Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase

Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase



To the 271 people who wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby looking for the paper to make the faux wood wallpaper bookcase….

I’m truly sorry.


What was I thinking? 🙂

I totally should have mentioned it wasn’t in the gift wrap aisle.

Or the scrap-book paper aisle.

Or the contact paper aisle.


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Creative Playroom Ideas

Creative Playroom Ideas


Creative Playroom Ideas

Yesterday I measured the craft room at the gatehouse to make sure everything would fit.

As I measured and wrote and measured and wrote some more……suddenly…..behind me…..a tiny voice piped up.

“Umm….Mom,”  she said in a whisper, tapping on my shoulder.

“Mom….can I ask you a question…..

…..where do we put our art stuff?”

I put down the measuring tape.

This was serious.

I could almost hear the tiny pieces of paper that live in the twins’ art house knocking at the door.
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Salamanders and The People Who Love Them

Salamanders and The People Who Love Them



People wonder if there are actual children that live here at Thistlewood Farm.


Children who eat Cheetos.

Children who walk through the mud and the rain and the puddles and then rejoice in bringing all that outside in.

Children who draw with markers and crayons and make crafts involving paper and glue and glitter and fairy dust.

Children who build forts in the creek and crawdad ponds in the field and have cornered the market on turtle hotels.


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