Lessons From a Recipe Wall

Lessons From a Recipe Wall

recipe wall kitchen

This is one of my most popular projects.

A recipe wall.

I created it back when the blog was still learning to walk and it’s been facebooked and tweeted and shared and pinned thousands and thousands of times.

It always gets to sit at the popular table in the cafeteria.

Odes have been written about it.  Poems have been composed it its honor.  Ballads have been sung to it on fluted lyre.

Town criers have stood on street corners with proclamations dedicated to its name.

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Bookshelf Hutch

Bookshelf Hutch


bookshelf hutch

Did you know that there are formulas for the perfect headline?

At the risk of stating the obvious…..I didn’t.

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It All Began With a Plate (and a Giveaway)


When I look back now….I think it all really started with the DIY plate.Continue reading