If You Blink…You’ll Miss the French Fries

If You Blink…You’ll Miss the French Fries


As I sat on the back porch yesterday with the breezes blowing and the sunbeams dancing across the gray floor boards…..I was counting my blessings….

One by one.

For family and friends and fall and leaves and mums and striped fabric…..

….and petrified French fries.

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.

Please tell me you’ve seen them.

The ones that escape from the pack and then bury themselves under the floor mats and harden to a substance stronger than Superman’s arms of steel.

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Who Wants to Be Perfect?

Who Wants to Be Perfect?

Pallet Table

I laugh sometimes when people ask me if my house is always clean.

Or if it always looks like it does in the pictures.

Or if it’s always perfect…..not a pillow or picture frame or dish out-of-place.


Not even close.

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