How To Make a Pallet Wood Letter

How To Make a Pallet Wood Letter



You probably already know this….but I live in the country.

Like the middle-of-no-where-thirty-minutes-from-Wal-mart-no-stop-lights-in-the-county kind of country.

It’s beautiful.

And wonderful.

And makes you catch your breath sometimes.Continue reading

Fold-Up Pallet Desk

Fold-Up Pallet Desk



I can’t help it.

I know you’re here to learn about how to to build a fold-up pallet desk.

After all….that’s what the title says….

….and it is an amazing project that you can build in an afternoon (and you don’t even have to take the pallet apart).

But I need to interrupt this regularly scheduled post…..

…..for this.Continue reading

Who Wants to Be Perfect?

Who Wants to Be Perfect?

Pallet Table

I laugh sometimes when people ask me if my house is always clean.

Or if it always looks like it does in the pictures.

Or if it’s always perfect…..not a pillow or picture frame or dish out-of-place.


Not even close.

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