The Day Mother Nature Came To Town

The Day Mother Nature Came To Town


Dear random passerbyer on the highway near my house,

I’m truly sorry.

If I knew what the morning held for me, I would have worn a better outfit.

I simply had no idea.

I woke up yesterday morning and put on yoga pants and a bathrobe and my messy bun from yesterday and opened the front door and saw this where my driveway used to be.Continue reading

How to Stain a Deck (the Easy Way)

How to Stain a Deck (the Easy Way)


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how to stain a deck

We have stained and painted a lot of decks and porches around our house.

Like this one.

And this one.

It’s our permanent hobby along with power washing the siding and edging the lawn.

And every time we paint (and by we…I mean me and the mouse in my pocket) it’s a lot of bending and stretching and getting up to go to the paint bucket…

….and a lot of time.

Until now.Continue reading

It Is Tough To Be an American Historical Figure

It Is Tough To Be an American Historical Figure


I spend the evening consoling a fifth grade Jackie Kennedy look-alike.

Tomorrow the entire class would be full of famous characters in history….

….and my Jackie wasn’t even ready.

Her gloves were too big.

Her wig was a left-over clearance item that looked like it should be in its own music video.

Her pearls were “mom pearls.”

And she couldn’t understand why Jackie didn’t wear feather earrings.

And her twin sister…..Betsy Ross…..

…..was skipping around waving the flag.

It was enough to make a president’s wife cry.Continue reading

How to Paint Chevron On a Potting Bench

How to Paint Chevron On a Potting Bench



I just realized that somewhere along the way….

….I gave birth to a planner.

Can you even believe it?


The one who painted the leaf chargers 30 minutes before this picture was taken.

The one who stuck and peeled a recipe on a wall without a level.

The one who painted numbers and hung curtains and stenciled armoires and added stripes and decorated mantels…..

….all without a plan.Continue reading

Budget Fall Decorating Ideas For the Front Door

Budget Fall Decorating Ideas For the Front Door



Don’t you love shopping the house?

And the attic.

And the barn.

And the side of the road.

They totally have the best prices.

Almost as good as Dillard’s.

Like last week when there was this amazing sale in the Dillard’s shoe department.  There was the cutest pair of yellow heels that was calling your name and even though you might not really have any yellow outfits and it is about to be fall (totally minor details)….the shoes were on sale for the best price and you decided that yellow was so going to be your color for 2014 and so you bought them and brought them home…..

…..along with four pairs of their best shoe friends.


And now you and your front door are on a budget. 🙂Continue reading

How To Make a Topiary

How To Make a Topiary


I love a good project…..a topiary project.

Actually….I love making a good topiary project and telling you all about it.

If you lived next door…..I would be knocking right now….holding  my coat hanger topiary and a pitcher of sweet tea.

Especially if you were grilling hamburgers.Continue reading