Before and After Imagination Craft Room Redesign

Before and After Imagination Craft Room Redesign

craft room before and after

Today I’m going all Adele and telling you hello.

Remember when FrogTape challenged me to take an empty room and transform it with paint and color and $1000?

Cue the drums.

Cue the ticker tape parade.

Cue the pots and pans and wooden spoons in your kitchen.

Today is the day for a little before and after craft room amazingness.

Are you ready?  Have your party hat on?  Ready for choreography and dance moves?  Memorized all the verses to Eye of the Tiger?

Oh good.  Me, too. 🙂Continue reading

How to Paint a Wood Floor With Diamonds

How to Paint a Wood Floor With Diamonds

Before room staircase pictures

Just for sake of conversation, let’s say that you are making over a blank slate into an imagination room.

And let’s say the blank slate has gray wood floors.

What’s a imagination room maker to do with all that gray wood?

Paint it with diamonds, of course.

But not just ordinary diamonds.  Not the kind that look like two triangles put together.  Because why in the world would you put simple diamonds on the floor when you can create jewels like the kind Marilyn Monroe wore?

And then what if you took the diamonds that look like jewels, not ordinary diamonds and transformed them into a pattern to look like flowers?

Could it happen?

Would it be possible?

Why not?

This is the imagination room after all. 🙂Continue reading

Painted Plywood Sub-Floor

Painted Plywood Sub-Floor

Master Bedroom

I think the first time you ever met the master bedroom it looked liked this.

Now….I love this room.


But have you ever wondered what was under that rug?

You didn’t?

Oh….my bad.  Well….ummm….I have a whole page of other projects to show you.

But just in case you were curious…..wait until you see this.Continue reading