Look What I Found By the Side Of the Road

Look What I Found By the Side Of the Road


brush and floss bathroom

I never met a yard sale or an estate sale or a garage sale or a tag sale that I didn’t like.

But my favorite?

The side of the road sale.

The stuff you can find is amazing.  Like broken down chairs someone is throwing away or architectural moldings or doors or drawers or beds or giant 40 pane windows.

Or wood.

Discarded, chippy, left out in the rain, worn a little by life kind of wood.Continue reading

My Five Favorite Wood Sign Projects

My Five Favorite Wood Sign Projects


painting a sign

I spent the weekend painting a sign for the imagination room.

It’s four feet long and two feet wide and full to the brim with letters turned this way and that way and painted in colors that will make you smile.

I painted it the sign because I couldn’t find exactly the sign I wanted anywhere.

Has that ever happened to you?

You have the perfect sign in your mind and you know what colors you want it to be and you about the size of the sign you need and you know that you know that you know….

….in all the stores in all the world, there has to be a sign like the one you’re looking for.


Except there isn’t.Continue reading

How to Paint a Monogram

How to Paint a Monogram



Can we still be friends if I tell you I painted my chair?

I couldn’t help it.

Blame it on the paint brush.

This is my office at the gatehouse and this is exactly what you see when you walk in the front door and look to the left.

I love these desk chairs.

I bought them at a junk store and had them recovered and added padding and nail-head trim and gray and white striped fabric and they looked perfect….


Except they needed some red lipstick…..

….bright pink to be exact. 🙂Continue reading

How To Paint Anything to Look Like Wood

How To Paint Anything to Look Like Wood



This is a tutorial on how to paint anything to look like wood.

Almost anything.

Maybe not your kitchen sink.

Or the Eiffel Tower.

But you know when you shop the scratch and dent aisle of Hobby Lobby and everything is marked 80% off and you find all those random pieces of plaster and poly resin and plastic and some material that they make from moon rock with a $3.97 price tag and it would fit perfectly onto your mantel or your bookshelf or your dining room hutch….

….if only it looked like an antique.

Now it can.

Here’s how you can make it look just like wood.Continue reading