A Different Kind of Arrangement

A Different Kind of Arrangement


It all started with this spring flower arrangement.


It really started with the tulips.

They are always calling my name at Walmart.

I try to look away.  I try not to listen.  I try to push on by and head for the frozen broccoli.  But somehow, someway, those flowers end up in my cart.

I brought them home and added them to a couple of simple wire vases and arranged them in 7.24 minutes and took these pictures.  When I edited the photos, they looked fine.  Sufficient.  Ordinary.  Usual.

They looked like this photo above.

But I wanted more.

I wanted the flowers to truly stand out.  I wanted the brilliant colors of the flowers to shine.  I wanted the flowers to be the star of the show.

So I researched and looked and searched and read….

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Stamped Silver

Stamped Silver

picmonkey collage


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Salamanders and The People Who Love Them

Salamanders and The People Who Love Them



People wonder if there are actual children that live here at Thistlewood Farm.


Children who eat Cheetos.

Children who walk through the mud and the rain and the puddles and then rejoice in bringing all that outside in.

Children who draw with markers and crayons and make crafts involving paper and glue and glitter and fairy dust.

Children who build forts in the creek and crawdad ponds in the field and have cornered the market on turtle hotels.


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