Who Knew Peonies Were Philosophers?

Who Knew Peonies Were Philosophers?


Have you ever had a day where everyone was cuter than you?


Everyone had better hair.

Everyone had shoes that matched their purse.

Everyone had children that behaved and didn’t argue back.

Everyone was smarter or better or taller or shorter or skinnier or richer or nicer or prettier or lived in a house that looked like a magazine.

Ever had a day like that?

Oh, good.

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Five Amazing Things About This Picture

Five Amazing Things About This Picture

Five Amazing Things About This Picture


(1)  It is amazing that it only took me 23 shots.

To realize that my head was in the mirror in each…and…every….one….of…them.


And while I was having a really good hair day and my red lipstick was visible from space….my intent was not to draw attention to myself with random fuzzy mirror shots.

You see, I guess I forgot to tell myself that I was scheduling the random fuzzy mirror shot tutorial for next week.  Where I planned to discuss in great detail how to photograph yourself in a mirror and not end up looking like a cross between Annie Leibovitz and Flo from the Progressive insurance commercial.



(2)  Amazing…these peonies are.

Cut fresh from the garden.

They are the most beautiful shade of pink.


(3)  Even more amazing?

If you add a penny and aspirin to the water, it makes these flowers stay fresh so much longer.

And that my first tutorial I ever posted on the blog was for this burlap vase.

Back in the day.

Before the whole step-by-step tutorial fiasco of 2012.



(4)  These Union Jack Pillows are amazing.

I saw them in Linda’s new shop.

And I had to buck the anti-freshy trend and have them.

There was no way I was saying no to drop cloth with an English accent.



(5)  But the most amazing thing about this photograph is:           I took it.

I know.

I am stating the obvious.

But that simple statement takes on epic proportions when you understand that I just got a new camera for my birthday and I am a little scared of it.  It arrived in the mail and sat in the box for two weeks….staring at me.

Judging me.


I think it might even have mocked me a few times.

And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the camera laughed the first time I tried to use it and I couldn’t even get it to take a picture.  And I know it kept giggling as I frantically spent 45 minutes googling “problems with your camera” and trying to call camera-support people on-line and pacing and wringing my hands and second guessing my decision to ever leave the point and shoot world behind.

And I am sure the camera elbowed the tripod and they both guffawed when I realized…..

…..that the lens wasn’t even attached.


Thank you.  Thank you.  No need for applause.  I’ll be here all week 🙂


PS  I am guest posting today over at the incomparable Cassie’s.  If you want to read about where all of the tiny pieces of paper in our house go to party like it’s 2012….be sure to stop by and say hi.

PPS  I’m partying it at Kristi’s and Jen Rizzo’s and Kim’s and Between Naps on A Porch and Thrifty Decor Chick.

Enough already.

Whew, I’m tired.