Table Top Ideas

Table Top Ideas


It rained a little last week.

Just enough for my husband to turn on the windshield wipers as we drove down a winding country road.

And when the sun came out….and the rain stopped….the windshield wipers stayed on.

And on.

And on.


And I as I sang “Rhinestone Cowboy” to myself to the swish and creek of those wipers….I thought of a post I wrote a year ago about fun table top ideas and cork-topped desks and windshield wipers that went on forever.

Just in case you were wondering…..

…..not a lot has changed. 🙂Continue reading

Bicycle Wheel Clock

Bicycle Wheel Clock


This is my bicycle wheel clock.

My moment of glory.

For one brief shining instant….we were winners over at the East Coast Creative contest….my clock and I.

It was amazing.

But you know what’s better than painting a chalkboard wall and adding roman numerals to it and hanging a clock made out of a bicycle wheel on it and then winning the first round of an incredible contest?

What could possibly be better than that?Continue reading

Class Is In Session

Class Is In Session


Pink Vinyl Monogram

The other day….at the end of the hallway in the bright pink room with the brown twin beds and the flowers scattered on the carpet…..

… was in session.

Two tiny teachers with blonde ponytails and big blue eyes were holding class.  Each instructor had a whiteboard and was busily scribbling and circling and drawing arrows with verbs and adjectives and adverbs…..intent on passing on all the knowledge one could ever learn in elementary school to the next generation of stuffed animals.

All the students were present and accounted for.

The whole class was there….the two frogs and the bear with the bonnet and the furry one-eyed cat and the monkey and the zebra and the dolls……

……even Santa Claus.Continue reading

Hanging Shelf Project

Hanging Shelf Project


Hanging Shelf

Just in case you are wondering…..I’m not really cool or hip.

I try.

Really.  I do.

I mean….I wear red lipstick and sunglasses and amazing earrings and blinged out sweaters and cute flip-flops and colored jeans.

And I know colored jeans are in this year.  Kelly and Luke from 90210 told me so in that Old Navy commercial.Continue reading

Compass Ceiling Medallion

Compass Ceiling Medallion



Are you right-brained or left-brained?

Or just in-the-middle brained?


I need to know.

It’s really important.

Because if you happen to be left-brained…..I just wanted to be clear at the beginning……that this may not be the project for you.Continue reading

Numbered Pillow Project/ Take Two

Numbered Pillow Project/ Take Two

I have a blog quality control supervisor who lives at my house.

Actually, I think she is quality control, publicity, and community outreach all rolled into one.

She is a fashionista, an artist, a cheerleader and on any given day….she could give Warren Buffet a run for his money.Continue reading

Vintage Pennants and the Perfect Ending

Vintage Pennants and the Perfect Ending

I knew when I saw these vintage pennants for the first time.

I just knew.

When I first saw the box with the vintage pennants tucked inside….I knew they were an ABC after-school-special just waiting to happen.

Remember those after-school-specials?

Remember the one where the girl was not that cute and she was wearing glasses and frumpy clothes with not cute hair and she was super shy.  And she didn’t really have any friends.  And for some reason she was always drawing in a notebook.Continue reading

Medal Display

Medal Display


Here’s an easy simple way to create a Medal Display.


(1)  Buy an herb-drying rack at an exorbitant price at an antique store.

(2)  Pat yourself on the back at being ahead of the curve in the herb-drying rack trend.

(3)  Discover that you have no place to hang aforementioned herb-drying rack and try to sell at yard sale.



(4)  Realize that the herb-drying rack trend has yet to take off in the state of Kentucky when no one purchases rack at yard sale.

(5)  Wait 4 months and put out herb-drying rack at another yard sale.

(6)  Cringe when, surprisingly, yet again, no one buys the incredibly trendy herb-drying rack at the yard sale.


(7)  Place herb-drying rack in attic.

(8)  Wait one year.

(9)  Plan a party and realize that you have a blank space over television in playroom.

(10)  Go to attic for inspiration.  Spy neglected herb-drying rack and immediately re-purpose as medal and award display.

(11)  Pat yourself on the back on your ingenuity as children cheer and guests marvel at your incredibly unique award/medal display.

(12)  Post herb-drying/medal award display as your “mini impossibility” and return to the arduous task of trying to figure out how to bake homemade bread. 🙂


PS  Always remember….you are a rock star 🙂

PPS  All pictures taken by RTM Connect.

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