DIY Side Table Project

DIY Side Table Project



Did you think I forgot about the Gatehouse?


I mean….I had that whole post about it and talked all about how I was decorating it and promised you amazing reveals and hot pink and zinc and tables and chairs and rugs and lights that look like space ships.

And then I never said another word.


I got a little side tracked….with this room and this room and this room.

No worries.

The light fixtures have arrived and the black and white awnings for the outside are here and I’ve finished this DIY side table project…..and I am officially back on track. ūüôā

So today….here’s what I have been working on for the Gatehouse…

….contact paper has never looked so good. ūüôā


DIY Side Table Project

3M TEKK Safety Products


$5 yard sale side table

electric sander


3M TEKK Digital WorkTunes Hearing Protector

3M TEKK Safety Eyewear

Safety Respirator

contact paper



Tutti Frutti pink paint


Step 1:  Put on safety gear and sand table

The goal is to remove the old finish so the paint will adhere to the table.

I used 3M TEKK Digital Work Tunes Hearing Protector and safety eyewear while I sanded.

Sanding with 60 grit sand paper is so much better wearing red lipstick.

edited to add:  3M also has a great paint/sanding respirator!  Cover up that red lipstick with a paint/sanding respirator.


Step 2:  Prime table

After I finished sanding….I applied spray primer to table.

Then let it dry according to directions.


Step 3:  Sand primer

Using 120 grit sandpaper….sand the primer to remove the rough finish.

Wipe down with a tack cloth to remove any residue from the surface.


Step 4:  Paint table

Apply two coats of paint to table.

Let dry in between coats according to directions.


Step 5:  Cut out a rectangle of contact paper

Measure top of table and cut a rectangle of contact paper to fit.

I cut mine just a little larger to make sure it covered all the sides.


Step 6:  Cut out a circle out of contact paper

I measured and planned eight circles for the top.

I made the circles with a compass.  I traced the outside circle and then traced the inside circle to create a ring.

Trace the circles in the pattern you want onto the BACK of the contact paper.


Step 7:  Connect the rings

Using a ruler, connect the rings together to complete the pattern.

You can use the lines on the back of the contact paper as a guide.


Step 7:  Cut out pattern

Using sharp scissors or a utility knife, cut out the pattern from the contact paper.

Remove backing and center on the top of the side table.

Smooth out all wrinkles.


I created a pattern with circles to go with the Gatehouse.

But what about squares or triangles or a trellis or diamonds.

All you need is contact paper….amazing safety gear….a $5 yard sale table….

….and a little imagination. ūüôā

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