell I’ve been watching Project Runway)?

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